Angelo Brocato’s Menu With Prices [July 2024 Updated]

Angelo Brocato’s Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Angelo Brocato’s is a famous American ice cream parlor that was established in Louisiana. This century-old ice cream parlor of Louisiana is loved by all be it regulars or travelers from across the states. The Angelo Brocato’s menu with prices is also suitable for all types of customers and is reasonable.

In Angelo Brocato’s menu, they have a wide variety of desserts, however, they primarily cater to ice creams, cookies, candies, cannolis, gelato, and many others.

The Angelo Brocato’s ice cream parlor is known for its supremacy of quality and service. The Angelo Brocato’s prices are also affordably crafted so that customers don’t have to think twice before purchasing an Angelo Brocato’s ice cream.

Not only you can enjoy Angelo Brocato’s at the store but also can avail yourself of their online delivery and takeaway services.

This article is all about the real Angelo Brocato’s menu and prices, a little history, franchise information, and a lot more. Through this updated article, you will get all the updated details regarding Angelo Brocato’s ice cream parlor.

Angelo Brocato’s Menu With Prices

Angelo Brocato’s Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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Biscotti Menu

Italian Seed Cookies$13.50 – 14 oz. bag
Italian Fig Cookies (Cuccidati – Individual Cuts)$15.00 – 14 oz. bag
Italian Assorted Cookies$13.50 – 14 oz. bag
Italian Fig Cookies (Cucidata – Ring-Shaped)$16.00 – 14 oz. bag
Anise Biscotti$6.75 – 4 oz. bag
Almond Biscotti$6.75– 4 oz. bag
Scadalina$5.50 – 4 oz. bag
Fancy Assorted$17.00 – 16 oz. box
Ferrara Torrone (Seasonal)$12.00 – 7.62 oz – 18 pcs.
Assorted Homestyle Biscotti (Seasonal)$8.75 – 8 oz. container

Cannoli Menu

Miniature Cannoli2 dozen – $52
4 dozen – $92
6 dozen – $132
Large Cannoli1 dozen – $52
2 dozen – $92
3 dozen – $132

Cannoli Kits Menu

Miniature Cannoli2 dozen – $49
4 dozen – $86
Large Cannoli1 dozen – $49
2 dozen – $86

Gelato & Italian Ices Menu

Italian Ice4 Quarts – $85
5 Quarts – $95
Spumoni4 Quarts – $85
5 Quarts – $95

Specialty Flavors Menu

Mint Chocolate Chip4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
St. Joseph Chocolate Almond4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Zuppa Inglese4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Stracciatella4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Tira Mi Su4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Strawberry4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Moka Coffee4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Sicilian Pistachio Nut4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Fiore di Latte4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Baci4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Rum Raisin4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Strawberry Cheesecake4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Praline4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Coconut4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Salted Caramel4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00
Amaretto4 Quarts – $100.00
5 Quarts – $115.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Angelo Brocato’s History

Angelo Brocato’s Inside usamenuprices
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This American ice cream brand is a household name primarily because of its outstanding recipes and much more.

Besides ice creams, Angelo Brocato’s also caters to other desserts that are sure to win your heart. Starting from young to old everyone is in awe of this mind-blowing ice cream place.

Angelo Brocato’s has been prevalent in the American ice cream industry for over a century. The first location of Angelo Brocato’s came up in 1905 almost 118 years ago.

The founder Angelo Brocato was born in Cefalu, Sicily and when he turned 12 he worked as an apprentice at an ice cream store.

After having worked in the ice cream industry for quite a long time, Angelo Brocato finally opened a self-titled ice cream store in 1905.

Since its inception in 1905, Angelo Brocato’s has been a neighborhood favorite in Louisiana. The success of the very first location of Angelo Brocato resulted in the opening of several other company locations through the years.

There are many other Angelo Brocato’s locations, however, the headquarters of Angelo Brocato’s is in Louisiana, New Orleans.

The brand has nailed the selling of ice cream and other desserts for over a century. Still, Angelo Brocato’s is one of the favorite ice cream spots for locals.

Angelo Brocato takes pride in being one of the original Italian ice cream parlors. Currently, Angelo Brocato’s is still under the Angelo Brocato family and his grandkids operate the brand and carry forward the legacy.

In the years, Angelo Brocato has undoubtedly seen a sea of changes. Be it the menu or the prices, it must have evolved a lot through time.

However, Angelo Brocato’s menu and prices are worth every penny. At Angelo Brocato’s, they have something for everyone.

Angelo Brocato’s Review

Angelo Brocato’s Menu usamenuprices
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You can visit most of Angelo Brocato’s stores primarily between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. However, Angelo Brocato’s hours of operation might vary depending on the weekends and other festivity holidays.

The Angelo Brocato’s menu is inclusive of ice cream and other desserts.

When at Angelo Brocato’s don’t forget to try on their delicious biscotti. Some of the popular biscotti that Angelo Brocato’s caters to include biscotti regina, almond macraroons, anise biscotti, almond biscotti, cuccidati and much more.

You can also pack an assortment of your favorite biscotti as a takeaway.

Besides biscotti, Angelo Brocato’s has pastries that are sure to win your heart. Options like Tira Mi Su, Almond Crescent, Petite Baba Rhum, Torta Della Nonna, etc are worth trying. These sweet treats are something that you cannot miss when at Angelo Brocato’s.

Angelo Brocato’s is known for its signature ice cream flavors that are sure to appeal to customers.

Options like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Stracciatella, Strawberry Cheesecake, Baci, Cappuccino, St. Joseph Chocolate Almond, Pistachio Almond, Zuppa Inglese, Rum Raisin, Mint Chip, and Sicilian Pistachio Nut are the most ordered.

At Angelo Brocato’s, you can also try their quarts, pints, seasonal fruit ice, and much more. These are options like lemon ice, vanilla, strawberry ice, and much more. They have also received a very good number of reviews as well.

Angelo Brocato’s has been serving fresh cannoli that are a must-have when at any Angelo Brocato’s store. You cannot say no to this freshly baked delicacy.

Not only does Angelo Brocato’s have an outstanding setting but also allows you to have the best time primarily because of the amazing servings.

They not only own a great setting but the consistency of quality and service of Angelo Brocato’s is what makes them stand out.

Final Thoughts

Be it for weddings, birthday parties, or everyday needs, Angelo Brocato’s cookies, biscotti, and gelato are something that can be part of all your small and big occasions.

Angelo Brocato offers the best Italian ice cream at exclusive prices that are affordable to all. For more information about Angelo Brocato’s, visit their official website.

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