Beacon Drive-In Menu With Prices [July 2024 Updated]

Beacon Drive-In Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Beacon Drive-In is a popular Canadian restaurant that is best known for serving delicious ice creams and other mouth-watering recipes. The Beacon Drive-In restaurant has emerged as a neighborhood favorite primarily for the delicacy it serves. It is the Beacon Drive-In menu with prices that are not only affordable but worth every penny.

On the Beacon Drive-In menu, they have an extensive list of ice creams, hamburgers, burgers, sandwiches, fries, hot dogs, onion rings, and a lot more.

The restaurant takes pride in prioritizing quality over everything and that makes Beacon Drive-In the best ice cream place.

This restaurant-cum-café is a Canadian’s favorite spot to grab a quick bite be it ice cream or hamburgers.

Beacon Drive-In offers an exceptional food experience that not only allows you to dine in at the restaurant.

But also Beacon Drive-In assures you an amazing takeaway and online delivery services.

Along with the real Beacon Drive-In menu and prices, this article will offer you a little history, and a lot more.

When you look for the Beacon Drive-In near you, this updated article is everything you need.

Beacon Drive-In Menu With Prices

Beacon Drive-In Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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Breakfast Specials Menu

2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes$13.00
2 Eggs, Toast$13.00
2 Eggs, Hashbrowns$13.00
Pancakes & Strawberries$9.00

Breakfast English Muffins Menu

Egg & Cheese$4.50
Egg, Cheese & Ham$5.50
Egg, Cheese & Bacon$5.50
With Hashbrowns Add$2.75

Seafood Menu

Prawn Burger$8.95
Oyster Burger$9.75
Grilled Sockeye Burger$11.50
Fish & Chips Dinner$15.15
Oyster Dinner$15.50
Prawn Dinner$15.50

Chicken Menu

Chicken Burger$8.25
Chick Swiss Bacon Burger$9.50
Chicken Fingers & Fries$14.05

Sides & Extras Menu

Fries$4.50 – Small
$5.05 – Regular
Poutine$7.75 – Small
$9.25 – Regular
Onion Rings$5.25

Combos Menu

Deluxe Cheese Burger$11.75
Double Bacon Cheese Burger$14.70
Chicken Fingers$13.25
Chicken Burger$12.30
Grilled Sockeye Burger$14.70
Hot Dog$10.50
Clubhouse Sandwich$14.20
BBQ Swiss Mushroom Burger$12.60
Screaming Hot Burger$12.60

Kids Meals Menu

Ages 10 & Under

Hot Dog$7.90
Grilled Cheese$7.90
Chicken Strips8.65

Burgers & Dogs Menu

Deluxe Cheese Burger$6.60
Deluxe Bacon Cheese Burger$8.25
Double Deluxe Cheese Burger$8.70
BBQ Swiss Mushroom Burger$7.65
Screaming Hot Burger$7.65
Veggie Burger$8.10
Corn Dog$4.35
Hot Dog$5.00

Sandwiches Menu

Grilled Cheese$5.35
Egg Salad$6.00

Ice Cream Menu

Cup of Ice Cream$5.15
Half Pint / Pint$6.35 / $9.00
1 Litre$14.00

Sundaes Menu

Chocolate$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular
Strawberry$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular
Hot Fudge$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular
Caramel$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular
Butterscotch$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular
Pineapple$5.55 – Small
$6.05 – Regular

Cones Vanilla Menu


Flavour Burst or Choc Dip Menu


Avalanches Menu

Peanut Butter Cup$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large
Reeses$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large
Oreo$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large
Skor$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large
Smarties$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large
Snickers$6.15 – Small
$7.00 – Regular
$7.95 – Large

Milk Shakes Menu

Chocolate$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Rootbeer$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Pineapple$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Vanilla$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Cherry$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Banana$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Licorice$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Strawberry$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Butter Rum$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Raspberry$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular
Pina Colada$6.45 – Small
$7.15 – Regular

Screamer Menu


Slushies Menu

Raspberry$4.00 – Small
$4.80 – Regular
Lemon Lime$4.00 – Small
$4.80 – Regular
Orange$4.00 – Small
$4.80 – Regular
Cherry$4.00 – Small
$4.80 – Regular
Grape$4.00 – Small
$4.80 – Regular

Floats Menu


Pop Menu

Coca-Cola$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large
Diet Coke$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large
Canada Dry Gingerale$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large
Fanta$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large
Barq’s$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large
Nestea$3.00 – Small
$3.65 – Regular
$4.80 – Large

Hot & Cold Drinks Menu

Orange / Apple juice$4.65
Dasani Water$3.75
2% Milk or Chocolate Milk$2.15
Coffee$3.25 – Small
$3.85 – Regular
Tea / Herbal Tea$3.05/$3.25
Hot Chocolate$3.50 – Small
$4.05 – Regular

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Beacon Drive-In History

Beacon Drive-In Inside usamenuprices
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This amazing restaurant is not only a hamburger shop but also a renowned ice cream parlor. Starting from delicious flavors of ice cream to scrumptious burgers, Beacon Drive-In has everything.

The Beacon Drive-In price list is reasonably crafted so that all types of customers can avail of it.

The first Beacon Drive-In came up in 1958 in a location that was previously a private house. The original owner Bill Pistol and Bob Macmillan started the restaurant as a drive-in restaurant with an outstanding ambiance inside.

Eventually Beacon Drive-In got big windows that became the getaway for takeaway orders for customers.

Currently, Beacon Drive-In is well established at 126 Douglas St Victoria, BC V8V 2N9 Canada. The restaurant has been one of the most popular hangout places in Canada.

Beacon Drive-In is a classic 50-style diner that serves burgers, fries, and much more. This drive-in is a perfect destination for regulars to grab a quick bite.

The Beacon Drive-In mascot is the major highlight of the brand. Since 1978 the logo and the mascot have been with the company.

The logo was something that was requested by the printer that made the menu of the restaurant. Beacon Drive-In is known for its cheapest breakfast.

Currently, Gus and Peter Loubardeas are the owners of the Canadian restaurant brand. Be it regulars or travelers from other countries, everyone loves Beacon Drive-In for its simple yet amazing menu.

In the years, it is Beacon Drive-In’s menu and prices have evolved a lot, primarily to cater to the growing demand of the customers.

The restaurant has incorporated many things into its menu and made it more than just an ice cream parlor. The Beacon Drive-In prices make the restaurant worth it.

Beacon Drive-In Review

Beacon Drive-In Menu usamenuprices
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Beacon Drive-In opens from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday. The restaurant is loved tremendously by locals.

It is undoubtedly the neighborhood’s favorite spot to enjoy mouth-watering delicacies.

In the Beacon Drive-In menu, you get to enjoy a wide range of eateries like hamburgers, sandwiches, ice creams, onion rings, hot dogs, and much more to add to the list. They have also received a very good number of reviews as well.

In the breakfast special, you get to choose from options like pancakes, hash browns, toast, omelets, can-mix, egg and cheese, English muffins, and much more.

Beacon Drive-In is widely known for its excellent combos where options like a deluxe cheeseburger, chicken fingers, double bacon cheeseburger, grilled sockeye burger, hot dog, clubhouse sandwich, BBQ Swiss Mushroom burger, and much more are there.

They also have seafood options like prawn burgers, oyster burgers, grilled sockeye burgers, fish and chips dinner, prawn dinner, and the like.

The Beacon Drive-In sandwiches include grilled cheese, egg salad, BLT, Turkey, and clubhouse sandwiches.

Beacon Drive-In is known for having the best ice creams in Canada. They have an extensive list of options in flavors.

The Beacon Drive-In soft-serve ice cream is something you don’t wanna miss.

They also have chocolate, strawberry, and hot fudge sundaes on their menu. The Beacon Drive-In avalanches are yet another recipe from the restaurant that is too much to miss out on.

Along with that Beacon Drive-In also has milkshakes, slushies, and more.

The entire setting of Beacon Drive-In is crafted with beautiful lights and the diner is sure to remind you of the 50s.

The diner is a special destination for regulars and everyone is simply in awe of Beacon Drive-In.

Final Thoughts

It is a great place to visit with your family for lunch. The Beacon Drive-In makes a perfect destination to catch up with old friends.

Not only the menu is extraordinary but the Beacon Drive-In prices make the restaurant one of the best. For more information about Beacon Drive-In, visit their official website.

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