Bemelmans Bar Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

Bemelmans Bar Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Bemelmans Bar is one of the most exquisite lounges. This bar is located in the renowned Carlyle Hotel, in Manhattan, New York City. This outstanding lounge serves the guests with gourmet drinks. The charm and elegance of Bemelmans Bar are so amazing that you cannot have enough of the place. The Bemelmans Bar menu and prices are worth every penny.

This New York-based bar has unparalleled charm and beauty it beholds.

It is a cocktail and piano bar that elevates the entire experience of the Carlyle Hotel. The bar serves the wealthy class of people with the most delectable cocktails.

The art décor of Bemelmans Bar is something that attracts the attention of the guests.

The ambiance of Bemelmans Bar is so beautiful that you can have the best experience.

Everything at Bemelmans Bar is of high quality. The cooperative customer service of Bemelmans Bar makes everything worth it.

Bemelmans Bar is a luxurious bar made for the elites of New York. The bar hosts some classy parties and events.

After the rough wave of the pandemic, Bemelmans Bar has seen a huge popularity.

In this article, you will learn about the real Bemelmans Bar menu with prices. This article also includes the history, my review, location, and hours of Bemelmans Bar.

Bemelmans Bar Menu With Prices

Bemelmans Bar Menu And Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Bemelmans Bar’s Instagram

Shared Plates Menu

Kaviari Caviar Oscietre Prestige, Mp
Kaviari Caviar Oscietre Gold, Mp
Half Dozen East Beach Blonde Oysters (GF, Df, NF)$30.00
Mini Lobster Tacos (3pieces) (GF, DF, Nf)$28.00
House Made Smoked Salmon Tartine (NF)$29.00
Prime Aged Beef Sliders (NF)$32.00
Homemade Pigs In A Blanket (NF)$22.00
Guacamole (GF, DF, NF)$26.00
Falafel (vg)$22.00
Marinated Olives (GF, DF, NF)$16.00
Charcuterie Board$38.00
Cheese Plate$36.00

Martini Selection Menu

Madeline’ S Vesper$28.00
Elaine’ S Smokey Martini$36.00
Always At The Carlyle$65.00
The Gibson$40.00
Palace Of Secrets$32.00

Signature Cocktails Menu

Bobby’ S Manhattan$30.00
JFK Daquiri$24.00
Jackie O$28.00
The Whistling Butterfly$32.00
The Essayist$27.00

Classic Cocktails Menu

The Serrano$34.00
Pisco Sour$26.00
The Old Cuban$26.00
Whiskey Smash$25.00
Luxury Sidecar$38.00

Tonics Menu

The Emperor$26.00
Mr. Carlyle$29.00
Elevator Ride$30.00
G & Tea$27.00

Mocktails Menu

Earl’ S Adagio$19.00
Pepito “The Bad Hat”$26.00
Miss Clavel$18.00
Coffee Negroni$23.00
Piano Bob$20.00

Bemelmans Bar History

Bemelmans Bar Inside usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Bemelmans Bar’s Instagram

Bemelmans Bar has been part of the luxurious history of the Carlyle Hotel. The Carlyle beholds the elite history of New York-style residents.

The Bemelmans Bar makes the Hotel one of the most loved residential gems in New York City.

The Bemelmans Bar joined the Carlyle Hotel in the 1940’s. The Carlyle is an integral part of the New York luxury residential industry.

The hotel was a famous gathering place for the elite class of New York. The socialites love to indulge in great conversation and gourmet drinks.

It was Ludwing Bemelman’s masterpiece creation. Ludwing Bemlemans is amongst the top artists that New York has ever seen.

His popularity elevates for his interesting children’s book stories. Bemlemans used his distinctive style of art to create this amazing bar in the Carlyle Hotel.

The design of Bemlemans is in the Art Décor Style. The bar has a pleasing Gold-leaf ceiling and the golden lights make the place a must-visit.

Since the start, Bemelmans Bar has won the hearts of guests with its beauty and grace. The Bemelmans Bar menu has some world-class drinks and liquor options.

The Bemelmans Bar prices are extravagant like the setting. Bemelmans Bar is one of the most expensive bars in New York City. But with the experience that it has to offer, everything at Bemelmans Bar is worth it.

Bemelmans Bar Review

Bemelmans Bar Menu usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Bemelmans Bar’s Instagram

The location of Bemelmans Bar is in the Carlyle Hotel at 35 East 76th Street, Manhattan, New York City.

The Bemelmans Bar hours of operation are between 12 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The bar is a luxurious space with world-class décor.

The gold leaf ceiling and the historical art effects in the wall make Bemelmans Bar a regal gem. Bemelmans Bar has discreet lighting and an amber ambiance.

The amazing glow of Bemelmans Bar makes the entire experience worth it.

Bemelmans Bar also has a piano bar exhibiting the art of some famous players. It is a divine luxury in a contemporary setting. Bemelmans Bar experience is often regarded as unique and rich.

The perfect acoustics at Bemelmans Bar is very popular amongst visitors. Jazz pianist Barbara Carroll performed in Bemelmans Bar for more than 14 years.

The royal music and the drinks of Bemelmans Bar are exceptional. Bemelmans Bar owns a distincitive bar. You will find the most aged old wines, and other regal drinks right here.

If you are fond of the royal experience, Bemelmans Bar is a catch that you cannot miss. Celebrities and socialists often visit Bemelmans Bar. Bemelmans Bar hosts some of the best parties in New York.

The staff at Bemelmans Bar are so perfect. The customer service of Bemelmans Bar is beyond praise. They have live music, exceptional cocktails, and elite minds.

The masterpiece murals by Ludwig Bemelmans are an eye-catcher. Bemelmans Bar is one of the most affluent bars in New York.

Final Thoughts

When in New York, don’t miss out on Bemelmans Bar. If you are fond of peeping into the lavish lifestyle of New Yorkers, Bemelmans Bar is a place where you can find it.

The vibe is magnificent and so is the experience at Bemelmans Bar.

For more information about Bemelmans Bar, visit their official website.

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