Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu With Prices [July 2024 Updated]

Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu With Prices

Last updated on July 20th, 2024 at 10:36 pm

Bendtsen’s Bakery is a historic Danish cuisine bakery established in Racine, Wisconsin. The bakery is best known for serving the iconic Kringles which is a confectionary dish inspired by pretzels. At this historic bakery, you get mouth-watering kringles under a reasonable Bendtsen’s Bakery menu with prices. At Bendtsen’s Bakery, you get to enjoy the best of baked goods in Racine.

The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu caters to the classic kringles in a variety of flavors like raspberry, walnut, cream cheese, Apricot, and the like.

Being one of the best Danish cuisine bakeries in Racine, Wisconsin, Bendtsen’s Bakery witnesses a plethora of customers every single day.

The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu prices are also minimal keeping in mind all the customers who visit the restaurant.

This article caters to the real Bendtsen’s Bakery menu and prices so that whenever you visit Racine, Wisconsin, you have to keep Bendtsen’s Bakery on your bucket list to try the traditional Kringles.

Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu With Prices

Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu And Prices
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Pecan Kringle$19.99
Almond Kringle$19.99
Apple Kringle$19.99
Apricot Kringle$19.99
Cherry Kringle$19.99
Blueberry Kringle$19.99
Raspberry Kringle$19.99
Walnut Kringle$20.99
Turtle Kringle$21.99
Cream Cheese Kringle$20.99
Cheery Cheese Kringle$21.99
Raspberry Cheese Cake Kringle$21.99
Blueberry Cheese Cake Kringle$21.99

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different eatery locations. We recommend contacting the eatery location you plan to visit for the most current pricing info.

Bendtsen’s Bakery History

Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu Prices
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The Bendtsen’s Bakery came up in 1934 in Racine, Wisconsin. Being in the industry for nearly 88 years, Bendtsen’s Bakery was founded by Laurits Bendt Bendtsen, who was a Danish immigrant himself.

Laurits was born in 1905 in Odense, Denmark. In his country, he learned a lot about running a trade and business successfully. The founder initially arrived in Iowa as a part of the sponsorship for the immigrants.

Soon Laurit relocated to Racine, Wisconsin. While he mingled with the Racine community Laurit realized that there were a large number of Danish descendants living in Racine and this gave him the idea to launch something traditional in the town that would attract a large audience.

In 1934, Laurit opened the Bendtsen’s Bakery in West Racine, where it still stands strong after almost 88 years of its inception. Currently, Bendtsen’s Bakery is operated by Laurit’s grandson Ben Bendtsen.

Since day zero, the traditional Danish delight named Kringles which is made with original flavors of raisins along with almond paste became the star of Bendtsen’s Bakery.

Even today, the brand is known for serving delicious kringles not only at the store but mail orders across the entire nation. Apart from the iconic Kringles, Bendtsen’s Bakery also sells buns, cakes, cookies, muffins, rolls, donuts, breads, and much more baked goods.

The best part about Bendtsen’s Bakery is that the bakery has stood strong to the test of time. What started as a passion project of the founder to sell Danish confectionary continues to attract customers from across the country even after 8 long decades.

To cater to the changing times, Bendtsen’s Bakery has the latest options for takeaway, store shopping, deliveries, website purchases, and more.

Travelers make sure to stop at Racine to pick up the quintessential kringles for friends and families and confection lovers from across the country can order kringles right from the Bendtsen’s Bakery official website.

Over the years, Bendtsen’s Bakery menu and prices have evolved a lot. Slowly from kringles, Bendtsen’s Bakery menu has included several other baked goodies to be accessible for a wider customer foray. The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu prices are worthwhile when it comes to the delicacy and warmth they serve at the bakery.

Bendtsen’s Bakery Review

Bendtsen’s Bakery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Bendtsen’s Bakery hours of operation are between 6 AM and 6 PM on weekdays. On Saturday, Bendtsen’s Bakery is open from 6 AM to 4 PM.

On Sunday Bendtsen’s Bakery is closed, however, the Bendtsen’s Bakery opening hours might vary on holidays.

The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu is known for serving mouth-watering Kringles, which happens to be a Danish pastry that is given an iconic oval shape in this very bakery owing to the high demand for the product.

The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu offers you a variety of Kringles in varying flavors like pecan, cream cheese, chocolate, custard, and dates, along with the classic flavors of apple, blueberry, and cherry.

The Pecan Kringles are one of the most ordered at Bendtsen’s Bakery and are known for their flaky and delectable taste.

Even if you cannot visit the bakery in person, the Bendtsen’s Bakery official website takes your order and delivers mouthwatering and flavorsome Kringles right to your doorstep.

Apart from the Kringles, Bendtsen’s Bakery hosts specialty variants like muffins, cookies, buns, breads, donuts, Cinnamon rolls, brownies, and other baked goodies.

Bendtsen’s Bakery is indeed heaven for people who vouch over baked products. It is without a doubt that Bendtsen’s Bakery will take care of your sugar rush with its heartwarming confections. The Bendtsen’s Bakery menu and prices are also pocket-friendly both on offline and online orders.

For more information about Bendtsen’s Bakery, visit their official website.

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