Brave New Restaurant Menu With Prices [July 2024]

Brave New Restaurant Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Brave New Restaurant is an American restaurant located in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. The restaurant specializes in serving delicious lunch and dinner menus to the residents of Little Rock and travelers from across the country. The Brave New Restaurant menu with prices is also reasonable enough for all the customers so that everyone can afford it.

The Brave New Restaurant menu is inclusive of delicious starters, mouth-watering main courses, fresh salads, scrumptious sandwiches, and much more.

Be it with your family or partner, Brave New Restaurant hosts everyone with its amazing servings.

The restaurant takes pride in using farm-fresh ingredients in making each of its recipes so that they let you have the best quality food while you dine in their store.

The restaurant houses the yummiest seafood and the most exquisite beef making it one of the must-visit restaurants.

This article showcases the real Brave New Restaurant menu and prices so that you can book a table for two for the upcoming anniversary.

Brave New Restaurant Menu With Prices

Brave New Restaurant Menu Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Brave New Restaurant’s Facebook

Lunch Menu


Avocado And Shrimp Salad$16.00
Spinach & Shrimp Salad$16.00
Fall Salad$13.00
Chicken Salad With Grapes$14.00

Main Course

Lobster Ravioli$18.00
Roasted Vegetable Ravioli$15.00
Grilled Shrimp$18.00
Grilled Chicken$16.00
Sirloin Steak$19.00
Crepe & Soup Or Salad$17.00


Nontraditional Grilled Cheese$14.00
Double Smoked Turkey$13.00
Burger De La Cruz$16.00
Smoked Salmon$18.00

Dinner Menu


Goat Cheese Mousse$16.00
Baked Brie$17.00
Shrimp Cocktail$20.00
Smoked Fish$19.00
Avocado Shrimp$18.00

Main Course

Vegetable Pasta$29.00
Stuffed Chicken$34.00
Veal With Lime$42.00
Pinenut Salmon$42.00
Beef Tenderloin$52.00
Duck With Duck$40.00
Mixed Grill$45.00
Coffee Encrusted Venison Chops$47.00
Cherry Bourbon Short Rib$50.00
Mushroom Wellington$32.00
Pecan Trout$42.00
Pork Tenderloin$39.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Brave New Restaurant History

Brave New Restaurant Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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The restaurant came up in the Little Rock city of Arkansas state of United States. The restaurant started to serve delicious food starting from lunch to dinner.

Since its inception, the restaurant has been known for making people fall in love with their mouth-watering seafood.

Brave New Restaurant has been in business for quite some years. Nevertheless, during the COVID times, the restaurant was temporarily non-operation for a few months, however in May 2020, it revived with a boom.

The décor of the restaurant was crafted keeping in mind the social-distancing regulation so that customers can enjoy delicious food while sitting apart from each other.

The interior of the Brave New Restaurant Little Rock was lined with amazing potted plants, comfortable seats, and eye-catching lighting to suit the ambiance.

Brave New Restaurant Locations

Brave New Restaurant has emerged as one of the most loved locations in Little Rock and is a favorite spot for the residents.

Starting from students to families, Brave New Restaurant has amazing food to serve each of them as per their interest.

The restaurant also has exotic beverages on its menu starting from gourmet coffee to refreshing cocktails. It is a beautiful place lined with potted plants to elevate the wonderful décor. Also, the ever-smiling staff makes your visit quite at ease.

The restaurant is in a commercial office-type building making it a bit difficult to locate Brave New Restaurant for the first time.

To dine in Brave New Restaurant, a previous reservation is a must because of the high demand that the restaurant witnesses around the year.

The Brave New Restaurant reservation is available through the Open Table website and you can easily book for your preferred date and time.

With time, Brave New Restaurant has implemented amazing recipes in its menu to meet the food preferences of a wide audience.

Besides that, the fair Brave New Restaurant menu prices make dining at the restaurant worth it.

Brave New Restaurant Review

Brave New Restaurant Menu usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Brave New Restaurant’s Facebook

The Brave New Restaurant’s hour of operation starts from 11 am till 2 pm for lunch and then again opens at 5 pm till 9 pm to serve dinner to the guests.

The Brave New Restaurant Little Rock menu has the most exquisite recipes that are crafted with the freshest products be it the veggies or the meat and seafood.

Brave New Restaurant serves lunch as well as dinner where it has starters, salads, and main course meals to enjoy.

During lunch hours, Brave New Restaurant has some exotic salads to choose from including options like spinach and shrimp salad, avocado and shrimp salad, chicken salad along with grapes, and others.

For the main course, the Brave New Restaurant lunch menu has a selection of grilled shrimp, lobster ravioli, sirloin steak, crepe & soup, etc.

If you are there for a family dinner, let everyone have starter options like goat cheese mousse, smoked fish, shrimp cocktail, and more.

Vegetable pasta, ribeye, pinenut salmon, duck, mixed grill, and pecan trout are some popular dishes that you can try for the main course.

Brave New Restaurant is a dreamy destination to go in, order some good shrimp, and enjoy while brewing in conversation.

As if the delicacy they offer was not enough, the Brave New Restaurant menu and prices are also quite pocket-friendly. Over the years, the Brave New Restaurant menu with prices has evolved a lot as per their customers’ reviews.

Final Thoughts

A perfect place to treat your friends to the most flavorsome food. Their Avocado shrimp and ribeye are something you just can’t miss. Be it with friends or family, Brave New Restaurant is a must-visit Little Rock landmark.

For more information about Brave New Restaurant, visit their official website.

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