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Burgerville is an American chain of restaurants that are privately owned by Holland Inc. This hamburger shop mostly serves hamburgers, sandwiches, and other food items under a reasonable Burgerville menu with prices.

Starting from delectable burgers to other fast food delicacies, Burgerville is an ideal destination to satiate all your cravings.

The Burgerville menu hosts burgers, fish, chicken tenders, various salads, sandwiches, halibut fish and chips along with a sweet and shakes range.

Apart from the best Burgerville menu and prices, all the food at the restaurants is made from farm-fresh ingredients of high-standard quality.

This article caters to the real Burgerville menu and prices so that you can search for the ‘Burgerville near me’ and dive into their yummiest burgers.

Burgerville Menu With Prices

Burgerville Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sandwich – English Muffin$3.49
Breakfast Sandwich – Bagel$3.89
Breakfast Burrito$3.89
Breakfast Burger$3.89
Burgerville & Bob’s Red Mill® Oatmeal$3.39
Bowery Bagel$1.59
Hash Browns$1.55

Fresh Beef Burgers Menu

Pepper Bacon CheeseburgerSingle (¼lb Patty)$5.99
Tillamook Cheeseburger®Single (¼lb Patty)$4.29
Colossal CheeseburgerSingle (¼lb Patty)$4.19
Colossal CheeseburgerDouble (Two ¼lb Patties)$6.79
Classic HamburgerSingle (¼lb Patty)$3.99
Original CheeseburgerSingle (Small Patty)$1.85
Original HamburgerSingle (Small Patty)$1.65

Chicken & More Menu

Chicken Tenders3 Pc.$4.39
Chicken Tenders4 Pc.$5.39
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich$5.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$4.49
Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger$5.69
Mild Anasazi Bean Burger$5.69

Wild Alaskan Halibut Menu

Fish & Chips3 Pc.$8.14
Fish & Chips4 Pc.$11.14

Substitute Menu

Gluten-Free Bun$1.00

Salads Menu

Grilled Chicken ClubHalf$4.29
Grilled Chicken ClubFull$7.09
Blue Cheese & AppleHalf$4.59
Blue Cheese & AppleFull$7.59
Wild Smoked Salmon & HazelnutHalf$4.59
Wild Smoked Salmon & HazelnutFull$7.59

Kids Meals Menu

Includes Choice of Apple Slices or Fries, and Milk or a Soft Drink

Chicken Tenders Meal$5.49
Halibut Fish & Chips Meal$8.19
Original Cheeseburger Meal$4.85
Original Hamburger Meal$4.65
1% Milk, Fat Free Chocolate Milk, Lemonade or Soft Drink$1.55

Sides Menu

French FriesRegular$1.95
French FriesLarge$2.35
Side Salad$2.55
Rosemary Shoestring PotatoesRegular$2.35
Rosemary Shoestring PotatoesLarge$3.75
Bacon (Plain or Pepper)1 Strip$1.00
Tillamook® Cheese1 Slice$0.60
Burgerville Spread$3.49

Drinks Menu

Soft DrinksRegular$1.85
Soft DrinksLarge$2.25
Fresh Strawberry LemonadeSmall$2.45
Fresh Strawberry LemonadeRegular$2.95
Fresh Strawberry LemonadeLarge$3.95
Coffee (Portland Roasting)$1.50
Apple JuiceRegular$1.45
1% Milk or Fat Free Chocolate MilkRegular$1.55

Milkshakes & Smoothies Menu

Chocolate, Vanilla, or StrawberrySmall$2.99
Chocolate, Vanilla, or StrawberryRegular$3.49
Chocolate, Vanilla, or StrawberryLarge$4.49

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Burgerville History

Burgerville Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
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The first-ever Burgerville restaurant welcomed its first guest in 1961 on Mill Plain Blvd, in Vancouver, Washington.

The founder George Propstra created the brand to offer sumptuous hamburgers that are crafted with a sustainable method and high-quality ingredients.

All the Burgerville foods were made with local ingredients just to elevate the gobbling experience of every customer who visits Burgerville.

Since its birth, the Burgerville found its way to the heart of foodies and quickly became a neighborhood favorite.

The best part about Burgerville is its core value of bringing natural ingredients and food made with environment-friendly methods to offer the finest of experiences to everyone who dines at the restaurant.

What makes Burgerville one of its kind is that all of the Burgerville chains use 100% wind power starting from its headquarters in Vancouver to all the other restaurants across America.

Burgerville takes pride in being one of the largest American restaurant chains to do so. Apart from that, their sustainability is their main hero.

At Burgerville, they craft each food item with trans-free canola oil which is amazing for heart health. In 2004, Burgerville switched to range-fed beef that is raised without any antibiotics and hormones.

Burgerville started composting its waste materials in 2007 and further proved its passion for a viable eating culture.

This fast casual dining restaurant received numerous accolades since its inception. In 2003, the Gourmet magazine named Burgerville as serving the freshest fast food in the country.

At the first Food Networks Awards, Burgerville was named the ‘Better Burger’ in 2007. Their slogan ‘Choose Fresh, Choose Sustainable, Choose Burgerville’ brought their laurels into the food industry.

As a part of the expansion, what started in Vancouver, Washington, traveled to various other states to widen its charm.

In 2016, Burgerville had nearly 47 locations spread over Vancouver and a few other states. At present Burgerville has 40 locations where it continues to serve the freshest burgers.

Over the years, the Burgerville menu and prices have evolved primarily to cater to the needs of the customers.

The Burgerville menu prices are crafted keeping in mind all the customers who visit the restaurant. Whether you are Vegan or Vegetarian, Burgerville is sure to cater to you in its space.

Burgerville Review

Burgerville Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
Image Credit:- burgerville.com

The Burgerville hours of operation vary from location to location. However, in most of Burgerville locations, the restaurant serves from 10 AM till 10 PM. The Burgerville menu is a delight for all fast-food lovers.

Chicken tenders, sumptuous burgers, turkey and fish sandwiches, halibut fish and fries, fresh salads, and everything you name is on the Burgerville menu.

When at Burgerville, you cannot commit the sin of not trying their burger range. Original Cheese Burger, pepper Bacon Cheese Burger, Hopyard Cheese Burger, and The No.6 Burger are a few of the must-haves at Burgerville.

If burgers do not appeal to you, you can try the delicacy through their Best Coast Chicken sandwich, and Best Coast turkey sandwich.

The Halibut Fish and Chips can tag you along with the long conversation you are engrossed in.

For Vegetarians, the Seasonal Farm Salad, and Vegi-Bean Sandwich are some of the yummiest options to look for.

What better than having some fresh-cut and crispy fries while you wait for your burger meal? Burgerville offers you options in Fries as well like Waffey, Classic, and Truffle Fries.

Burgerville listens to all your woes. The Cherry Cheesecake Birthday Milkshake is one of the most ordered shakes at Burgerville. The Oregon Strawberry Cream is loved by all.

Along with that, Burgerville also hones some refreshing beverages and tangy sauces that are perfect pair to with your Burgerville meal.

The Burgerville stores welcome you with warmth and make sure that you fall in love with their food.

The Burgerville menu and prices are also worth every penny as their sumptuous burgers and delicious fast food will definitely win your heart.

How To Order Online From Burgerville?

Burgerville Order Online usamenuprices
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You can order online from Burgerville by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of Burgerville will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Burgerville based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from Burgerville and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items. In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of Burgerville for different locations.

For more information about Burgerville, visit their official website.

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