Cadence Restaurant Menu – Why Was It Closed?

Cadence Restaurant Menu usamenuprices
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The marketplace is not for dire hearts; many rise while many fall too. So in this article, you’ll learn all about Cadence Restaurant menu, as well as why it was closed.

Cadence was a vegan restaurant that offered many healthy dishes. It was mostly paired with vegan butter, which was made by none other than the founder herself.

And a lot of herbs and plant-based nutrition cooking. It had quite a big impact, but as always, nothing stays on the rise forever.

In this day and age, foods prepared with meat seem to be the preferred choice. Whether it be meatballs or the famous chicken tenders from KFC.

But still, Cadence Restaurant menu survived for quite a while with its unique touch and taste.

Cadence Restaurant Menu

Cadence Restaurant Menu And Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Cadence Restaurant’s Instagram

Cadence offered a 100% organic and soy-free menu to its customers. Buffalo Oyster Mushroom, for example, had pretzel buns, ranch, avocado, and pickles.

Or Collard Green Wraps, whose ingredients go like this: Succotash, Chickpea Miso Broth, and Purple Shiso.

Yamil, formerly the lead chef of Cadence, added many flagship dishes to the list. Fried Green Tomatoes was one of his first creations that had Romesco, Parsley, and Panko in it.

And how can we forget the infamous palm cake? It was a tasty take on a cake made with chickpeas, heart of palm, and chipotle aioli slaw.

We know that a large number of Americans have pea intolerance, and the same goes for lactose. Probably that’s why it did not receive the high marks that it deserved.

During our investigation, we found that collar green wraps were also a popular dish on the list.

It mainly had succotash, chickpea miso broth, and purple shiso.

Succotash had a sweet texture thanks to the corn. It was cooked to perfection, which showed how dedicated the chefs were.

Misp Broth was a bit salty, but that’s a given since miso is a Japanese ingredient that was traditionally made with soybeans.

But in Cadence, they used something else and still retained the somewhat original flavor. Anyway, Cadence Restaurant menu had a separate dessert section too.

We just mentioned a cake that had peas in it. But this section had no peas, no nuts, and, as always, zero gluten.

According to our investigation, it had two delights called Lemonberry Cake and Cobbler. Lemonberry had olive oil, gelato, and crumble.

This gave it an authentic taste that felt like nothing before. Meanwhile, the other one had seasonal fruit and ice cream paired with house compote.

Cadence Restaurant History

Cadence Restaurant Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Cadence Restaurant’s Instagram

Most of the dishes that Cadence served had something otherworldly about them. But as always, disparity catches you when you’re the most vulnerable.

Cadence was officially opened in January of 2017. Just two years before the tragic COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

Remember that COVID was the sole reason to break many businesses, and unfortunately, Cadence was one of them.

Shenarri Freeman ran cadence Restaurants. She was a talented chef who graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education’s plant-based Health-Supportive Culinary Arts program.

Shenarri had a revelation thanks to this course and ended up following the vegan diet to the core. She believed that a healthy diet could cleanse not just your tummy but also your soul.

Meanwhile, it was scientifically proven that plant-based foods had lots of fiber in them. This fiber can help your digestive system process food faster while absorbing every single bit of it.

She eventually opened her second restaurant, called Ubuntu, in 2023 after Cadence closed down.

This second restaurant followed the same routine of being vegan-free. But the only big addition was modern food.

For example, Italian dishes like pizza and even mock meat burgers had no meat in them. It was a good gesture, and thanks to this, the new business is booming.

We hope that the same can be said about Cadence too. Well, if you are still looking for a Cadence Restaurant menu with prices, then now all you can do is surf the internet.

Why is it closed?

Cadence Restaurant Menu Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Cadence Restaurant’s Instagram

The main reason Cadence was closed was due to COVID. At the time, Cadence had no home delivery service, and most of its experience came from the freshly made food and the interior of the restaurants.

It served dishes that were original and made from scratch. It had fluffy faux fur-backed cushions and a more grown-up touch to it. Or, we can say, just like a private 5-star apartment.

In short, a huge investment was made in the restaurant’s look and its dishes. Meanwhile, COVID-19 turned that same idea into one of their only reasons for downfall.

Cadence tried to use a home delivery service like Doordash, but in the end, it did not end up saving their sales.

Despite how healthy vegan food is, it is still quite expensive when compared to Tex-Mex fast food or Italian dishes like pizza.

Meanwhile, adding delivery charges to it somewhat turned it into a big no-no. This ended up sinking all their sales and ultimately destroying the hopes of all the stockholders.

So in August 2021, Cadence Restaurant officially closed its doors after suffering a huge financial crisis and finding no way of recovering from it.

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