Five Daughters Bakery Menu With Prices [May 2024]

Five Daughters Bakery Menu With Prices

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Five Daughters Bakery is known as one of the modern-age bakeries established in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The Five Daughters Bakery menu primarily caters to freshly baked doughnuts that are crafted with their prime ingredient which is love. Under the Five Daughters Bakery menu with prices, you get to select from their wide range of desserts and they assure you the best confectionery experience.

Not only doughnuts, but the Five Daughters Bakery menu also hones croissants, cookies, pastries, and beverages. The Five Daughters Bakery menu prices are worth every penny owing to their exceptional food and warm service.

At Five Daughters Bakery, the doughnuts are made with 100 exclusive layers taking three whole days for the entire process. The Five Daughters Bakery doughnuts are known for their special making and amazingly delicious taste.

They come in varying flavors with the launch of monthly flavors easily accessible under the Five Daughters Bakery menu prices.

This article includes the latest Five Daughters Bakery menu and prices so that when in Texas, you know where to get a fresh batch of doughnuts from.

Five Daughters Bakery Menu With Prices

Five Daughters Bakery Menu And Prices
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100 Layer Staple Flavors Menu

The Purist$4.75
Chocolate Sea Salt$5.10
Vanilla Cream$5.10
Maple Glaze$5.10
King Kong$5.35
Milk Chocolate Sprinkles$4.95

100 Layer Seasonal Menu

Sugar Cookie$5.10
Spiced Honey Cheesecake$5.10
Gingerbread Latte$5.10
Strawberry Lemon Shortcake$5.35

Mini 100 Layer Flavors Menu

Mini Purist$2.75
Mini Milk Chocolate Sprinkles$2.75
Mini Sugar Cookie$3.00
Mini Gingerbread Latte$3.00

Paleo Flavors Menu

Paleo – Chocolate Chip Sea Salt$4.75
Paleo – Peppermint Patty$4.75
Paleo – Pecan Brownie$4.75
Paleo – Coconut Macaroon$4.75

Yeast Raised Flavors Menu

Yeast Raised – Purist$3.00
Yeast Raised – Boston Cream (Filled)$3.75
Yeast Raised – Apple Fritter$4.00
Yeast Raised – Milk Chocolate Sprinkles$3.00
Yeast Raised – Sugar Cookie$3.00
Yeast Raised – Spiced Honey Cheesecake$3.00

Cookies Menu

Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.50
Snowcap Cookie (GF)$3.50
My Sister’s Sugar Cookie$3.50
Ginger Molasses Cookie$3.50

Other Staple Items Menu

Quinnamon – Maple$4.70
Quinnamon – Orange$4.70
Donut Holes (8 ct.)$4.70

Beverages Menu

Coffee Traveler (96oz)$27.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Five Daughters Bakery History

Five Daughters Bakery Menu Prices
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The first actual Five Daughters Bakery store opened in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the foundation stone of Five Daughters Bakery was laid in 2015 at the founder’s home.

The founders Isaac and Stephanie Meek started selling doughnuts from their home kitchen. The bakery’s namesake denotes the five daughters of the Meek couple namely Dylan, Lucy, Maggie, Evangeline, and Constance.

Isaac is the third-generation baker-cum owner of his family. His great-grandfather also had a bakery and owned a bakery shop which was quite popular during his time.

Hence carrying forward the heritage and staying true to his bloodline Isaac conceived Five Daughters Bakery along with his wife Stephanie just like their daughters.

Initially, for three years, the couple sold doughnuts and other bakery goods right from their Franklin Tennessee home. They use farm-fresh ingredients and authentic grape seed oil to maintain their uniqueness.

The company earned national acclamation for its signature 100-layered three-inch doughnuts that are crafted in amazing flavors.

Not only the natives of Tennessee, but many celebrities from across the country have also expressed their never-ending love for the Five Daughters Bakery doughnuts.

Five Daughters Bakery Locations

Since its inception, the Five Daughters Bakery has expanded to six different locations with the 2018 Atalanta, Georgia location as its first actual store.

In 2019, the second Five Daughters Bakery location came up in Florida and eventually branched to four other locations in Nashville. Currently, the bac runs through 6 different locations spread over Georgia and Nashville with the primary Franklin factory in Franklin.

Over the year, the Five Daughters Bakery menu with prices has not changed much primarily because it hasn’t yet completed a year of running.

However, the Five Daughters Bakery menu prices will let you have the best confectionary experience with their supremely delicious doughnuts and other baked products.

Five Daughters Bakery Review

Five Daughters Bakery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The bakery’s opening hours vary at all the Five Daughters Bakery locations. The Five Daughters Bakery stores are filled with warmth with a generous and amazing staff that are ready to welcome you with a bright smile and abundance of love.

The Five Daughters Bakery menu hosts their specialty 100-layered 3-inch doughnuts, cookies, and desserts, along with some hot coffee.

Their 100-layered Donuts is a hybrid of croissant and doughnut bringing in the best of two delicious desserts at one item. The doughnuts are coated with sugar filled with cream and then adorned with glaze to make them ready to eat.

Starting from the Purist, to Milk Chocolate Sprinkles, Five Daughters Bakery donuts come in varying flavors. You can also choose from Chocolate Sea Salt, Vanilla Cream, Maple Glaze, and King Kong.

During the festive season, the bakery produces holiday-inspired donuts like Gingerbread Lattes ($5.10), Sugar Cookies ($5.10), Paelo- Coconut Macaroons ($4.75), Paelo Peppermint Patty ($4.75), etc. For the kids, there is a specialized mini version of the Five Daughters Bakery donuts that are smaller in size but at par in goodness.

The Five Daughters Bakery menu also hones other baked goodies like cookies starting from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Ginger Molasse’s Cookies. The My Sister Sugar Cookie is an eye-catcher just like the exclusive Snowcap cookie all priced at $3.50.

Apart from donuts and cookies, the Five Daughters Bakery confectionary range also serves other staple dessert items like Quinnamon-Maple, Quinnamon Orange, The Quinn, and the Doughnut Hole all starting from $4.70.

You can vouch over the goodness of Five Daughters Bakery and enjoy their heart-warming delicious confection.

Their signature donuts are a must-have and serve as the best souvenirs to pack for your family and friends. The Five Daughters Bakery menu and prices are affordable and worthy enough owing to their delicious and heartfelt baked goods.

How to Order Online From Five Daughters Bakery?

Five Daughters Bakery Order Online usamenuprices
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If you want to check the latest menu prices of Five Daughters Bakery then you can follow the same steps given below. Other than that, if you want to order online from Five Daughters Bakery, then you will also be able to do that by following the same steps.

  1. First, go to Grubhub and select your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the latest menu prices of Five Daughters Bakery will display based on your selected location (here you can check the latest menu and their prices for Five Daughters Bakery).
  3. Now, go ahead and select all the food items that you want to order online from Five Daughter Bakery and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. Now, sign in to your account by going to checkout.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some details and confirm your order.

In this way, you can order online and find the latest menu prices of Five Daughters Bakery.

For more information about Five Daughters Bakery, visit their official website.

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