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Jaarsma Bakery is an American bakery house located in the Pella district of Iowa, United States. The bakery house specializes in offering a wide range of breads, pastries, and other baked goods to the natives and visitors. The Jaarsma Bakery menu with prices is great just like the bakery house which makes you its own within minutes.

The Jaarsma Bakery menu caters to a taste of Holland in every bite as it includes gourmet breads, delicious cakes, cute candies, mouth-watering pastries, and other baked goodies.

At Jaarsma Bakery you can have bets of baked products at minimal Jaarsma Bakery menu prices that are pocket-friendly for one and all.

The bakery households are a huge legacy of the bakers in its history and continue to reign the baking industry in Iowa. The Jaarsma Bakery Pella location is something that cannot be missed when in Iowa.

This article is all about the real Jaarsma Bakery menu and prices so that when in Pella, you can keep Jaarsma Bakery on your bucket list.

Jaarsma Bakery Menu With Prices

Jaarsma Bakery Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
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Bars Menu

Almond Butter Bars (6)$3.75
Gevulde Speculaas Bars (6)$3.75
Pecan Pie Bars (6)$3.75
White Walnut Bars$4.00

Breads Menu

Apple Sweetheart$6.25
Cinnamon Bread$3.50
Currant Almond Bread$3.25
Dutch Apple Bread$5.25

Cakes Menu

Almond Butter Cake (Heart-shaped)$13.00
Almond Butter Cake (Large)$14.00
Almond Butter Cake (Small)$11.50
Coffee Cake (Maple-Frosted)$6.25
Coffee Cake (White-Iced)$6.25
Creme Cake – Almond Poppyseed (6)$6.25
Creme Cake – Blueberry (6)$6.25

Candy Menu

Cashew Clusters (half pound)$6.00
Coconut Bliss (6)$4.00
Peanut Clusters (half pound)$5.00

Cookies Menu

Almond Macaroons (12)$3.00
Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies (3) [Gevuld Koekje]$5.00
Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies (2 Heart-shaped)$3.00
Butterfly Cookies (12)$2.75
Coconut Macaroons (12)$3.00
Cookies (12)$3.50
Date Macaroons (12)$3.00
Figure 8 Cookies (12)$2.75
Gourmet Cookies (3)$3.25
St. Nick Cookies (12) [Speculaas]$3.25
Stroopwafel (6)$5.00

Pastries Menu

Absolutely Almond Collection$65.00
Almond Banket$7.00
Almond Butter Cake (Large)$14.00
Almond Butter Cake (Small)$11.50
Almond Crispies (6)$9.00
Almond Sticks (12)$2.75
Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies (3) [Gevuld Koekje]$5.00
Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies (2 Heart-shaped)$3.00
Apple Rings (6)$9.00
Cinnamon Nut Crispies (3)$5.00
Creme Horns (6)$9.00
Dutch Letter Strips – Chocolate-Dipped (3)$6.00
Dutch Letters (12)$30.00
Dutch Letters (2)$5.50
Dutch Letters (6)$16.00
Dutchman’s Sampler$45.00
Goat Legs (6) [Bokkepootjes]$3.50
Jaarsma’s Dutch Treat$27.00
Kracklings (3)$5.00
Love Letter (Large)$6.25
Love Letter (Small)$3.50
Pastry Assortment (6)$9.00
Puff Pillows (6)$9.00
Royal Family Collection$67.00
Strudel (6)$9.00
Tarts (6)$9.00
Traditionally Dutch Collection$54.00
Valentine Sweetheart Collection$49.00

Rolls Menu

Butter Danish (6)$7.00
Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls (2)$4.50
Pecan Rolls (3)$5.50

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Jaarsma Bakery History

Jaarsma Bakery Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
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Jaarsma Bakery was conceived in Pella, Iowa in 1898. The bakery house was a passion project of Harmon Jaarsma who had immigrated from Holland and brought along some recipes from his homeland and implemented those in the products of Jaarsma Bakery.

The restaurant has been standing strong for over a hundred years now.

Since day zero, Jaarsma Bakery made sure to serve the finest quality pieces of bread baked with authentic and traditional methods.

Initially, Harmon had two brick ovens in his bakery that were fired with wood, and once the ashes were brushed out, breads were put into the bake followed by other products like cookies, buns, Dutch letters, and in the end delicious rusks.

During those days, Jaarsma Bakery also served hot coffee along with pieces of bread to be a one-stop destination for everyone.

In 1948, Harmon’s son Frank learned the art of baking, took over the business, and relocated Jaarsma Bakery to its current Pella location.

After suffering huge harm in a fire incident in 1973, Frank’s sons Howard and Ralph built up the bakery all over again.

The family baking business has been carefully passed on to four generations and is currently owned by Harmon’s great-granddaughter Kristi and her husband Dave Balk.

Through the years, the Jaarsma Bakery recipes have been updated to strengthen and improve these original sarees. The bakery house cooks some delicious flaky pastries, tasty pieces of bread, irresistible cakes, and more.

Over the years, the Jaarsma Bakery menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to meet the growing demand of the customers. The Jaarsma Bakery menu prices are also great looking at the exquisiteness the bakery house offers.

The bakery houses have special types of Dutch treats that have a fan base of their own. The classic Jaarsma Bakery Dutch letters are very popular amongst regulars and guests from across the country.

Jaarsma Bakery Review

Jaarsma Bakery Menu usamenuprices.com
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The Jaarsma Bakery’s hours of operation are from 6 a.m. till 6 p.m. all day of the week except for Sundays. The Jaarsma Bakery menu caters to the line of home-style cooking including pastries, cakes, bars and candies, cookies, rolls, and much more.

Jaarsma Bakery hosts some delicious bars that have options like Almond Butter Bars, Pecan Pie Bars, White Walnut Nuts, Gevulde Speculaas Bars, and more.

The Jaarsma Bakery breads are best known for their supreme quality and are available in options like Apple Swwtheart, Cinnamon bread, Currant Almond Bread, Dutch Apple Bread, and more.

The Jaarsma Bakery cakes are hugely loved by the regulars and the people of Pella make sure to pack one for any celebration be it anniversaries or birthdays.

Starting from Almond Butter Cake and Coffee Cake to Crème Cakes, Jaarsma Bakery caters to them in all sizes and shapes.

Freshly baked cookies from Jaarsma Bakery are the delights you just can’t miss at the bakery house. Options like Almond Macaroons, Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies, Andre’s Almond Filled Butter Cookies, Date Macrooons, and Butterfly cookies are quite popular.

Jaarsma Bakery is indeed a hub for the most delectable pastries that have options like Almond Crispies, Almond Sticks, Crème Horns, Dutch letter Strips- Chocolate Dipped, and Jaarsma’s Dutch treats.

An excellent place with an amazing Jaarsma Bakery menu prices set for all the customers.

Final Thoughts

A huge section of delectable-looking bakery goods awaits you at the bakery house. An excellent place to have a great time with friends and families.

The Dutch Letters are something you just cannot miss from the Jaarsma Bakery.

For more information about Jaarsma Bakery, visit their official website.

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