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LA Crawfish Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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LA Crawfish is a popular American restaurant that was established in Louisiana. This restaurant is a landmark that contributed tremendously to the cooking culture of Louisiana. When it comes to the LA Crawfish menu and prices, the restaurant keeps it simple and pocket-friendly so that all types of customers can afford the recipes at LA Crawfish.

As the name suggests, LA Crawfish excels in making the Crawfish experience one of the best.

Crawfish is an important part of the Louisiana food culture, and LA Crawfish takes pride in preserving it through its original recipes.

Everything at LA Crawfish is made with the finest ingredients with much priority to the high standard quality of cooking.

LA Crawfish not only offers an exceptional dining experience but also hosts online order services so that customers can enjoy their food at the restaurant.

You can head to the nearest LA Crawfish restaurant and devour their mouthwatering delicacy.

In this article, you will learn about the real LA Crawfish menu with prices, the history of the restaurant, reviews, and much more.

LA Crawfish Menu With Prices

LA Crawfish Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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Chilled Drinks Menu

Fountain Drink$2.50
Iced Tea$2.50
Flavored Green Tea$3.50

Pho Noodle Menu

Spicy Garlic Pho Noodles$11.99
The LA Special Pho Noodles$8.99
Eye of Round Pho Noodles$8.99
Brisket Pho Noodles$8.99
Flank Pho Noodles$8.99
Meatball Pho Noodles$7.99
Chicken Pho Noodles$7.99
Shrimp Pho Noodles$9.99
Pho Sate$9.99
Crawfish Pho$9.99
Hot and Sour Pho$9.99
Spicy Beef Pho$9.99

Awesome Fried Rice Menu

Shrimp Fried Rice$8.99 +
Chicken Fried Rice$8.99 +
Beef Fried Rice$8.99 +
Crawfish Fried Rice$8.99 +
Cajun Curry$8.99 +
Combination Fried Rices$9.99

Boiled Sea Food Menu

1 lb Live Crawfish$7.99 +
1 dozen Shrimp$12.99 +
2 claw Snow Crab$22.99 +
3 pieces King Crab Legs$31.99 +
Barbecue Blue Crab$11.99
Boiled Shrimp (peeled shrimp)$17.99

Wings Menu

12 Piece Wings$11.99 +
6 Piece Wings$6.99

Baskets Menu

Shrimp Basket$9.99 +
Tilapia Basket$9.99 +
Oyster Basket$9.99 +
Chicken Bites Basket$9.99 +
Surf ‘n Surf Basket$9.99 +
Chicken Wings Basket$9.99 +
Crawfish Tails Basket$11.99 +

Po’ Boys Menu

Shrimp Po’ Boy$9.99 +
TilapiaPo’ Boy$9.99 +
Oyster Po’ Boy$9.99 +
Chicken Bites Po’ Boy$9.99 +
Surf ‘n Surf Po’ Boy$9.99 +
Chicken Wings Po’ Boy$9.99 +
Crawfish Tails Po’ Boy$11.99 +

Sides and Other Specialties Menu

BBQ Shrimp (1 dozen)$14.99
Salt Toasted Shrimp (1 dozen)$14.99
Shrimp Reverse$8.99
Chicken Bites$4.99
Crawfish Tails$8.99
Seasoned Fries$3.99
Sweet Potato Fries$4.99
Toasted Bread$1.99
Cheesy Crawfish Roll$4.99
Seafood Gumbo$5.99
Crawfish Empanadas$4.99
Pork Egg Roll$4.99
Fried shrimp$7.99
Fried Oysters$7.99
Fried Tilapia Fish$7.99

LA Crawfish History

LA Crawfish Inside usamenuprices
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The restaurant is best known for its amazing seafood, and LA Crawfish has a huge fanbase across the country.

LA Crawfish serves millions of delighted fans with their mouthwatering Cajun-style crawfish, crawfish pho, seafood fried rice, shrimp, crabs, fresh oysters, and much more.

The best part about LA Crawfish is they are consistent in quality and ensure outstanding customer service.

The foundation of LA Crawfish was laid in 2010 when the first location of the restaurant came up in Houston, Texas.

LA Crawfish was started up to serve the best quality seafood to the customers who visit the restaurant.

The brand of LA Crawfish was an initiative by a UH college graduate who loved food, and his little dream of opening up a restaurant gave birth to LA Crawfish.

The very first location of LA Crawfish was a quick hit, and in no time, the restaurant was swamped with customers who loved seafood.

After the success of the very first location, LA Crawfish planned to open up in other locations so that customers get to enjoy the best of food in other states as well.

At present, LA Crawfish has several locations in all parts of the United States. LA Crawfish operates as a franchise and is currently placed in Texas, San Antonio, McAllen, etc.

Shortly LA Crawfish plans to open up in California, Florida, Georgia, etc.

What makes LA Crawfish one of its kind is that the restaurant brings in the best flavors to bring in nothing but the finest of recipes to the table of customers.

LA Crawfish Review

LA Crawfish Menu usamenuprices
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LA Crawfish serves in multiple locations, and hence the hours of operation vary from location to location. At most LA Crawfish locations, the restaurant starts at around 11 AM and closes at around 10 PM.

During the weekend and festive season, LA Crawfish’s hours of operation vary. In the LA Crawfish menu, they cater to a wide variety of crawfish recipes, cajun and pho style, chicken wings, shrimp, crabs, seafood, and much more.

There is nothing at LA Crawfish that you won’t love. Seafood lovers will find their true comfort food at LA Crawfish, and that is one of the best parts about the restaurant.

LA Crawfish has numerous tasty eats, and it’s just impossible to resist the urge to simply go and enjoy their food.

LA Crawfish has basket and poboys on their menu that includes all kind of seafood that you would truly love.

Seafood delicacy is incomplete without oysters, and LA Crawfish has three different styles of oysters on their menu.

LA Crawfish also takes care of chicken lovers and thus hosts chicken tenders, chicken bites, chicken waffles, chicken cracklings, wings, and much more.

The Cajun Crawfish recipe is one of their signature dishes, and you simply can’t get enough of it.

No seafood menu can go without lobster and crab, and LA Crawfish brings lobster grills and roast, snow, and king crab to you too.

At LA Crawfish, you can also have shrimp that goes perfectly with a bowl of rice or noodles.

The staff at LA Crawfish is wonderful, and you will love the overall ambiance. They have also received a very good number of reviews on Yelp.

How To Order Online From LA Crawfish?

LA Crawfish Order Online usamenuprices
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You can order online from LA Crawfish by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of LA Crawfish will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of LA Crawfish based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from LA Crawfish and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items. In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of LA Crawfish for different locations.

Final Thoughts

Through the years, the LA Crawfish menu and price have evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers.

The LA Crawfish menu prices are suitable enough for all the customers, and everyone can easily afford them.

This impeccable restaurant is one of the most loved gathering spots for neighborhood locals. Be it wedding parties or birthday dinners; LA Crawfish is ready to host every of your occasion.

Meanwhile, LA Crawfish loves to offer mouthwatering delicacies to family and friends who love seafood and much more.

For more information about LA Crawfish, visit their official website.

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