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Oreo Cafe Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Oreo is a multinational sandwich and cookie-selling company that needs no introduction. Check below for the Oreo Cafe menu with prices.

Just a few years ago, Oreo opened its first cafe, featuring its intake of Oreo-flavored ice creams, cakes, and all sorts of desserts.

Traditional brands used their creations to make that stuff, but after numerous requests, the brand finally decided to open its store.

Check out our next segment and find out all about the Oreo Cafe menu and prices. Learn what kind of delight to expect and how much it costs.

Oreo Cafe Menu With Prices

Oreo Cafe Menu usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Oreo’s Instagram

Popular Items Menu

Pork Skewers$4.50
Chicken Skewers$4.50
Peri Chicken Burger$9.00
2. Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo$9.00
Burger With The Lot$11.00
Prawn Burger$10.00
V Energy Drink$4.00

Salads Menu

Chicken Caesar$8.00 – Medium
$10.00 – Large
Greek Salad$8.00 – Medium
$10.00 – Large

Burgers & Rolls Menu

Peri Chicken Burger$9.00
Burger With The Lot$11.00
Prawn Burger$10.00
Veggie Burger$8.00
Chicken Burger$9.00
Schnitzel Burger$9.00
Fish Burger$9.00
Steak Sandwich$10.00
Steak Sandwich With The Lot$12.00
Chicken Burger$9.00
Portuguese Burger$9.00
Chicken Kebab Roll$8.00
Crispy Pork Roll$9.00
BBQ Pork Roll$8.00
Bacon & Egg Roll$7.00
Salad Roll$7.00
Tuna Roll$8.00
Egg Roll$8.00
Schnitzel Roll$9.00
Mixed Grill$18.00

Gourmet Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo$9.00
Tandoori Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce, Mayo$10.00
Chicken Breast, Sweet Chili, Cucumber, Lettuce$9.00
Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Cheese, Cucumber, Lettuce$10.00
Ham, Cheese, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lettuce$9.00
Fish Wrap$10.00

Appetizers Menu

Chicken Skewers$4.50
Pork Skewers$4.50
Chicken Pie$5.00
Sausage Roll$4.50
Meat Pie$5.00
Chicken Schnitzel$7.00

Drinks Menu

V Energy Drink$4.00
Barista Bros$6.00
Soft Drinks$3.50
Monster Energy Drink$6.00
Red Bull$4.00
Impressed Juice$6.00

Beverages Menu

Long Black$4.50
Hot Chocolate$4.50
Chai Tea$4.50
Chai Latte$ 4.50

Oreo Cafe History

Oreo Cafe Inside usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Oreo’s Instagram

Oreo Cafe came quite recently, right after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. It featured its original intake on popular remixes like Oreo-flavored shakes, desserts, cakes, and so on.

Oreo biscuit itself has a long history backing it down. It goes all the way back to 1912, when the National Biscuit Company developed the recipe on March 6th.

This happened in their Chelsea, New York City, factory, which is now known as Chelsea Market Complex.

It was located on Ninth Avenue, which was also known as Oreo Way. The patent was registered a few days later, on March 14.

If you want to know about Oreo Cafe, then we have to first highlight the past and how Oreo came to be.

The inspiration behind this idea was another cookie named Hydrox. It was manufactured by Sunshine in 1908.

You can say it was like a father to Oreo, and surprisingly, you can still find it in this day and age, making it older than Oreo.

Oreo was renamed countless times, from Oreo to Oreo Sandwich to Oreo Crème Sandwich, and so on.

The modern filling was developed by another food scientist from the same institute, and his name was Sam Porcello.

This much backstory should be enough. Oreo is a world phenomenon, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone has heard of it.

Anyway, the cafe in particular came to light in November 2022. This happened at an American Dream Mall in New Jersey.

We mostly saw it online or at partnered food restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, and so on. But this was a big movement that worked like a charm.

Oreo lovers can now enjoy its delight on a small trip with their loved ones instead of going all the way to a KFC stand to enjoy a simple Oreo shake.

Oreo Cafe Review

Oreo Cafe Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Oreo’s Instagram

Well, the Oreo Cafe menu or prices need no special introduction at all. Everyone knows what they sell and how good they really are.

Oreo Cafe can be seen everywhere, and they usually have everything that you see online. So we headed to one of them and ended up ordering a bunch.

The first one was the OREO Tiramisu Parfaits. The glass cup has multiple layers of white filling and a cookie.

Mainly, the filling was loaded with creamy espresso-flavored mascarpone. Then a cookie biscuit on top, indirectly crowning itself all over again.

Well, parfait was terribly good! Well, it’s Oreo, after all, so we can’t expect anything less. Both the cookie and its filling are made out of vegetable oil.

So it’s good for both your health and your taste buds. Next up was a traditional OREO milkshake. The 300 ml of milk was mixed with chocolate syrup, powdered Oreo cookies, and softened vanilla ice cream.

The top part had cookie crumbs and whipped cream. It’s simply a fantastic dish that you can make right at home!

In fact, every single dish that you see here can be made at home. Recipes are available for free online, so that’s a bonus.

Unfortunately, that was too sweet for one day, so we returned a few days later and enjoyed a cup of OREO Black & White Mug Cakes.

More like a mug, anyway, these single-serving cakes are made inside these Abs-grade mugs. Then they throw it in the microwave for an instant dessert like never before.

All of these dishes taste quite different, despite being made with the same ingredients. The tide of heat and even the slightest bit of flavor shift can easily change how the end product tastes.

Final Thoughts

Well, there is no way that these Oreo cafes will disappear anytime soon. Now you can see these in most big malls around the globe, offering pretty much the same stuff.

But some locations will have an exclusive mixture of Oreos that can’t be seen anywhere else. But the best part about it is that the recipes aren’t confidential.

You can make it at home if you like; just google “Orea Cafe near me,” enter their official website, and get the recipe from their recipe section.

It’s that easy! Yeah, if some other brands make some unique mixture of Oreo, then they can monopolize it, but as long as it’s on Oreo’s official website, it’s for all!

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