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Project Pie Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Project Pie is one of the most loved Pizza restaurants in the United States. The restaurant specializes in pizza and other baked recipes to ensure great food and amazing time for customers. The food experience is exceptional and thus you cannot have enough of the great hospitality. The Project Pie menu and prices are worth every penny keeping in mind the amazing food of the restaurant.

The Project Pie menu offers a great variety of deals to customers. At Project Pie, you would have an amazing experience be it with your friends or family members.

The best part about Project Pie is that they cater to some innovative recipes for pizza and pie.

Many customers say that Project Pie would change their outlook towards pizza. If you wanna try something new, Project Pie is your perfect catch.

Project Pie uses freshly sourced authentic ingredients in making each of its recipes. The consistent quality of Project Pie makes it one of the finest restaurants in the United States.

In this article, you will learn about the real Project Pie menu with prices.

Along with that, this article will also inform you regarding the history, my review, location, and hours of Project Pie.

Project Pie Menu With Prices

Project Pie Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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Picked For You Menu

Kid’s Build Your Own 8-Topping Pizza$ 6.79
Chicken Ceasar$ 5.99
Kale Salad$ 5.99
Spinach Salad$ 5.99
Kids Pizza with 2 Toppings$ 5.29

Pizzas Menu

1 Pizza with 1 Topping$ 7.29
Build Your Own Pizza with Unlimited Toppings$ 10.49
1 Pizza$ 6.49
2 Pizza$ 8.99
3 Pizza$ 8.99
4 Pizza$ 8.99
5 Pizza$ 8.99
6 Pizza$ 8.99
7 Pizza$ 8.99
8 Pizza$ 8.99
Build Your Own 8-Topping Pizza$ 8.99
Kids Pizza With 2 Toppings$ 5.29
Kid’s Build Your Own 8-Topping Pizza$ 6.79
Daily Special Pizza$ 8.49
Small Pizza and Salad Combo$ 10.49

Salads Menu

Chicken Ceasar$ 5.99
Spinach Salad$ 5.99
Kale Salad$ 5.99
Large Pizza Salad$ 8.99

Sides And Desserts Menu

Cinnamon Twists With Nutella And Icing$ 4.00
Garlic Twists With Red Sauce$ 4.00
Dessert Pizza Topped With Nutella And Icing$ 4.99

Drinks Menu

Coca-Cola Fountain Drink$ 2.19
Diet Coke$ 2.19
Sprite$ 2.19
Fountain Drink$ 2.19
Kid’s Drink$ 1.59

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Project Pie History

Project Pie Inside usamenuprices
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Project Pie was founded in the United States and thus is an American restaurant brand.

Through the years, Project Pie has developed as a chain of restaurants serving great pizza and pie recipes to customers.

The Project Pie menu and prices make the restaurant quite accessible for everyone.

The story of Project Pie began in April 2012. It was James Markham who started the first Project Pie location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before Project Pie, James also contributed to the pizza industry through his previous ventures of MOD Pizza and Pie-logy.

Then in 2012, James Markham aimed to provide healthy and tasty pizza to customers and that’s how conceived Project Pie.

Since then Project Pie has never stopped baking pies and amazing customers with their delicacy.

The approach of Project Pie was simple to offer interesting pizza and pie to customers. Locals indulged in the amazing dishes of Project Pie and quickly fell in love.

The first location of Project Pie was a huge hit. Owing to the growing demand for Project Pie, the owners decided to expand the brand to other cities as well.

So far Project Pie serves in multiple locations across the country and is one of the most successful brands in the industry.

Project Pie has seen humungous growth in the pizza industry and as a chain, the brand has grown a lot.

The restaurant takes pride in combining the variants of pizza and pie.

The wonderful combo makes Project Pie an exceptional brand. The Project Pie menu prices have evolved a lot through the years.

Many new recipes have become part of the Project Pie menu to cater to the growing demand of the customers.

The Project Pie prices are quite affordable thus making everything worth it.

Project Pie Review

Project Pie Menu Prices usamenuprices
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Project Pie has multiple locations across the United States. Hence the Project Pie hours of operation vary from location to location.

At most location, the Project Pie hours of operation starts at around 11 AM and close at around 9 PM.

The Project Pie timing would vary depending on weekends and holidays. In the Project Pie menu, you would include a variety of options for pizza and pie.

On the whole, Project Pie has 8 different variants of pizza on its menu. Beyond that Project Pie also allows you to make your pizza.

They have several toppings using which you can curate a pizza of your choice and enjoy the process of making it.

Project Pie also has several sides and other dessert options on its menu to give you a selection of food to choose from.

Apart from the delicious food, the ambiance of Project Pie is truly special. The restaurant would make you feel at home and in no time you would be in a comfortable place.

The setting of Project Pie is mesmerizing and on the whole, Project Pie is a great gathering hub.

What makes Project Pie one of the most desirable restaurants is that they use fresh ingredients.

They also cater to the changing food preferences of people as they have Vegan options on their menu.

Some of their pizza is also gluten-free to host gluten-intolerant customers. The staff at Project Pie are very friendly and offer great service.

The fantastic hospitality of Project Pie makes it one of the best in America.

Final Thoughts

Project Pie makes one of the best pizzeria in America. It is a local gem and an ideal location for family reunions.

Project Pie has been around for more than a decade now and continues to reign in the hearts of natives.

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