Ray’s on the River Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Ray's on the River Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Ray’s on the River is a casual dining restaurant famous for its seafood, like shrimp. Check below for Ray’s on the River menu with prices.

Ray’s on the River has been in service for way over 40 years at this point. Some say it serves food fast, while others say their main dishes can take a while to prepare.

It has a reservation system for now, and it prefers private bookings over normal ones. Some can argue that it’s bad, but remember that in the end, everyone wants money.

But that doesn’t affect their food. Instead, it’s one of a kind. Continue reading for Ray’s on the River menu and prices.

Ray’s on the River Menu With Prices

Ray's on the River Menu usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Ray’s on the River’s Facebook

Shareable Starters, Soups And Salads Menu

Seafood Gumbo$8.00
The Wedge$9.00
Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki$14.00
Ray’s Blue Cheese Chips$10.00
Caesar Salad$8.00
Crispy Point Judith Calamari$14.00
Ray’s “New Orleans” BBQ Shrimp$12.00
Artisan Field Greens$8.00

Starters Menu

Crispy Point Judith Calamari$14.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$16.00
Cold Seafood Tower (4-6 Guests)$75.00
Ray’s Blue Cheese Chips$10.00
Ray’s “New Orleans” BBQ Shrimp$12.00
Steamed Mussels$12.00
Spicy Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki$14.00
Hot Appetizer Platter (4-6 Guests)$60.00

Sunday Brunch Menu

Children Ages 5-10$17.95

Salads & Soups Menu

The Wedge$9.00
Ray’s Classic Chopped Salad$9.00
Caesar Salad$12.00
Seafood Gumbo$7.00
Lobster Cobb$20.00
Mixed Artisan Greens$8.00

Signature Salads Menu

Lobster Cobb$20.00
Black and Blue Steakhouse Salad$19.00
Blackened Salmon$15.00
Ray’s Chopped Chicken$14.00

Signature Dishes Menu

Horseradish Encrusted Black Grouper$25.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$34.00
Shrimp & Grits$28.00
Broiled Seafood Platter$41.00
Salmon Oscar$34.00
Sun Corn Roasted Trout$30.00
Canadian Cold Water Lobster Tail$26.00
Springer Mountain Farms Chicken$31.00
Parmesan Encrusted Scallops$34.00
Chef’s House-Made Pasta$26.00

Handhelds Menu

Salmon BLT$15.00
Crab Cake Sandwich$13.00
Brisket Burger$14.00
Classic Chicken Sandwich$12.00

Ray’S Hand Cut Steaks & Chops Menu

Steak Frites (6oz)$25.00
Delmonico Ribeye (16oz)$41.00
Filet Mignon$35.00
New York Strip (14oz)$42.00

Ray’S Specialties Menu

Seafood Platter$22.00
Horseradish Crusted Black Grouper$25.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$21.00
Chef’s Featured Pasta$16.00
Grilled Salmon Oscar$17.00

Sushi-Nigiri Menu

Hamachi (Yellow Tail)$5.00
Sake (Salmon)$5.00
EBI (Shrimp)$5.00
Maguro (Tuna)$5.00

Complement Your Hand-Cut Steak Menu

Georges Bank Sea Scallops$16.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$14.00
Cold Water Lobster Tail$20.00
Blue Cheese Crust$5.00
Blackened or Grilled Jumbo Shrimp$14.00

Fresh Seafood Market Menu

Georges Bank Scallops$30.00
Yellow Fin Tuna$32.00
Black Grouper$30.00
Colossal Gulf Shrimp$29.00
Whole Live Maine Lobster$27.00
Georgia Mountain Trout$26.00
Bay of Fundy Salmon$29.00

Sushi-Sashimi Menu

One Selection$10.00
Chef’s Personal Selection$20.00
Three Selections$15.00

Sushi-Accompaniments Menu

Japanese Rice$3.00
Miso Soup$3.00
Seaweed Salad$3.00

Sushi-Rolls Menu

Shrimp Tempura Roll$10.00
Vegetable Roll$10.00
Eel Avocado Roll$8.00
Lobster Tempura Roll$15.00
Bagel Roll$11.00
California Roll$7.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$9.00
Georgia Roll$11.00
Volcano Roll$12.00
Spider Roll$10.00
Alaskan Roll$10.00
Rainbow Roll$10.00
Cowboy Roll$15.00
Dragon Roll$12.00
Alaskan King Crab Roll$15.00
Crunchy Roll$10.00

Sushi Combinations Menu

#2 Sashimi$12.00
#3 Sushi Rolls$14.00
#1 Sushi$14.00

Shareable Sides Menu

Cauliflower Au Gratin$10.00
Black Garlic Spinach$8.00
Sauteed Local Wild Mushrooms$10.00
Local Brussels Sprouts$8.00
Lobster Risotto$12.00
Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes$6.00
Cast Iron Mac and Cheese$10.00
Whipped Sweet Potatoes$6.00
Haricot Verts$9.00
Creamed Spinach$9.00
Grilled Jumbo Asparagus$10.00
Creamed Sweet Corn$8.00

Ray’s on the River History

Ray's on the River Inside usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Ray’s on the River’s Facebook

Ray’s goes back to 1984. It was one of the first steak and seafood restaurants in Atlanta, and the person behind it was Ray Shenonbaum.

He was an industrial veteran when it came to managing restaurants. So he decided to start his own with a delicate goal.

It was to focus on good service above all. Ray’s on the River restaurants are famous for their hospitality rather than their food.

Its dishes are well made too, but a well-curated environment can triple the taste and enjoyment. Meanwhile, it also had a dedicated bar with old fermented wines.

These steaks are also a famous addition that has been there since the beginning. Ray’s now has a dedicated private hall for special occasions.

Like a birthday, an anniversary, or some other kind of celebration. Their dishes are perfect for these kinds of activities, and the staff never backs down from a long night.

Currently, Ray’s has three restaurants. Remember that they aren’t named the same except for Ray’s. For example, this one is called Ray’s on the River.

Meanwhile, the other two are called Ray’s in the City and Ray’s at Killer Creek. Regardless of where you go, all locations will provide the same experience.

Professional designers tailor each location, and the same goes for their chefs. Ray hand-picked each of them. After all, quality is what he needed the most.

Thanks to that, all three locations of Ray’s are well received among businessmen, party lovers, and traditional family gatherings.

Ray’s dishes have won many awards, notably the seafood ones featuring blowfish. Remember that a blowfish is highly deadly. It has a poison that can kill a human.

That’s why a chef who prepares it goes through extensive training and requires an authorized certificate to operate.

Ray’s on the River Review

Ray's on the River Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Ray’s on the River’s Facebook

Rumors say Ray’s doesn’t offer cheap. So it took us a while before we could head there. But that day finally came soon enough.

Anyway, we quickly looked at Ray’s River menu and prices. Indeed, it was a bit more expensive than ordinary kinds of seafood.

Well, that much was expected, but we noticed zero flaws in their service. We were guided to our table by one of their staff.

Then he explained what was on today’s special, and after talking for a bit, we decided to move on. Thai Chicken.

In one of our previous restaurant visits, we tried a similar dish, so we were pretty confident that we could compare these two.

Thai Chicken from Ray’s had shredded napa and red cabbage, romaine, radish, shredded carrots, cucumber, and mango.

It also had Thai basil, cilantro, Thai chili lime vinaigrette, grilled chicken, roasted peanuts, and crispy rice noodles.

Lime vinaigrette gave it a sour taste. Meanwhile, roasted peanuts and rice noodles balanced it out. Noddle is a perfect tool to harmonize the flavors.

Meanwhile, grilled chicken was something else. It was juicy. Meanwhile, carrots and cucumbers acted as good side dishes.

Anyway, this dish wasn’t enough to kill our hunger. So next up on the list was The Chip Biscuit. Why? Well, it sounds good, that’s why.

This unique dish had homemade drop biscuits, crispy catfish, and andouille sausage gravy. They are seasoned with preserved tomatoes and pickles.

The flavor took us by surprise. It felt like summer, with a pinch of spring. In the end, we did not need salad. So now it was time for something else. Creme Brule was the perfect candidate for it.

It was a creamy mixture of Madagascar vanilla bean custard, seasonal berries, and shaved white chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Ray’s on the River had professionally made dishes. We previously thought that Ray’s was only famous for its hospitality.

But in the end, that was nothing more than a rumor. That biscuit dish had an unexpected turn, which we always look for in our visits.

We will come here again for a few seconds and maybe try out the Challah French Toast and Hot Seafood Platter.

Dinner menus had the best reviews of all, but unfortunately for us, we went there at the wrong time. Anyway, this won’t happen next time.

To know more about Ray’s on the River, visit their official website.

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