Scratch Cupcakery Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

Scratch Cupcakery Menu With Prices

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 10:07 pm

Scratch Cupcakery is an American bakery house located in the historic Cedar Falls Iowa district. The bakery is best known for serving delicious baked goods that are made from scratch and hosts delicacies like cupcakes, cookies, scratchwiches, and much more. The Scratch Cupcakery menu with prices is also reasonable enough for all the customers who visit the bakery.

The Scratch Cupcakery menu is inclusive of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, scratchwiches, custom-baked products, and more.

Scratch Cupcakery hones a wide variety of desserts that are baked to perfection. The bakery takes pride in serving weddings, anniversaries, and other small celebrations.

Scratch Cupcakery is a go-to spot in Iowa and is loved by all from young to old. This article showcases the real Scratch Cupcakery menu and prices so that when in Iowa, you visit the nearest Scratch Cupcakery location.

Scratch Cupcakery Menu With Prices

Scratch Cupcakery Menu Prices
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Cupcakes Menu

1 Dozen Random Assortment of Cupcakes
A random assortment of one dozen of our delicious cupcakes. Option to add another dozen.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Monday flavors. Choose a flavor. Blackout, blueberry shortcake, cherry limeade, chocolate chunk doughlicipus and freshly brewed.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Tuesday Flavors.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Wednesday Flavors.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Thursday Flavors.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Friday Flavors.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Saturday Flavors.
1 Dozen Custom Assortment of Cupcakes
Sunday Flavors.

Cookie Menu

1 Dozen Random Assortment of Cookies
A random assortment of 1 dozen of our delicious cookies. Option to add more than 1.
1 Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies$24.00

Scratch Cupcakery History

Scratch Cupcakery Menu And Prices
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The original Scratch Cupcakery came up in 2010 at the historic Cedar Falls in Iowa’s downtown Main Street district.

The founder Natalie Brown opened the bakery out of her sheer love to make people smile by using her lifelong love for baking. After graduating from college, Natalie worked full-time and on the side ran a catering business from the basement kitchen of her home.

In early 2010, she found a strong season of discontent when she was not satisfied with her full-time job. It’s then that she planned to open up a bakery in a short period of time.

Natalie belonged to a family where everyone was self-employed however she was unaware of what to do in life. It was then that she nestled up the concept of Scratch Cupcakery and finally opened the doors of the bakery in 2010.

More About Scratch Cupcakery

Scratch Cupcakery is one of the most visited cupcake shops in the Iowa district. The bakery ensures to offer delicious baked products and desserts that are made from scratch.

Each recipe at Scratch Cupcakery is created with the intention of bringing a smile to the face of the customer. The bakery specializes in delicious cupcakes and cookies that can also be customized as per choice.

Scratch has storefronts in four locations in the Iowa district namely Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Coralville, and West Des Monies. Scratch Cupcakery has locally grown and offers its delicacy in 150 cities across Iowa and Illinois every summer on Scratch Curbside and other Scratch Fundraising programs.

In 2011, Scratch Cupcakery began its shipping programs and in 2017 it added shipping to APOs. Since then, everything in Scratch Cupcakery has been constantly evolving, however, they no longer plan to open a new franchise.

Over the years, the Scratch Cupcakery menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to the increasing demand of the customers.

What started as baking beautiful cupcakes from scratch has now grown into other baked goods and made-from-scratch products. The Scratch Cupcakery menu prices are also worth every penny.

Scratch Cupcakery Review

Scratch Cupcakery Menu
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The Scratch Cupcakery hours of operation vary from location to location. However, at most Scratch Cupcakery locations, the store is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Scratch Cupcakery menu has everything made from scratch, however, each product is a craft with much care and caution so that everyone enjoys the cupcakes they are ordering.

Starting from cupcakes to sractchwiches, Scratch Cupcakery is indeed a hot spot destination to enjoy delicious desserts.

At Scratch Cupcakery, each day they have a different menu catering to a wide versatility of flavors and products. You will find the best cupcakes in the Iowa district and you cannot stop yourself from having more.

The Scratch Cupcakery cupcakes come in flavors like carrot, chocoholic, snickerdoodle, maple donut, loaded PBC, M&M, cookie core, tuxedo, toffee, peanut butter cup, dirt cup, hot fudge, red velvet, oh happy day, blackout, prince, princess, cherry cola, marshmallow hot fudge and much more.

If you are not a cupcake enthusiast, Scratch Cupcakery hosts cookies that are baked fresh and packed right for you.

Options like peppermint cookies, white chocolate peppermint, coconut macaroon, chocolate chip, monster, cinnamon pecan, toffee chocolate chip, and Snickerdoodle are popular.

The bakery hosts scratchwiches that are unique just like their name. Their selection of caramel apple, cinnamon cream cheese, cinnamon pecan, dark chocolate mint, doughlicious, Loaded M&M, monkey, and more.

Scratch Cupcakery is an ideal spot for bakery delights. The Scratch Cupcakery menu and prices are also great and reasonable enough for everyone that it won’t fall heavy on your pocket.

Final Thoughts

The bakery welcomes you with the sweet aroma of cupcakes. You cannot just say no to the Scratch Cupcakery cupcakes and cookies. The Scratch Cupcakery scratchwiches are something that is crafted especially for sweet lovers.

For more information about Scratch Cupcakery, visit their official website.

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