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SpyHouse Coffee is a popular American coffee roaster and espresso bar that was established in Minneapolis, United States. Along with a warm ambiance, the SpyHouse Coffee menu with prices is just the destination that you want to go for a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

This coffee house is best known for serving delicious coffee variants that are sourced straight from the best coffee farms in the world.

The SpyHouse Coffee menu caters to various organic coffee that is available wholesale for other cafes and household requirements.

You can visit the SpyHouse Coffee bar to get the finest coffee blend to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, traditional espresso, and other trademark beverages.

The SpyHouse Coffee menu prices are also affordable so that customers of all types can visit the coffee bar.

This article showcases the real SpyHouse Coffee menu and prices so that you can visit the café and pick up your morning coffee from SpyHouse Coffee.

SpyHouse Coffee Menu With Prices

SpyHouse Coffee Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
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Coffee & Tea Menu

Cold Brew$4.25
Iced Tea$4.25
Housemade Game Set Matcha$5.25
Tea Latte$5.25

Trademark House-Crafted Menu

Solid Gold$5.25
Hit & Run$5.25

The Classics Menu

Cappuccino (6 oz.)$4.25
Flat White (6 oz.)$4.25
Hot Chocolate$4.25
Cortado (4 oz.)$3.75
Cortado (4 oz.)$3.75

SpyHouse Coffee History

SpyHouse Coffee Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- spyhousecoffee.com

The first SpyHouse Coffee store came up in 2013 in Northeast Minneapolis. The founder Christian Johnson started this roastery and coffee bar with beautiful aesthetics and supreme quality coffee.

Christian has been an antique collector and design enthusiast and his passion for aesthetics aided him in designing the classy interior of SpyHouse Coffee.

Since its inception, SpyHouse Coffee has been serving delicious cups of coffee to all the customers who visit the café for a fresh brew.

The newest coffee house in Minneapolis has been packed since it opened its door to coffee enthusiasts.

As you walk through the doors, you vibe in the old-school glamor that veils off the café and welcomes you to an aromatic ambiance.

SpyHouse Coffee started its roaster with a small refurbished coffee. They wanted to focus on building up a coffee culture that was never experienced before and that’s how they have continued to work.

The founder and his team created a strong relationship with the farmers across several cities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Colombia.

What initiated as a small factory has grown into a well-known coffee bar and roastery in America. The SpyHouse Coffee locations have widened in various cities and have developed a close-knit community within the respective neighborhoods.

Currently SpyHouse Coffee operates from six more locations apart from the original one.

SpyHouse Coffee takes great pride in sourcing the best quality coffee and making it even tastier by filtering it to smoothness.

For its outstanding coffee sourcing technique and careful flavor assessment, SpyHouse Coffee won the Good Food Award for its Ethiopian Suke Quto.

Over the years, the SpyHouse Coffee menu and prices have evolved a lot to cater to the growing demand of the customers and also to aid the development of the business.

SpyHouse Coffee has also partnered with several other brands like Superior Switchel, Mojo Monkey Doughnuts, Love You Cookie, and more.

The SpyHouse Coffee menu and prices are also minimal and are crafted to suit all customers.

SpyHouse Coffee Review

SpyHouse Coffee Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
Image Credit:- SpyHouse Coffee’s Facebook

The SpyHouse Coffee hours of operation vary from location to location, nevertheless, at most of SpyHouse Coffee locations, the café starts operating from 6 in the morning and remains active till late evening.

The SpyHouse Coffee menu is a coffee lover’s true delight that he/she would never want to miss. Starting from traditional coffee to refreshing blends, SpyHouse Coffee hosts coffee in its best form.

When at SpyHouse Coffee you get to try their wonderful coffee menu that is available in authentic variants of coffee like espresso, macchiato, cortado, americano, and much more.

The coffee house makes sure that you get your cup of coffee in a milk of your choice.

SpyHouse Coffee is undoubtedly widely known for its coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. SpyHouse Coffee sells a variety of coffee sourced from Ethiopia and other coffee-rich places.

Flavors like Bold and the Beautiful, Gemini, women Producers coffee, Burgundy, Orion/ signature bond, and more are most ordered the roastery.

Besides coffee, SpyHouse Coffee hosts some other amazing drinks known as Suke Quto, organic natural, tea, hot chocolate, and more.

SpyHouse Coffee collaborates with various brands in the food industry that cater to pastries, baked goods, and other items.

SpyHouse Coffee lives up to the needs of all types of customers and offers them a perfect start to the day. The SpyHouse Coffee menu and price are crafted keeping in mind the gourmet coffee you enjoy at the coffee house.

Final Thoughts

As you walk through the doors, a warm and cozy interior drives you toward the reception where you can order your favorite SpyHouse Coffee drink and kick start your date.

An authentic cup of Americano along with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies is sure to satiate all your Tuesday cravings.

For more information about SpyHouse Coffee, visit their official website.

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