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Tartine Bakery Menu With Prices usamenuprices.com

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Tartine Bakery is a small yet popular brand of bakery established in the United States. The bakery is best known for its world-class quality of bread and other baked goodies, offering some warm delectable items. Besides catering to the perfectly baked bread, the Tartine Bakery’s menu and prices are quite affordable for all sections of society.

This renowned bakery station serves fresh oven bread, whose each loaf is layered with mahogany and so naturally soft that it melts in your mouth.

Tartine Bakery’s menu also showcases its wide range of baked goodies ideal for all festive seasons be it Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Through this article, you will take a ride through this renowned company and will be well-versed with the real Tartine menu and prices.

Tartine Bakery Menu With Prices

Tartine Bakery Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
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Hot Pressed Sandwiches Menu

Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese$12.00
Idiazabal & Membrillo$12.00
Mozzarella & Tapenade$12.00
Sopressata, Fontina, Brocolli Rabe Pesto$13.00
Little Side Salad$4.25
Three Cheese Tasting$12.00
Pecorino & Almond$12.00
Jambon Royale & Gruyere$13.00
Prosciutto & Provolone$13.00
Spicy Turkey$13.00

Breads Menu

Half Loaves$4.50
Sesame, Walnut, Olive, Whole Wheat$8.75

Main Menu

Quiche$38.00 (Whole)
$4.95 (Slice)
Muesli$4.50 (Cup)
$6.50 (Bowl)
Croque Monsieur$9.75

Breakfast Pastries Menu

Double Pain Au Chocolat$4.50
Buttermilk Scones$3.25
Bread Pudding$3.75/$6.50
Cake Aux Olives$4.95
Frangipane Croissant$4.50
Morning Buns$3.85
Tea Cake$3.75
Pain Au Jambon$4.95

Pastry Menu

Coconut Cream Tart$7.00 (4″)
$45.00 (9″ Serves 8)
Frangipane Tart$6.25 (4″)
$38.00 (9″ Serves 8)
Passion Fruit Lime Bavarian Rectangle$30.00 (6″ Serves 6)
$58.00 (12″ Serves 12)
Chocolate Souffle Cake Round$36.00 (6″ Serves 8)
$62.00 (10″ Serves 14)
Banana Cream Tart$7.00 (4″)
$45.00 (9″ Serves 8)
Lemon Cream Tart$6.25 (4″)
$39.00 (9″ Serves 8)
Lemon Meringue Cake Rectangle$30.00 (6″ Serves 6)
$58.00 (12″ Serves 12)
Tres Leches Cake Round Round$36.00 (6″ Serves 8)
$62.00 (10″ Serves 14)
Devil’s Food Cake Round$38.00 (6″ Serves 8)
$72.00 (10″ Serves 16)

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Tartine Bakery History

Tartine Bakery Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
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Tartine was birthed by the founders Elisabeth Pruiett and Chad Robertson in 2002.

The founders came to San Francisco for dinner from their small Wood-Fire Baking in Point Reyes and Bay Village Breads in Mill Valley and found a baker at Carl Bakery who was on the verge of retiring.

As fate would have, Elisabeth and Chad took over the bakeries in San Francisco thus laying the foundation of Tartine Bakery.

The word Tartine is Latin for ‘open-faced sandwich’ and became quite popular with its very first spot in San Francisco.

After the success of their first bakery, the founders opened a nearby bar Tartine in 2006. Eventually, the owners launched their recipe book which received tremendous love from food critics.

In the late 2010s, the company saw a rapid expansion over the country in various locations like the Bay Area along with spots in South Korea and Los Angeles.

By 2020, there were nearly 3 Tartine Bakery locations subsided in LA, while two more were on the bay of launch.

During that time, the Bay area hosted five facilities at 18th and Guerrero, San Francisco’s Inner Sunset, Berkeley, and one at San Fransico International Airport.

Tartine Bakery owns 3 locations in the Bay area, San Fransico, 5 in LA, 6 in South Korea, and Seoul.

Over the years, the company has evolved the Tartine Bakery menu prices catering to the requirements of the hour. Tartine Bakery is known for embracing new ideas while sticking to its roots.

The brand has implemented new varieties of flour in baking their pieces of bread to meet the choices and preferences of their customers.

The founders of Tartine are open to collaboration and have thus spread out the wings to embrace technological and market development.

Tartine Bakery Review

Tartine Bakery Menu usamenuprices.com
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The store runs primarily between 8 am to 5 pm in the evening. The brand believes in the quote ‘each day made, made each day.’

Tartine Bakery’s menu and prices are widely accessible to most Americans who live near the available locations.

The ambiance of the bakery is filled with all the warmth of the bakers and the aromas of the bread. The loaves of bread from Tartine Bakery are freshly drawn out of the oven and ready right for your dining table.

The Tartine bread hones the goodness of grains and freshness in their very core. You can dine in the warmth of their bakery or take away the best of Tartine bakery at home.

The Tartine bakery menu hones an ‘All day breakfast’ range that serves mouthwatering omelet that comes with soft herbs, white cheddar, and a side salad and is customizable for extras at $14, finger-licking egg sandwich stuffed with herb aioli, white cheddar, arugula amidst a sweet potato bun priced at $13.

The brand is known for serving a variety of pastries with a combination of flavors and styles. The raspberry cornmeal tea cake priced at $4.75 is a dream come true for every sweet tooth out there.

Again the chocolate chip walnut cookie available at $4.25 is a soul-satisfying dainty.

Tartine Bakery serves their selected range of coffee that is priced between $4.25- $6.50 and has been idealized to perfectly fit their menu.

Apart from the Tartine Bakery menu prices, when we come to bread, Tartine Bakery has done a remarkable job of combining and bringing forth a wide range of bread like country loaf($12.75), buttermilk loaf(12.75), baguette ($6.25), and multigrain porridge loaf ($13.50).

One of the best things about the Tartine Bakery menu prices is, that it hosts gift cards for its customers and you can book your festive goodie for your loved one right before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

For more information about Tartine Bakery, visit their official website tartinebakery.com

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