Madcap Coffee Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

Madcap Coffee Menu With Prices

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 08:59 pm

Madcap Coffee is a popular American coffee company that was established in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The coffee brand is widely known owing to the exceptional coffee that it serves and the outstanding café hospitality it hosts. The Madcap Coffee menu with prices is also worth it owning to the deliciousness they serve in the coffee house.

The Madcap Coffee menu caters to some of the best coffees of the world in decaf, espresso, single origin, and blends in varying flavors like Cinnamon, Cranberry, Ruby, Red Currant, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and much more.

The coffee of Madcap Coffee Company is sourced directly from the producers and is tasted before being served to the consumers.

The Madcap Coffee menu prices are also minimal for all customers. This article highlights the real Madcap Coffee menu and prices so that you can hunt down the café and have a gourmet cup of coffee.

Madcap Coffee Menu With Prices

Madcap Coffee Menu And Prices
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Food Menu

Almond Butter Cookie$3.00
Granola Bar$3.00
Liege Style Waffle$4.00
Waffle with Compote$5.00
Waffle with Ice Cream$7.00
Waffle with Chocolate Ganache$6.00

Coffee Menu

Elefante Viejo$5.00
Elefante Viejo$10.00
Tap Flight$10.00

Tea Menu

Winter Sprout$6.00
Nantou Dark$5.00
Bud and Leaf$5.00

Signature Menu

Sourdough Waffle$4.00
Mulled Cascara$4.50
Los Cabos$3.75
Spiced Chocolate$4.50
French Toast$5.00

Seasonal Menu

Tabe Burka$4.00
Autumn Sky$4.00
Ron Burgundy$5.00

Drinks Menu

4 oz. Espresso (Snifter)$2.75
4 oz. Cortado (Cup)$3.50
6 oz. Cappuccino (Cup)$3.75
12 oz. Cafe Latte$4.00
12 oz. Cafe Mocha$4.75
12 oz. Cafe Miel$4.75
12 oz. Hot Chocolate$4.00
12 oz. Chai Latte$4.00

On-Tap Menu

Lake Effect$5.00
Nantou Dark$4.00

Winter Coffee and Tea Menu

12 oz. Galeras$3.00
12 oz. Lake Effect$3.75
12 oz. Corazon$4.50
24 oz. Corazon$9.00
Winter Sprout$6.00
Nantou Dark$5.00
Bud Leaf Baimudan$5.00

Madcap Coffee History

Madcap Coffee Menu Prices
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The first Madcap Coffee café came up in 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The founder Trevor Corlett is a well-recognized and award-winning trainer and barista in Michigan.

He along with Co-founder Ryan Knapp started the brand in order to serve the best-sourced coffee to every customer who visits the café and have an experience like never before.

Madcap Coffee also owns a roastery as well as several cafés in the state itself through which it continues to serve exquisite coffee to the people of America.

Since its inception, Madcap Coffee has been known for its excellent coffee collection and the exceptional café experience it hosts.

The brand sources each coffee type through a direct relationship with the coffee growers and tastes around 3000 coffees every year before bringing it down to the Madcap Coffee menu.

Madcap Coffee has a team that samples the best blends to be served at each Madcap Coffee café.

The coffee brand focuses on offering coffee that is so exquisite that every sip you take lifts up your spirit and prepares you for the course of the day.

Madcap Coffee vouches to bring the premium coffee of the world to Michigan and serve the natives.

As a part of the expansion, Madcap Coffee hosts its in-house roastery where the supreme quality coffee beans are roasted before they are served to the customers.

In Michigan itself, Madcap Coffee has popped up in three more locations apart from the original Grand Rapids café.

Madcap Coffee has made its way to Detroit, and Leland, along with another in Grand Rapids. At each Madcap Coffee store, you get a foray of coffee that you can order as per your choice. Madcap Coffee also takes orders online through apps and their website.

Over the years, the Madcap Coffee menu and price have evolved to cater to the growing demand of customers as well as part of growth.

Madcap Coffee takes care of all your food preferences and assures that you get your cup of coffee as per your choice. To top it all, the Madcap Coffee menu prices are also reasonable so that all the customers can get it.

Madcap Coffee Review

Madcap Coffee Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Madcap Coffee hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Madcap Coffee locations you can freshly brew cups of coffee starting from 8 AM in the morning till 4 PM.

The Madcap Coffee menu is a host of a variety of coffee be it blends, single origin, decaf, espresso, and much more.

Most specialty coffee of Madcap Coffee comes in distinct flavors like Orange blossom, Dark Chocolate, Red Apple, Vanilla, and the like.

When at Madcap Coffee, you get to witness single-origin coffee sourced from Ethiopia, El Salvador, and Kenya. Reko, and Samuel Degelo, are some popular coffees from Ethiopia. Elefante, Pacamara La Gloria, El Porvenir are the ones sourced from El Salvador.

If you want to enjoy decaf, Placebo from Madcap Coffee is one of the best. The Madcap Coffee single serve and cascara coffee is a lightly caffeinated tea that is made out of dried cherries.

Madcap Coffee undoubtedly has the collection of the tastiest coffee in Michigan with its outstanding coffee menu. the Madcap Coffee menu and prices are quite worth enough keeping in mind the supreme quality of its coffee.

Final Thoughts

A dream come true for coffee enthusiasts owing to the gourmet collection of coffee Madcap Coffee hosts. Be it decaf or iced, Madcap Coffee takes care of all your needs.

It has the creamiest single-origin coffee served in a blend of your choice in a warm and aromatic ambiance.

For more information about Madcap Coffee, visit their official website.

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