Nossa Familia Coffee Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Nossa Familia Coffee Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 04:47 pm

Nossa Familia Coffee is an American coffee company located in Portland, Oregon. The coffee house is primarily known for serving exceptionally roasted coffee and other beverages to the customers who visit their store. The Nossa Familia Coffee menu with prices is quite attractive as anyone visiting the store can easily afford their coffee.

The Nossa Familia Coffee menu covers specialty coffee, unique blends, drip coffee, lattes, tea, and other beverages. At Nossa Familia Coffee you can also enjoy some mouth-watering baked goods like a croissant, pastries, and more.

At Nossa Familia Coffee, they have sustainably combined the finest coffee, warm hospitality, and amazing ambiance and let you have the best time.

They believe that coffee can create an exceptional relationship and that’s what they are building through the years.

This article showcases the real Nossa Familia Coffee menu and prices so that when in Oregon you can visit Nossa Familia Coffee to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Nossa Familia Coffee Menu With Prices

Nossa Familia Coffee Menu Prices
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Specialties Menu

Mocha Fogo (Small)$4.00
Mocha Fogo (Medium)$4.25
Mocha Fogo (Large)$4.50
Espresso con Panna$2.75

Coffee Menu

Drip Coffee (Small)$2.00
Drip Coffee (Medium)$2.50
Drip Coffee (Large)$3.00
Cafe au Lait (Small)$2.50
Cafe au Lait (Medium)$3.00
Cafe au Lait (Large)$3.50

Tea Menu

London Fog$4.75
Teas from Metolius Artisan Tea$2.50
Matcha Latte (Small)$3.25
Matcha Latte (Medium)$3.50
Matcha Latte (Large)$3.75

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

History of Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia Coffee Menu And Prices
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Nossa Familia Coffee came up in 2004 in St. Portland, Oregon. The founder Augusto Carneiro started the coffee house to serve exceptional coffee to the natives and create positive relationships globally. Augusto’s family was associated with coffee growing since 1890 in the highlands of Brazil.

He wanted to bring his family coffee to the natives after introducing several unique blends. The Brazilian coffee from Augusto’s family remains a pillar of the Nossa Familia Coffee trade model.

Since day zero, Nossa Familia Coffee focused on building a community that is driven by positive and lasting relationships guarded by coffee.

They treat coffee growers as their own family and that makes them value the memorable time that you want to spend in their store.

Another key at Nossa Familia Coffee is their faith in sustainability. They source their coffee most ethically from smallholders who are experts in the business. Augusto sourced its coffee from Africa and Central and South America.

Through their actions and relationship, Nossa Familia Coffee believed that they could bring a positive impact. Primarily Nossa Familia Coffee vouched to offer farm-direct coffee to its customers after roasting it to perfection.

Nossa Familia Coffee Locations

Nossa Familia Coffee has emerged as one of the most loved coffee houses in Portland. From young college-going students to daily commuters, everyone stops by Nossa Familia Coffee to pick up their favorite brew before starting their day.

The Nossa Familia Coffee roastery is located on St Helens Road, Portland, Oregon. In 2017, they planned to start four cafes in Portland Oregon, and that made all the difference.

Nossa Familia Coffee is one of these popular Portland coffee houses that has won the hearts of locals and visitors.

Initially, Nossa Familia Coffee only dealt with specialty coffee from the founder’s family coffee beans, however later on implemented fresh brews and flavors to add variants. The Nossa Familia Coffee menu prices also value for money and everyone can afford them.

Review of Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia Coffee Menu
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The Nossa Familia Coffee hours of operation vary from location to location but it’s open all day of the week even on Sundays.

The Nossa Familia Coffee menu is a dream come true for a coffee connoisseur. The café hosts some of the best quality coffee be it traditional, single origin, traditional, unique blends, and much more.

The Nossa Familia Coffee traditional coffee is something you cannot miss. Choose from the wide variant of espresso, americano, cappuccino, cortado, macchiato, latte, and mocha to have your favorite blend.

For non-coffee lovers, Nossa Familia Coffee has tea and other beverages like chai latte, matcha latte, hot cocoa, etc to ease up your cravings.

Over the years the Nossa Familia Coffee menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to meet the growing demands of the customers.

Nossa has some signature blends that you would regret if missed out on. Mocha fogo, bee sting latte, cafezinho, and iced latte are the true signature drinks of the coffee house.

Some of Nossa Familia Coffee’s retail Brazilian and single-origin coffee that is best sellers include variants like organic breakfast coffee from Guatemala, Brazilian decaf coffee, Camila’s organic, Delicia, etc.

At Nossa Familia Coffee, you can order your favorite coffee and enjoy it with some hot and fresh croissants and other baked goodies to make up for your day. The Nossa Familia Coffee menu and price are quite pocket-friendly.

How to Order Online From Nossa Familia Coffee Menu?

Well, you can’t order online from the Nossa Familia Coffee menu as they are no longer accepting online orders. You need to visit their store if you want to enjoy their tasty food items.

Final Thoughts

A smiling staff welcomes you to its beautiful ambiance. Indeed a fantastic place to meet your clients, converse more than just business, and have a great time. A hot cappuccino and a flaky croissant are something worth its taste.

For more information about Nossa Familia Coffee, visit their official website.

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