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Another Wing By DJ Khaled Menu Prices usamenuprices

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In this diverse and expansive world of food offerings, there is one wing brand that stands above the rest. And that is Another Wing by DJ Khaled. As a customer, you will certainly like to explore the Another Wing by DJ Khaled menu prices. This is an experience that will delight you for sure.

The restaurant redefined the wing experience. They declared that when it comes to choice in wings, the ultimate answer should always be Another Wing.

This wing-centric eatery serves the best of saucy, crispy wings right to your door.

Don’t lose your opportunity to dive into the world of saucy and crispy wings with us now!

Another Wing By DJ Khaled Menu Prices

Lemon pepper wings
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Popular Items Menu

All I Do Is Wing: 10 Wing Combo$ 20.95
20 Wings$ 21.95
Never Stop Winging: 6 Wing Combo$ 13.95
Major Fan Fuel:15 Piece$ 26.95
15 Wings$ 21.95
10 Wings$ 15.95
6 Wings$ 9.95
Four Crispy Tenders$ 9.95
Major Taligate Trio: 20 Piece$ 32.95
Major Game Day Pack: 30 Piece$ 38.95

Tender Talk Combos Menu

Four Piece Crispy Tenders$ 15.95
Six Piece Crispy Tenders Combo$ 22.95
Eight Piece Crispy Tenders Combo$ 27.95

Another Wing Combos Menu

All I Do Is Wing: 10 Wing Combo$ 20.95
Never Stop Winging: 6 Wing Combo$ 13.95

Tender Talk Menu

Four Crispy Tenders$ 9.95
Eight Crispy Tenders$ 18.95
Six Crispy Tenders$ 14.95

Another Wing: Wings By The Bone Menu

20 Wings$ 28.95
15 Wings$ 21.95
10 Wings$ 15.95
6 Wings$ 9.95

Sides Menu

Winning Waffle Fries$ 3.95
Jalapeno Cheese Fries$ 6.95
Truffle Parm Fries$ 6.95
Extra Celery$ 3.95
I’m On One Onion Rings$ 6.95

Dip Luv Menu

Baby, You Smart Blue Cheese$ 1.50
I Ain’t Regular Ranch$ 1.50
Holla At Me Honey Dijon$ 1.50
Major Jalapeno Cheese$ 1.50

More Wins More Sauce Menu

Don’t Quit Nashville Hot$ 1.50
Honey! Honey! Hot Honey!$ 1.50
Mogul Bourbon BBQ$ 1.50
Un Un Un Believable Buffalo$ 1.50
Suffering From Success Sweet Sesame Teriyaki$ 1.50
They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo$ 1.50

Beverages Menu

Dasani Bottled Water$ 2.49
Coke$ 2.49
Diet Coke$ 2.49
Sprite$ 2.49

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Another Wing By DJ Khaled History

Another Wing By DJ Khaled usamenuprices
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Another Wing is a groundbreaking collaboration of DJ Khaled and REEF. They joined their forces and introduced Another Wing By DJ Khaled.

This partnership started with Khaled’s passion for delicious wings and REEF’s commitment to innovative dining solutions.

The result as you can see is a wing brand that serves the most diverse and savory chicken wings in the world and offers the convenience of having these flavorful delights delivered straight to your location.

Another Wing managed to open its delivery in the most urban spaces in the world. E.G. Washington, Seattle, Saint Antonio, Miami, Montreal, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Portland, New York, Chicago, and many other places.

It goes beyond the traditional restaurants and reaches the chicken wing enthusiasts.

‘From the kitchen to your doorstep’ is the phrase that Another Wing has made possible. Another Wing by DJ Khaled menu offers eight distinct fire flavors.

Each wing that they offer is a delightful combination of crispiness and sauciness.

Another Wing by DJ Khaled has become a prove of Khaled and REEF’s commitment to provide a wing experience that surpasses the other wing-serving restaurants and deliveries.

Thus becoming a standout choice in a world filled with many choices.

Unfortunately, this amazing project does not have any physical location. Thus it is only available for order and delivery. However, it does not “corrupt” the taste and the fame that this amazing establishment has.

To make the ordering process easier and publicly accessible, Another Wing by DJ Khaled started cooperating with world-famous delivery services.

Another Wing By DJ Khaled Review

Another Wing By DJ Khaled Menu usamenuprices
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Another Wing by DJ Khaled is a culinary masterpiece crafted by two creative powerhouses. It is a journey of flavored and spicy chicken to you. Another Wing by DJ Khaled menu prices were carefully designed by DJ Khaled and REEF.

They managed to include flavors ranging from classic to exotic to make the menu even more exciting.

It is also worth mentioning that having Another Wing by DJ Khaled delivered right to your door makes the experience even more exciting. Yet this is not the end.

Once we go beyond the physical experience, Another Wing by DJ Khaled extends its reach to the digital world. The restaurant invites its customers and wing enthusiasts to join them on Instagram.

With the Instagram account, the followers can stay updated on the latest additions and changes to the Another Wing By DJ Khaled menu and prices.

Their exclusive promotions and even glimpses of DJ Khaled shaping the Another Wing experience are also reflected on the Instagram account.

The ordering process is straightforward. You will need a few taps on your device online and the order is ready.

The “Order Now” feature on the official website or mobile app allows you to explore the Another Wing By DJ Khaled menu and prices, customize your wing selection, and place an order with the ease of digital touch.

As you see the Another Wing by DJ Khaled menu given above, you will find a lot of tempting options that will suit every palate.

Moreover, you can also find that Wing by DJ Khaled prices are transparent and you will know what to expect before starting the savory experience.

From classic wing flavors to the more adventurous ones, each wing has a price tag that reflects the quality, taste, and expertise behind every bite.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Another Wing By DJ Khaled is not only about the wings but also about flavor, convenience, and culinary creativity and innovation.

It is a perfect solution for a wing experience that has no other competitors.

Thus if you are a wing lover, then the answer is clear. When it comes to wings, it’s always Another Wing by DJ Khaled.

The transparency of Another Wing by DJ Khaled menu prices, the order convenience, and the flavored wings make it the best choice.

So start your journey right now as Another Wing by DJ Khaled is just a few clicks away.

To know more about Another Wing By DJ Khaled, visit their official website.

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