Back Yard Burgers Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Back Yard Burgers Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 02:12 pm

Back Yard Burgers is amongst the most popular quick-serve restaurant chains established in Nashville, Tennessee. This American restaurant is best known for serving delicious food items that assure you the finest experience under the Back Yard Burgers menu with prices. The Back Yard Burgers menu prices are affordable for all the guests who visit the restaurant.

The Back Yard Burgers menu caters to a variety of hamburgers using the authentic Black Angus Beef along with other eateries like onion rings, salads, combo meals, fries, and some beverages to go with the meal.

At the restaurant, they offer high-standard quality food that is made out of farm fresh incident.

This article offers the real Back Yard Burgers menu and prices so that you can visit the nearest Back Yard Burgers location and try their mouth-watering burgers.

Back Yard Burgers Menu With Prices

Back Yard Burgers Menu And Prices
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Combos Menu

Classic Burger Combo$8.19
Double Classic Burger Combo$10.19
Black Jack Burger Combo$9.19
Mushroom & Swiss Burger Combo$9.19
Bacon Cheddar Burger Combo$9.09
Black Bean Burger Combo$8.19
SW BBQ Bacon Burger Combo$9.19
Black & Bleu Burger Combo$9.19
Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Combo$8.69
Black Jack Chicken Club Combo$8.79
Blackened Chicken Combo$8.49
Wild Turkey Combo$8.49
Chicken Tenders (3) Combo$7.19

Sides Menu

Seasoned Fries$2.39$2.69
Onion Rings$2.79$2.99
Chili Cheese Fries$3.29$3.59
Chicken Strips$3.99
Back Yard Chili$3.29
Hot Dog$2.99
Chili Cheese Dog$3.29

A La Carte Menu

Classic Burger$4.99
Double Classic Burger$6.99
Black Jack Burger$5.99
Mushroom & Swiss Burger$5.99
Bacon Cheddar Burger$5.89
Back Bean Burger$4.99
SW BBQ Bacon Burger$5.99
Back and Bleu Burger$5.99
Grilled Hawaiian Chicken$5.49
Black Jack Chicken Club$5.59
Blackened Chicken$5.29
Wild Turkey$5.29
Chicken Tenders (3)$3.99

Salad Menu

Back Yard Burger Salad$6.99
Back Yard Chicken Salad$6.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad$7.99
Side Salad$2.99

Kids Menu

Kids – Burger$4.99
Kids – Chicken Tenders$4.99
Kids – Hot Dog$4.99

Beverages Menu

Fountain Drink$2.29

Shakes Menu


Desserts Menu

Ice Cream$1.29

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Back Yard Burgers History

Back Yard Burgers Menu Prices
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The first Back Yard Burgers store opened in Cleveland, Mississippi in March 1987. The founder Lattimore M. Michael initially started the video through a drive-through restaurant without any dining facilities.

Since its inception, this restaurant sold premium quality burgers and in no time became a neighborhood favorite.

Before selling the iconic Back Yard Burgers in a store, it was sold in a simple grocery store. However, after the recipe became sold out, Lattie realized that the burgers were destined for more.

That’s how he opened a drive-through in Cleveland to serve the neighborhood.

What started from a drive-through window in Cleveland has expanded its charm to South and Midwestern America.

Currently, Back Yard Burgers has nearly 30 locations and each store retains the virtues of the brand.

As a part of its expansion, Back Yard Burgers tried and tested various acquisitions over the years.

Despite all the downfalls, Back Yard Burgers is still one of the most loved hamburger shops in the American states.

Back Yard Burgers is known for its finest quality beef that makes them who they are.

Having burgers as their signature dish, since day one, their prime focus is on retaining the supreme quality of their burgers.

Their 100% authentic Black Angus beef is the hero of their burger. Along with it, the farm-fresh veggies top each patty with finger-licking sauces.

The Back Yard Burgers burgers are indeed a must-have at least once in your lifetime.

The best part about Back Yard Burgers is that your burgers, combos, and meals can be easily customized as per your choices.

All the Back Yard Burgers foods are made up of farm fresh ingredients and are served, hot exquisite, and delicious.

Over the years, Back Yard Burgers’ menu and prices have evolved to cater to the growing needs of the customers.

Since its inception, Back Yard Burgers has made sure not to compromise on the quality of its food and service.

The Back Yard Burgers menu with prices is curated keeping in mind all the customers at Back Yard Burgers.

Back Yard Burgers Review

Back Yard Burgers Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Back Yard Burgers store mostly operates between 10 AM and 12 AM at night. However, in some locations, the Back Yard Burgers hours might differ.

The Back Yard Burgers menu hosts a myriad variety of hamburgers and everything that can complement a delicious burger in your hand.

At Back Yard Burgers, you get a variety of fried grilled 1/3 lb burgers like the classic, Black Jack, Mushroom Swiss, Southwest BBQ, Bacon Cheddar, Black & Beau, etc.

All the non-veg Back Yard Burgers are own sumptuous Angus beef that elevates your burger experience.

Along with the burgers, you can get assorted combos like Grilled Chicken Hawaiian, Blackened Chicken,  Chicken Strips, Wild Turkey, and the like.

These combos are tagged with regular seasoned fries and a 20oz beverage to complement your Back Yard Burgers.

Apart from burgers, the Back Yard Burgers menu also caters to salads like Back Yard Chicken Salad, Cranberry Pecan, Chicken Salad, and the like.

These salads can have a chosen dressing from options like Honey Mustard, Ranch, Raspberry- Walnut Vinaigrette, etc.

At the Back Yard Burgers menu, you also get crunchy and chewy house fries, sizzling sides, savory kid’s meals, creamy and delicious milkshakes, along with beverages like iced tea, Strawberry Lemonade, and the like.

Back Yard Burgers also have something for the sweet tooth like freshly baked cobbler and ice creams.

Just like their food, the Back Yard Burgers’ hospitality is par excellence. The Back Yard Burgers menu and prices are worth every penny for its superb quality of burgers and other food items.

How To Order Online From Back Yard Burgers?

Back Yard Burgers Order Online usamenuprices
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You can order online from Back Yard Burgers by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of Back Yard Burgers will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Back Yard Burgers based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from Back Yard Burgers and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items. In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of Back Yard Burgers for different locations.

For more information about Back Yard Burgers, visit their official website.

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