Morning Glass Coffee Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Morning Glass Coffee Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 03:12 pm

Morning Glass Coffee is an American coffee house that is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This coffee bar houses delicious coffee and other baked goods so that all the customers who visit the café have the best time with the most amazing food and drinks. The Morning Glass Coffee menu with prices is also affordable so that every customer who visits the café doesn’t have to worry about the costs.

The Morning Glass Coffee menu includes traditional and blended coffee, signature blends along with non-coffee beverages like Chai and more.

At Morning Glass Coffee you get more than just beverages, starting from sandwiches, burritos, healthy macaroni, cheese pancakes, omelets, and others.

With a beautiful ambiance, the vibe at Morning Glass Coffee is just perfect for all kinds of gatherings be it client meetings or dates.

This article highlights the real Morning Glass Coffee menu and prices so that Morning Glass Coffee Honolulu be on your bucket list on your next trip to Hawaii.

Morning Glass Coffee Menu With Prices

Morning Glass Coffee Menu And Prices
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Coffee & Espresso Drinks Menu

Hot Coffee – Batch Brew$2.75-$3.75
Coffee By The Cup – Clever Cone$4.50
Hawaiian Coffee$6.00
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$5.00
Vietnamese Iced Coffee$5.75-$6.00
Flat White$4.25
Iced London Smog$6.50
Espresso Soda$5.50
Sucker Punch$5.50

Teas & Other Drinks Menu

Green Tea Latte$5.25-$6.00
Hot London Fog$6.00
Hot Chocolate$4.50
Peppermint Honey Iced Tea$4.25
Lemon ginger Iced Tea$3.00-$3.50
Manoa Mint Fog$6.00
Hot Tea$3.50
Kids Milk$3.50
Sweet Iced Tea$4.25
Black Iced Tea$3.00-$3.50
Green Iced Tea$3.00-$3.50

Pastry and Dessert Menu

Scone – Apple + Raw Sugar (Online)$3.75
Bread Pudding (Online)$7.00
Scone – Blueberry + Raw Sugar (Online)$3.75
Pound cake (Online)$3.75

Dinner, Grocery & Sides Menu

Cold Brew Concentrate (Quart)$20.00-$25.00

Retail Coffee, Tea & Merchandise Menu

Tote Bag$15.00
Coava Whole Bean (Online)$21.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Morning Glass Coffee History

Morning Glass Coffee Menu Prices
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The Morning Glass Coffee started its journey from Manoa Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. The founders started the coffee house to create a beautiful space that would host coffee lovers and foodies who can gather around to just have a great time.

The location is well-designed with aesthetics that allow you to have time away from the urban jungle outside. The floors of Morning Glass Coffee are decorated with greenery, thus creating a space that allows you time off from the concrete chaos.

The green theme of Morning Glass Coffee allows you to get a bit closer the nature and calm all the exhaustion they delve within.

Starting from the ground to the furniture or the long barista table, Morning Glass Coffee reflected its idea through its interior décor.

The Morning Glass Coffee vibe is quite relaxed and allows you a holistic time away from all the rush.

What started from the Manoa Valley, Honolulu, widened to the city of Osaka. The Morning Glass Coffee Osaka location has borrowed many of the aesthetics and menu from the Honolulu location.

The Morning Glass Coffee menu not only hosts beverages but also lunch and breakfast menus. At the café, you can enjoy dining affairs, burritos, sandwiches, and much more. Besides food, Morning Glass Coffee hosts you an exceptional décor.

Unlike many other cafes, Morning Glass Coffee holds a wooden seating arrangement that is the perfect place to host families, friends, work meetings, and more.

Right from the morning, Morning Glass Coffee allows you to have a wholesome meal before you start your day.

Morning Glass Coffee has a vegetarian-friendly menu that you can enjoy through indoor dining, outdoor seating, takeout, and more. You can also enjoy Morning Glass Coffee food and coffee by ordering online through the website.

Over the years, the Morning Glass Coffee menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers and also to cater to the development of the brand. The Morning Glass Coffee menu prices are quite affordable for all the customers who visit the café.

Morning Glass Coffee Review

Morning Glass Coffee Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Morning Glass Coffee hours of operation vary from location to location and most Morning Glass Coffee location starts at 7 a.m. and remains open till late evening.

The Morning Glass Coffee includes wide variants of coffee, tea, and other beverages along with burritos, sandwiches, pancakes, burgers, and more.

The delicacy of Morning Glass Coffee be it their coffee or their food, everything is of supreme quality.

The Morning Glass Coffee hosts wide coffee options starting from espresso, americano, latte, mocha, and much more. The coffee of Morning Glass Coffee is so exquisite that coffee connoisseurs can vouch for them.

When you arrive in the morning, Morning Glass Coffee offers you a delicious breakfast menu that includes a burrito, grilled mortadella, grilled Gouda, BAT, cheese pancakes, portobello sandwiches, and much more.

The glass wall of the Morning Glass Coffee Honolulu location allows you to view the beautiful Manoa scenery. This beautiful location has some baked goods like scones, croissants, and much more.

During the lunch hour, you can enjoy salad, bread and soups, and other amazing dishes that will leave you drooling over till the last bite on the plate.

Be it Morning Glass Coffee food or coffee, everything is made fresh on order just the way you need. In the Hawaiian land, the Morning Glass Coffee menu and price is worth the hype looking into its gourmet menu.

Final Thoughts

As you visit the Hawaiian island, Morning Glass Coffee is the most delicious café you will stumble upon. Be it a creamy cup of cappuccino, or a freshly made breakfast burrito is just the thing you need to kick-start your trip through the land.

For more information about Morning Glass Coffee, visit their official website.

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