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Sol Food Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Sol Food is a premium eatery established in California. This American brand of food and drink eatery is one of the most loved ones among the locals. Sol Food has a huge fan base and everyone loves to indulge in the mouthwatering delicacy that Sol Food serves. The Sol Food menu and prices are suitable for all types of customers.

The Sol Food menu has a variety of snacks and drinks options. You will find everything fresh at Sol Food. The restaurant is a great stop-by while commuting to a longer destination.

Sol Food is one of the most loved eateries in California. Everything at Sol Food is made out of the best quality ingredients.

Sol Food sources its food from the fresh markets. The brand ensures that everything at Sol Food is healthy and worth every penny.

Sol Food offers a great experience. The restaurant has authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.

Sol Food caters to some of the most delicious rice and beans. The overall experience of Sol Food is beyond praise.

In this article, you will learn about the real Sol Food menu with prices. Along with that, you will get to know about the history, location, hours and my review of Sol Food.

Sol Food Menu With Prices

Sol Food Menu And Prices usamenuprices
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Desayuno / Breakfast Menu

Arroz Con Huevos$5.50
Huevos Benedictos$9.95
Pan Frances$6.95

Caldos / Soups Menu

Caldo Gallego8 oz – $4.95
16 oz – $6.95
32 oz – $11.95
Caldo De Pollo Con Fideos8 oz – $4.95
16 oz – $6.95
32 oz – $11.95
Sopa De Lentejas8 oz – $4.95
16 oz – $6.95
32 oz – $11.95

Combinaciones / Combinations Menu

Pollo Rostizado (Half)$16.95
Pollo Rostizado (Whole)$29.95
Costillas (3)$12.95
Costillas (6)$24.95
Costillas (12)$45.95
Pollo Al Horno (1)$9.25
Pollo Al Horno (2)$12.25
Pollo Al Horno (3)$14.95
Bistec Encebollado$9.45
Chuletas Fritas$9.45
Vegetariano (vegan)$7.50
Camarones Empanizados (3)$19.95
Camarones Empanizados (5)$19.95
Camarones Empanizados (7)$23.95
Camarones Criollos (3)$15.95
Camarones Criollos (5)$15.95
Camarones Criollos (7)$21.95
Mofongo Relleno (3)$21.95
Mofongo Relleno (5)$21.95
Mofongo Relleno (7)$21.95

Sándwiches Menu

Sándwich De Revoltillo$8.50
Niño Pobre$11.45
Pollo Frío$8.95
Veggie Deluxe$9.45
Jamón, Queso Y Huevo$6.95
San Juan Special$10.95

Refrescos / Beverages Menu

Café Rico$2.75
Café Con Leche$2.75 / $3.45
Coconut Latte$3.95
Vanilla Latte$3.45
Café Latte$3.45
Mighty Leaf Hot Tea$2.00
Jugo De China12 oz- $2.95
16 oz – $3.75
Fizzy Lizzy$2.25
Coca Cola De Botella$2.25
Limonada Fresca$3.75
Coco Rico$1.65
Malta$1.75 / $2.50
Café Helado$2.95
Té Helado$2.95
Agua De Coco$1.75 / $2.50
Pellegrino$1.65 / $2.95

Ensaladas Frías / Cold Salads Menu

Ensalada Con Cóctel De Camaron(3) – $12.95
(5) – $16.95
(7) – $22.95
Ensalada Criolla$6.45
Ensalada Deluxe$9.95
Ensalada De Pollo Frío$11.95
Ensalada Orgánica$6.45

Ensaladas Calientes / Hot Salads Menu

Ensalada Con Camarones Empanizados(3) – $13.95
(5) – $18.95
(7) – $22.95
Ensalada Con Camarones(3) – $12.95
(5) – $16.95
(7) – $22.95
Ensalada Con Pollo$11.95
Ensalada Con Bistec$11.95

Plátanos Y Cosas Fritas / Plantains & Fried Thangs. All Are Wheat Free Menu.

Papas Fritas$2.45
Tostones Con Mojo(1) – $1.35
(3) – $3.95
(5) – $6.25
Tostones Con Queso(3) – $5.75
Maduros(1) – $1.25
(5) – $4.75
Mixto(6) – $6.50

A La Carta Menu

Pollo RostizadoHalf$10.95
Chuleta Frita(1)$4.95
Cóctel De Camarones(3)$9.95
Add shrimp (Each)$3.25
Camarones Empanizados(3)$10.95
Add shrimp (Each)$3.25
Camarones Criollos(3)$9.95
Add Plantain (Pc)$1.00
Add avocado (Pc)$1.00
Add shrimp (Each)$3.25
Habichuelas Rosadas8 oz$2.50
16 oz$4.95
32 oz$8.95
Add Plantain (Pc)$1.00
Add avocado (Pc)$1.00
Frijoles Negros8 oz$2.50
16 oz$4.95
32 oz$8.95
Add Plantain (Pc)$1.00
Add avocado (Pc)$1.00
Arroz Blanco8 oz$1.50
16 oz$2.95
32 oz$5.90
Ensalada $2.00
Pan Con Ajo$3.00
Pan Tostado$1.50

Postres / Desserts Menu

Flan De Coco$4.50
Flan De Queso$4.50

Bodega / Store Menu

PastelesHalf Dozen – $24.00
Pique5 oz – $6.00
12 oz – $10.00
Organic Marin Cookbook$29.99
Salad Dressing12 oz – $10.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Sol Food History

Sol Food Inside usamenuprices
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Sol Food is one of the most humble eateries in California. The restaurant gushes over the delicious Puerto Rican cuisine.

The recipes of Sol Food are super delicious and accessible to all types of customers.

The journey of Sol Food began in 2004. Since then the restaurant has won the hearts of millions. Sol Food started from the 4th St. Market in downtown San Rafael.

After being in huge business for over 2 seasons, Sol Food moved to a larger space. Since the very beginning, Sol Food has been a huge hit.

The locals love to devour the fresh sandwiches and drinks that Sol Food serves.

After the success of the very first location, Sol Food never looked back.

The restaurant grew in size owing to the growing demand of the customers. Sol Food served many locals and travellers.

Commuters often stopped by Sol Food to pack up their favourite snacks that would help them on their way.

Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine saw a new dimension because of Sol Food.

The restaurant witnesses a huge crowd from the very beginning. After the success of the 2nd location, Sol Food opened up at 732 4th Street.

Two years later Sol Food expanded to a larger location in Lincoln Ave.

At present, Sol Food serves in multiple locations. But it continues to serve high-quality and fresh food to the customers.

The Sol Food menu and prices have evolved over the years.

Sol Food has been around for nearly two decades and the menu has constantly changed to cater to the growing demand of the customers.

The Sol Food prices are affordable and thus everyone can access the restaurant.

Sol Food Review

Sol Food Menu usamenuprices
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Sol Food has a big location in San Rafael. Besides that, two more locations of Sol Food are Mill Valley and Petaluma.

The Sol Food hours of operation might vary from location to location.

Sol Food opens at 8 a.m. every morning and operates till 9 in the evening. On Friday and Saturday, Sol Food closes at around 10 p.m. In the Sol Food menu, you will find an array of food.

The restaurant offers an authentic Puerto Rican fare. Sol Food has an unmatchable vibe. The ambience of Sol Food is simple and elegant.

The smell of freshly baked sandwiches would welcome you right from the door. The fresh rice and beans of Sol Food are a must-have.

The pork chops of Sol Food are so scrumptious that you cannot stop yourself from gobbling them.

Sol Food is a San Francisco gem. The restaurant is a great place to devour some really good food. Sol Food serves some of the most comfortable meals.

The food at the restaurant is phenomenal and it isn’t even pricey.

Sol Food has a counter-style service. The staff won’t disappoint you and they received very good reviews as well. They are at your service throughout your stay at Sol Food.

The music and ambience of Sol Food would make you feel like you are in a neighbourhood eatery. You will feel at home right from the start at Sol Food.

Besides the sandwiches, the Sol Food salads are a dream come true.

They serve everything fresh and their sauces are super yummy. Sol Food would never fail to amaze you with its delicious food and drinks.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to try something new, this Puerto Rican gem in San Francisco is a must-visit.

They have a home-like vibe and the ambience is relaxing. It is a great place to take your partners for a good and wholesome dinner.

For more information about Sol Food, visit their official website.

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