Big Boy Restaurants Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

Big Boy Restaurants Menu With Prices

Last updated on June 1st, 2024 at 05:15 pm

Big Boy Restaurants is an iconic restaurant chain established in Michigan, United States. Starting from a kid to an old person, Big Boy Restaurants is a place that every American must have visited. One of the ideal destinations for the traditional fast food range, the Big Boy Restaurants menu with prices are affordable for all customers.

Be it its exceptional food, or just its trademark logo, Big Boy Restaurants has made its way to the heart of every customer it serves.

The Big Boy Restaurants’ menu includes hamburgers, sandwiches, shortcakes, and much more to let you fall in love with their food variant.

Here you get the food and service at minimal Big Boy Restaurants menu prices.

This article caters to the real Big Boy Restaurants’ menu and prices so that when you visit a nearby Big Boy Restaurant outlet, you know what to try out for sure.

Big Boy Restaurant Menu With Prices

Big Boy Restaurants Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Big Boy Restaurants’ Instagram

Eggs Benedicts Menu

Classic Eggs Benedict$10.79
Down Home Eggs Benedict$10.79
California Eggs Benedict$10.79

3-Egg Omelettes – Breakfast Menu

Farmer’s Omelette$10.49
Egg Beaters Spinach Omelette$10.49
Avocado Jack Omelette$10.49
Southern Omelette$10.49
Denver Omelette$10.49
3-Meat Omelette$10.49
Vegetarian Omelette$10.49
Chili Omelette$10.49

Blockbuster Breakfasts Menu

Southern Blockbuster$10.29
Fruit-Topped French Toast Blockbuster$11.99
Strawberry Waffle Blockbuster$11.99

Bob’s Specials Menu

Huevos Rancheros$9.79
Ham Steak & Eggs$11.49
Fried Chicken & Waffle$12.99
Country Fried Steak & Eggs$11.99
Steak & Eggs$14.99
Big Boy Scramble$10.99

Build Your Own Blockbuster Breakfast Menu

Build Your Own Blockbuster Breakfast – Pick 3$6.99
Build Your Own Blockbuster Breakfast – Pick 4$7.99
Build Your Own Blockbuster Breakfast – Pick 5$8.99

Salads Menu

Fiesta Salad$10.99
Country Chicken Salad$10.99
Wedge Salad$9.29
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.99
Cobb Salad$10.99
Cajun Steak Salad$12.49
Buffalo Chicken Salad$10.99

Sandwiches Menu

Turkey Ranch Bacon Melt Sandwich$10.99
Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich$10.49
BBLT Sandwich$10.49
Big Catch Fish Sandwich Sandwich$10.49
Triple-Decker Turkey Club Sandwich$10.99

Big Boy Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches Menu

Garlic Mushroom & Swiss Chicken$10.99
Fiesta Burger$10.99
Patty Melt$10.99
Super Big Boy$9.99
Classic Big Boy$8.99
BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$10.99
Hawaiian Chicken$10.99
Veggie Burger$10.99
Southwest Jack$10.99
Spicy BBQ$10.99
Super Big Boy Combo$10.99
Classic Big Boy Combo$9.99
Best Cheeseburger on the Planet$10.99
Ultimate Bacon & Honey Mustard Chicken$10.99
California Chicken Sandwich$10.99

Classic Griddle Menu

Fruit-Topped Hot Cakes$8.99
Belgian Waffle$8.19
Fruit-Topped French Toast$9.69
French Toast$8.49
Very Berry Multi-Grain Hot Cakes$9.49
Cinnamon Swirl French Toast$9.19
Hot Cakes$7.99
Strawberry Belgian Waffle$9.79

Build Your Own Burger Menu

Build Your Own Burger$10.99

Entrées Menu

Chili Spaghetti$11.49
Country Fried Steak$12.99
Grilled Sirloin Steak$13.99
Chicken Tenders Basket$11.49
Cajun Chicken Alfredo$12.99
Jumbo Shrimp$13.99
Sirloin Steak & Shrimp$15.29
Famous Chili Size$11.99
Chicken Parmigiana$12.99
Knife & Fork Fried Chicken Breast$11.99
Pappy Parker’s™ Fried Chicken – (3 Pieces)$12.49
Bob’s Classic Fish & Chips$12.79

Big Boy’s Quarterback Sack Menu

4 Sack$28.00
6 Sack$40.00
10 Sack$60.00

Desserts Menu

Classic Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake$5.19
Caramel Apple Pie a la Mode$5.29
Apple Pie Slice$3.99

Shakes Malts & Floats Menu

Classic Shakers$4.99
Ice Cream Floats$3.99

Drinks Menu

Strawberry Lemonade$3.19
Minute Maid Orange Juice$3.69
Cranberry Juice$3.69
Chocolate Milk$2.99
Decaf Coffee$2.59
Mango Lemonade$3.19
Apple Juice$3.69
Fountain Drink$2.79

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Big Boy Restaurants History

Big Boy Restaurants Menu Prices
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The first Big Boy Restaurants came up on August 6, 1936, in Glendale, California. The founder Bob Wian started Bob’s Pantry after selling his priced Desoto Roadster.

In 1937 upon an unusual order, Bob simply sliced the bun into three halves and built the double-decker burger.

Little did Bob know that the unusual request from one of the fans would turn out to be a landmark in the Big Boy Restaurants’ history.

Just like Bob’s new creation, the iconic name of the restaurant also has a story behind it. A major fan of Bob’s double-decker cheeseburger was a 6-year-old Chubby boy.

He used to help Bob sweep in exchange for a free burger. That boy’s love for the burger inspired Bob to name his business after the Big Boy.

Another regular customer, a movie studio animator sketched the very famed big boy logo.

In no time, Big Boy Restaurants became a household name in American states. Big Boy Restaurants emerged as a local chain and soon found a place in the heart of Americans.

As a part of its expansion, in 1967 Mariott Corporation bought a franchise of Big Boy Restaurants, which was then repurchased by Elia Brothers in 1987.

Currently, Big Boy Restaurants has 66 locations in the US, 2 locations in Thailand, and nearly 274 Big Boy’s in Japan.

Big Boy Restaurants was not only limited to its iconic hamburger and much-famed trademark. In 1956, the first edition of the Big Boy comic written by Stan Lee was produced by Timely Comics.

In 1965, the renowned band The Beatles dined at the original Big Boy Restaurants location and their booth are still famous as the ‘Beatles booth’.

Over the years, the Big Boy Restaurants’ menu and prices saw a sea change. What started from delicious burgers now hones other hamburger ranges just to offer the best to each of its customers.

The Big Boy Restaurants’ menu prices are worthy enough to suit the guest who dines at Big Boy Restaurants.

Big Boy Restaurants Review

Big Boy Restaurant Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Big Boy Restaurants operates at varying hours owing to multiple locations. However, in most Big Boy Restaurants locations, the hours of operation start from 8 AM till 10 PM.

The Big Boy Restaurants menu is crafted for all hamburger lovers. Apart from hosting a traditional fast food menu, Big Boy Restaurants has healthy omelets, crispy salads, tasty chicken sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and much more.

At Big Boy Restaurants, you can vouch for the best breakfast menu that includes egg benedicts, a 3-Egg omelet, Bob’s Special, and the like.

All fast food lovers can vouch for their deliciously hand-crafted burgers and sandwiches.

The Big Boy Restaurants sandwiches have options like the iconic Slim Jim, Philly Cheesesteak, Buffalo Ranch Fried Chicken Sandwich, and a few more.

When at Big Boy Restaurants, you get to try their burger menu that includes the signature Big Boy, Super Big Boy, Frontier Burger, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Swiss Miss, etc.

The Big Boy Restaurants burgers are not only soul-satisfying but offer you the best burger experience with each bite.

Big Boy Restaurants hosts you even for dinners and their dinner menu is assorted just for you.

You get to choose from a wide selection of eateries even from the diner menu like chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Fish & Chips, and the like.

What’s better than having something sweet after your meal or just a companion drink? Big Boy Restaurants caters to all your needs and has an exclusive shake, and dessert menu to complement your dining experience.

At Big Boy Restaurants, each store hones the quintessential aesthetic that makes you feel at home and even nostalgic.

Big Boy Restaurants has been around for more than 86 years and retains its values. The Big Boy Restaurants’ menu and prices are also reasonable for everyone who visits the restaurant at any location.

How To Order Online From Big Boy Restaurants?

Big Boy Restaurants Order Online usamenuprices
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You can order online from Big Boy Restaurants by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of Big Boy Restaurants will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Big Boy Restaurants based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from Big Boy Restaurants and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items. In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of Big Boy Restaurants for different locations.

For more information about Big Boy Restaurants, visit their official website.

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