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O’Charley’s is a bar-plus restaurant chain that has germinated as a casual dining hub across the United States. The OCharleys menu with prices is quite affordable in comparison to the O’mazing food they offer with a gala dining experience.

The O’Charley’s caters to heartfelt dishes along with good times with friends and family. At O’Charley’s they serve more than just good food and drinks.

OCharleys menu hosts a variety of dishes that can be customized as per your choice. At O’Charley’s you can get sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads, pasta dishes, ribs, steaks, fried chicken, and much more.

Besides the food, OCharleys beverages menu and prices are also reasonable. This article will guide you through the latest menu and prices of O’Charley’s restaurants and bars so that you can book your nearby O’Charley’s restaurant for your upcoming festive season.

OCharleys Menu With Prices

OCharleys Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- O’Charley’s Twitter

Shareable Starters Menu

O’Charley’S Famous Chicken Tenders
Nashville Hot$8.29
Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges$7.29
Loaded Potato Skins$8.29
Chips & Queso$5.99
Fried Green Tomatoes$6.39
Nashville Hot Deviled Eggs$5.99
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$7.99
Top-Shelf Combo Appetizer$12.99
Crispy Pickle Chips$5.99

Fresh Salads Menu

The Classic Cobb$12.29
Steakhouse Wedge Salad$11.99 (6-oz. Sirloin)
Substitute Grilled Chicken$9.99
Substitute Grilled Salmon$12.99
Southern Pecan Chicken Tender Salad$10.89
California Chicken Salad$11.69
Southern-Fried Chicken Tender Salad$10.89
Sonoma Chicken Salad$11.29

Seafood Favorites Menu

Cedar-Planked Salmon$17.59
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$13.59 (6oz)
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$16.29 (9oz)
Hand-Battered Fish & Chips$10.99
Buttermilk Fried Shrimp Dinner$14.29
Santa Fe Tilapia$10.99
Low Country Shrimp$9.99
Hand-Breaded Catfish Dinner$11.99
Seafood Combo Platter$15.99
Sweet Potato Fries$0.99 Extra
Fresh Grilled Asparagus$1.49 Extra
Loaded Baked Potato$1.39 Extra
Grilled Salmon Bowl$13.69

Chicken & Pasta Menu

O’Charley’S Famous Chicken Tenders Dinner$11.59
Peach Chutney Chicken$9.99
O’Charley’s Famous Chicken Tenders & Fries$9.99
Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken$9.99
House-Made Chicken Pot Pie$9.99
Garlic Shrimp Pasta$12.99
New Orleans Cajun Chicken Pasta$11.99
Whiskey Chicken Pasta$12.29
Chicken Parmesan$11.29

Classic Combos Menu

Steak & Baby Back Ribs$18.99
Steak & Grilled Atlantic Salmon$18.19
Steak & Chicken Tenders$15.99
Add Sauteed Mushrooms$0.99 Extra
Add Sauteed Onions$0.99 Extra
Add Garlic Butter$0.99 Extra
Add Bleu Cheese Crumbles$0.99 Extra
Ribs & Chicken Tenders$15.29
Nashville Hot$15.29
Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce$15.29

Steaks, Ribs and Prime Ribs Menu

Louisiana Sirloin$18.79
Filet Mignon With Garlic Butter$20.19
Bacon & Bourbon-Glazed Filet Mignon$20.19
Top Sirloin$12.39 (6 oz)
Top Sirloin$17.69 (12 oz)
Prime Rib Lovers’ Weekend For Two$13.99
Chopped Steak$9.99
Baby Back Ribs$18.99
Ribeye Steak$19.59

Fresh Burgers & Salads Menu

Bacon Cheddar Burger$10.99
Classic Cheeseburger$9.99
Prime Rib Steakhouse Burger$12.29
The Club Sandwich$9.99
Carolina Gold Bbq Chicken Sandwich$9.99
O’Charley’s French Dip$12.99
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$9.99

Over The Top And Under $10 Menu

O’Charley’s Famous Chicken Tenders & Fries$9.99
House-Made Chicken Pot Pie$9.99
Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken$9.99
Santa Fe Tilapia$10.99
Chopped Steak$9.99
Low Country Shrimp$9.99
Peach Chutney Chicken$9.99

A la Carte Menu

Side Items

French Fries$1.99
Mashed Sweet Potatoes$1.99
Rice Pilaf$1.99
Mandarin Orange Slices$1.99
Fresh Asparagus$3.49
Sweet Potato Fries$2.98
Mac & Cheese$1.99
Mott’s® Applesauce$1.99
Loaded Baked Potato$3.28
Bacon Smashed Potatoes$1.99
Baked Potato$1.99
Fresh Broccoli$1.99
Carrots with Ranch Dressing$1.99
Side Salads
House Salad$3.49
Caesar Salad$3.49
Bleu Cheese Wedge$3.78
Rolls$2.00 (8)
Butter (Family Size)$2.49
Honey Mustard (Family Size)$2.49
Thousand Island (Family Size)$2.49
Chipotle BBQ (Family Size)$2.49
Sour Cream (Family Size)$2.49
Bleu Cheese (Family Size)$2.49
Light Ranch (Family Size)$2.49
Carolina Gold BBQ (Family Size)$2.49
Ranch (Family Size)$2.49
Balsamic Vinaigrette (Family Size)$2.49
Original BBQ (Family Size)$2.49
Buffalo (Family Size)$2.49

Soups Menu

Loaded Potato Soup$4.99
Cream Of Tomato Basil$4.99

Kids Meals Menu

Kids Grilled Chicken Salad$3.49
Kids Burger$3.19
Kids Cheeseburger$3.49
Kids Chicken Tenders$3.19
Kids Mini Corn Dogs$3.49
Kids Mac & Cheese$3.19
Kids Bite-Size Shrimp$3.99
Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.19
Kids Cheese Pizza$3.49
Kids Steak Tips$4.99
Kids Pasta Marinara$3.19
Kids Alfredo Pasta$3.19
Kids Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla$3.49

Kids Beverages Menu

Kids Milk$1.49
Kids Chocolate Milk$1.49
Kids Unsweetened Tea$1.49
Kids Sweetened Tea$1.49
Kids Soft Drinks$1.49
Kids Juicy Juice® Apple Juice$1.49
Kids Strawberry Lemonade$2.49
Kids Cotton Candy Fizz$2.49

Desserts Menu

Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie – Slice$4.29
Country Apple Pie – Slice$4.29
French Silk Pie – Slice$4.29
Double-Crust Cherry Pie – Slice$4.29
Lemon Meringue Pie – Slice$4.29
Southern Pecan Pie – Slice$4.29
Goo Goo Crunch$5.99
Brownie Lover’s Brownie$5.99
Whole Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie$14.99
Whole Country Apple Pie$14.99
Whole French Silk Pie$14.99
Whole Double-Crust Cherry Pie$14.99
Whole Lemon Meringue Pie$14.99
Whole Southern Pecan Pie$14.99
Strawberry Cheesecake$5.99
Bananas Foster Cheesecake$5.99

Refreshing Beverages Menu

Made-From-Scratch Strawberry Lemonade$3.99
Made-From-Scratch Lemonade$3.59
Blackberry Mint Limeade$3.99
Cotton Candy Fizz$3.29
Sweet Tea$2.59
Unsweet Tea$2.59
Soft Drinks$2.59
Peach Tea$2.69
Blackberry Tea$2.69
Passion Fruit Tea$2.69
Mango Tea$2.69
Sugar-Free Raspberry Tea$2.69
Ibc Root Beer$2.99
Diet Ibc Root Beer$2.99
Gallon Unsweet Tea$4.99
Gallon Pink Lemonade$4.99
Gallon Flavored Tea$7.99

Lunch Express Menu

Soup, Salad & Rolls$6.99
Half-Club & House Salad Or Soup$7.99
Fish Tacos$9.99
Crispy Chicken Tacos$9.99
Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos$9.99

Party Platters Menu

Spinach & Artichoke Dip Platter$21.99
Dip Sampler$26.99
Top Shelf Combo Appetizer Platter$41.99
O’Charley’s Famous Chicken Tenders Platter$41.99
Baby Back Ribs Platter$61.99
California Chicken Salad Platter$38.99
Southern-Fried Chicken Tender Salad Platter$36.99
Southern Pecan Chicken Tender Salad Platter$38.99
New Orleans Cajun Chicken Pasta Platter$44.99
The Club Sandwich Platter$31.99

Seasonal Favorites (For a limited time)

Crispy Pickle Chips$5.99
Ribeye Steak$19.59
Whiskey Chicken Pasta$12.29
Chicken Parmesan$11.29
Strawberry Cheesecake$5.99
Bananas Foster Cheesecake$5.99

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

O’Charley’s History

OCharleys Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- thecitymenus.com

O’Charley’s first restaurant was established in 1971 at 21st Avenue South in Nashville, across the street from Vanderbilt University.

The founder Charles Sonny Watkins launched this restaurant to serve amazing hamburgers and drinks to the natives of Nashville through delicious flavors and warm hospitality.

After running the restaurant for nearly 13 years, Charles sold the restaurant to David K. Wachtel.

It was under the aid and guidance of David K Wachtel, O’Charley’s expanded its locations over the country.

By the mid of 1987, O’Charley’s had reached its 12th location in Lexington, Kentucky after occupying the location formerly occupied by the Bennigan’s restaurant chain.

Eventually, David planned on taking over Benigann’s restaurant chain at other locations.

In 1993 December, Burns and McWhorter announced the opening of 45 new locations of the O’Charley’s restaurants making it the largest dinner house.

However, in 1994, the restaurant suffered some hindrance thus leading to the resignation of David Wachtel as the CEO, eventually leading to the chairmanship of Burns.

In 2007, O’Charley’s Nashville commissary and distribution center at Nashville started distributing through Performance Food Group.

The restaurant initiated ‘Free Pie’ Wednesday in the year 2013 which offered a free slice of pie on every Entrée order. With amazing marketing techniques and consistently high-quality service, O’Charley’s led to 201 locations by 2018.

Over the years, OCharleys menu prices have evolved a lot with changing times and evolving needs of the customer. Time and again, OCharleys menu with prices has transformed to meet the trending food culture.

The restaurant vouches for satiating more than hunger. O’Charley’s staff are very friendly and hospitable serving you the best of O’Cahrley’s food and drinks along with a great time.

O’Charley’s Review

O'Charley's Menu usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- eatthis.com

The OCharleys hours are mostly between 7 AM to 9 PM, however, the opening hours might differ from location to location.

OCharleys menu serves a wide range of southern-style cuisine and desserts that offer you a delectable food experience.

At O’Charley’s the menu also caters to a specialized kid’s menu that is idealized for your kids, keeping in mind their health and taste palate.

When at O’Charley’s restaurant and bar, you can get your hands dirty with their finger-licking Chicken. The golden brown crispy delight is the perfect combination of juicy and savory.

You can savor their famous Chicken Tender’s Dinner priced at $11.59 completing it with a wide range of saucy dips you can choose from.

The Garlic Shrimp Pasta available at $12.99 is their sea-food special honing tender shrimp that are cooked to perfection and coated with loads of garlic making your meal all o’mazingg.

O’Charley’s menu caters to a range of sharable that can be the perfect item to lay the table for your friends and family. Start on any special occasion with the mouth-watering Spicy Jack Wedges priced at $7.29.

Once you devour the $12.99 Top-Shelf Combo Appetizer, you cannot keep your hands off the plate. The $5.99 Crispy Pickle Chips are the tangiest treat to spice up any celebration.

Talking about the OCharleys lunch menu, the $18.99 Steak & Baby Back Ribs is assorted with BBQ sauce complimented with the famous Chicken tenders that can be customized with your favorite dipping sauce.

O’Charley’s range of sandwiches is not only delicious but fulfilling for a perfect meal.

At O’Charley’s you cannot leave the table without their o’mazing dessert range ($4-$4.99). Complement your meal with a variety of beverages ($2.69-$7.99) like Mango Tea, IBC root beer, Blackberry Tea, and much more.

At O’Charley’s they serve high-quality food and refreshing beverages in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Apart from having the best OCharleys menu with prices, the restaurant offers deliveries and takeaway services. O’Charley’s is an ideal destination for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and success parties.

How To Order Online From O’Charley’s?

O'Charley's Order Online usamenuprices
Image Credit:- doordash.com

You can also order online from O’Charley’s by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of O’Charley’s will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of O’Charley’s based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from O’Charley’s and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items. In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of O’Charley’s for different locations.

For more information about O’Charley’s, visit their official website.

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