Cook Out Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Cook Out Menu With Prices

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Cook Out is a popular American chain of fast food restaurants established in North Carolina. This restaurant primarily caters to delicious hamburgers and other fast-food eateries under a reasonable Cook Out menu with prices. The best part about Cook Out is its versatility and how it has something for everyone who visits the restaurant.

The Cook Out menu caters to hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Carolina-style Barbecue, milkshakes, and much more. Under pocket-friendly Cook Out menu prices, the restaurant won’t allow you to leave its premises without trying its delicious servings.

As one of the fastest-growing American chains of restaurants, Cook Out is known for its mouthwatering taste and unparalleled service. This article showcases the latest Cook Out menu and prices so that you can search for ‘Cook Out near me’ and enjoy their yummy menu.

Cook Out Menu With Prices

Cook Out Menu And Prices
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Cook-Out Trays Menu

Hot Dogs2 Pc.$4.99
Big Double Burger$4.99
Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef$4.99
Cajun Chicken$4.99
Spicy Chicken$4.99
BBQ Char-Grilled Chicken$4.99
Chicken Strips3 Pc.$4.99

Homemade Char-Grilled Hamburgers Menu

HamburgerBig Double$2.99
Cook Out StyleSmall$2.24
Cook Out StyleRegular$3.64
Cook Out StyleBig Double$3.84
Cook Out StyleHuge$4.24
Out West StyleSmall$2.14
Out West StyleRegular$3.54
Out West StyleBig Double$3.74
Out West StyleHuge$4.14
Steak StyleSmall$2.04
Steak StyleRegular$3.44
Steak StyleBig Double$3.64
Steak StyleHuge$4.04
Cheddar StyleSmall$2.38
Cheddar StyleRegular$3.78
Cheddar StyleBig Double$3.98
Cheddar StyleHuge$4.38

Char-Grilled Chicken Breast Menu

Original Style$3.39
Barbecue Style$3.39
Cajun Style$3.39
Club Style$3.99
Cheddar Style$3.99

Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet Menu

Regular Spicy Style$3.39
Cheese Style$3.79

Homemade Style Chicken Strips Menu

Chicken Strips with Sauce$3.39 – 3 Pc.
Chicken Strip Sandwich$3.39
Chicken Strips Club$3.99
Chicken Nuggets$0.99 – 5 Pc.

Quesadillas Menu

Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef$2.99 – 2 Pc.

Chopped Pork BBQ Menu

BBQ Sandwich$2.99
BBQ Plate$3.99

Char-Grilled Hot Dogs Menu

Hot Dog$0.99
Cook Out Style$1.85
Mexi Style$1.99
Bacon Cheddar$1.99

Single Items Menu

Hot Dog with Cheddar Cheese$1.39
Hot Dog with Chilli$1.45
Corn Dog$0.99
Cheese Dog$0.99
Mustard Relish Hot Dog$0.99
BLT Sandwich$0.99

Wraps Menu

Bacon Ranch Wrap$0.99
Crispy Chicken Cajun Wrap$1.79
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap$1.79
Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard Wrap$1.79

Sides Menu

Hushpuppies12 Pc.$0.99
French FriesRegular$0.99
French FriesLarge$1.69
Cook Out Fries with Cheese$1.39
Cook Out Fries with Chilli$1.45
Cook Out Fries with Cheese & Chilli$1.85
Onion Rings$1.99

Fancy Milkshakes Menu


Floats & Cheesecakes Menu

Coke Float$1.79
Cheerwine Float$1.79
Cheesecake (N. Y. Style)$1.99 – Slice

Drinks Menu

Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Large$0.99
Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Huge$1.79
Fountain DrinksRegular$1.39
Fountain DrinksLarge$1.79
Fountain DrinksHuge$1.99

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Cook Out History

Cook Out Menu Prices
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The first Cook Out store welcomed its first guests in 1989 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The founder Morris Reaves opened the store to offer a wide variety of hamburgers and fast food items to the natives of North Carolina.

The first Cook Out restaurant was a drive-thru that allowed customers to take away their orders. Currently, Morris and his son Jeremy are the owners of the brand.

After its first location became a huge success, the founder opened the first sit-in Cook Out at North Main Street in High Point, North Carolina. The charm of Cook Out widened in no time and it became a neighborhood favorite. Thus compelling the founders to open multiple Cook Out locations in North Carolina itself.

As a part of the expansion, the founders opened 50 new locations in North Carolina state, before reaching out to other American states. In July 2010, Cook Out’s first out-of-the-state location opened doors in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Subsequently between 2011-2012, Cook Out found a place in other American states like Columbia, Blacksburg, and Virginia. The Georgian Cook Out location came up in 2013. Currently, Cook Out hones over 290 locations in 11 American states.

What makes Cook Out one of its kind is its sumptuous food starting from burgers, chicken, and other fast food items. The Cook Out meat is known for its freshness and fine quality.

At Cook Out, the meat is never frozen and is made just to your order. Cook Out cares about the quality of food and service and makes sure that you get to have the best food experience.

Over the years, the Cook Out menu and prices have evolved a lot. Primarily to cater to the changing needs of the customers and the trending food culture, Cook Out has transformed its menu while sticking to its roots. The Cook Out menu prices are crafted keeping in mind that all types of customers can visit and dine in at the restaurant.

Cook Out Review

Cook Out Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Cook Out hours of operation vary from location to location. Most Cook Out locations run from morning hours till late at night. The Cook Out restaurant caters to a variety of fast food eateries starting from hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, to milkshakes, and barbecues.

Mostly, the Cook Out menu includes Cook Out trays, char-grilled hamburgers, char-grilled chicken breasts, char-grilled hot dogs, warps, sides, milkshakes, desserts, and refreshing drinks.

When at Cook Out you get to try their delicious hamburgers that are not only fresh and delightful but are never frozen. Options like Cook Out style, Cheddar Style,  Out West Style, and Steak Style are popular amongst hamburgers. The Cook Out burgers can also be customized as per your choice be it the patty or the other stuffings.

Along with that, the Cook Out fast food eateries include other amazing items like BBQ sandwiches, Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Cheese Quesadilla, BLT Sandwich, Cajun Fries, Chili Dog, and the like. Even if you are not a Burger snob, you can still fill your heart with the other Cook Out deliciousness.

The Char-Grilled Chicken Breast itself comes in varying styles and you can have your own favorite one from the options. The Club-style chicken breast and the Cheddar-style chicken breast are the most popular.

The Cook Out crispy chicken wraps are sure to make your heart dance. The Bacon Ranch wrap and the Chicken nuggets are something you don’t want to miss at Cook Out. 

Cook Out also hosts some creamy confections like Banana Fudge, Blueberry Choco Chip Cherry, and other milkshakes. The Cook Out floats and cheesecakes are sweet tooth delights at Cook Out. You can also complement your food with refreshing drinks at Cook Out.

Before you search for the Cook Out restaurant near me, make sure that you go through the Cook Out menu and prices that are worth every penny.

For more information about Cook Out, visit their official website.

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