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CosMc’s Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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McDonald’s, A popular name when it comes to the word “burger.” There were only a few companies that truly capitalized on this concept and McDonald’s stands above all. But did you know that this famous chain restaurant now plans to test out a new concept? Yep, that’s what’s going on, and it goes by the name CosMc’s. Stay tuned and learn all about CosMc’s menu with prices.

If CosMc’s sounds new to you, then be sure that you aren’t late for this party. It’s a new type of fast food restaurant concept that only has one store in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

It’s still a concept rather than a full-on launch, so it will take some time before it reaches a wider audience.

The main focus of CosMc’s is refreshing drinks. For now, they have four signature drinks and a few dozen other kinds, which we will get in a minute.

Apart from drinks, CosMc’s menu also includes fast foods like burgers, cookies, snacks, cokes, and ice cream.

The current menu tries to cover a wide range of foods and drinks that are easy to make and also require less effort to eat. That’s what fast food means—food that takes little to no time to devour.

CosMc’s Menu With Prices

CosMc’s Menu usamenuprices
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Signature Galactic Boosts Menu

Signature Galactic BoostsPrices to be revealed soon
Sour Cherry Energy Blast
Berry Hibiscus Sour-ade
Blueberry Ginger Boost
Island Pick-Me Up Punch

Iced Teas & Lemonades Menu

Iced Teas & LemonadesPrices to be revealed soon
Tropical Spice-ade
Sour Tango Lemonade
Half and Half
Island Pick Me Up Punch
Berry Hibiscus Sour-ade
Black Berry Mint Tea
Sweet Tea
Iced Black Tea
Iced Green Tea
Blueberry Ginger Boost

Slushes & Frappes Menu

Slushes & FrappesPrices to be revealed soon
Sour Cherry Energy Burst
Chai Frappe Burst
Popping Pear Slush  
Pomegranate Hibiscus Slush 
Churro Frappe
Cold Brew Frappe

Brews Menu

BrewsPrices to be revealed soon
Turmeric Spiced Latte
Chai Tea Latte
Brewed Coffee
Black Tea
Green Tea
Peppermint Tea
Hot Chocolate
Iced Turmeric Spiced Latte
S’Mores Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Iced Latte
Iced Chai Tea Latte
Iced Coffee
Iced Mocha
Iced Black Tea
Sweet Tea
Iced Green Tea

From The McDonald’s Universe Menu

Egg McMuffin$ 3.79
Sausage McMuffin with Egg$ 3.79
Bacon McMuffin with Egg$ 3.79
Oreo McFlurry$ 3.99
M&M’s McFlurry$ 3.99

Sandwiches Menu

Spicy Queso Sandwich$ 4.99
Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich$ 4.99

Bites Menu

BitesPrices to be revealed soon
Savory Hash Browns Bites
Pretzel Bites
Snack Box
Cookie Butter McPops
Apple Cinnamon McPops
Hazelnut McPops
Mixed Bag McPops

Baked Goods Menu

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie$ 2.99
Blueberry Lemon Cookie$ 2.99
Caramel Fudge Cookie$ 3.39

Soft Serve Menu

Strawberry & Cookie McFlurry$ 3.99
Blueberry Lemon Cookie Sundae$ 4.89
Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae$ 4.89
Hot Fudge Sundae$ 3.19
Caramel Sundae$ 3.19
Vanilla Cone$ 1.99
Twist Cone$ 1.99
Chocolate Cone$ 1.99
Citrus & Cream Shake$ 3.79
Chocolate Shake$ 3.19
Vanilla Shake$ 3.19
Strawberry Shake$ 3.19

Fountain and Bottled Drinks Menu

Fountain and Bottled DrinksPrices to be revealed soon
Diet Coke
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
Sprite Zero Sugar
Fanta Orange
Barq’s Root Beer
POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast
Topo Chico Mint With Lime

CosMc’s History

CosMc’s Prices usamenuprices
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The concept is rather new; it just goes back a day ago or so, around December 7, 2023. But the story behind its name is rather interesting.

Do you know the famous McDonald’s mascot? Yes, it’s that creepy clown-looking guy that went viral like crazy after a specific film got into the light. Yes, that film was “IT.”.

Facts aside, the main motivation behind CosMc’s menu seems to be the coffee-related items on their menu.

The business went as usual after the COVID tragedy passed away. There were the usual traffic jams, and people liked buying a few fast foods to tackle the boredom.

So the final decision was made somewhere last year, and the public announcement came in 2023. Also, another big motivation can be aimed at the Grimace Shake milkshake.

You saw it flowing around TikToks and reels. It’s that purple-looking drink that boomed in popularity right at the time of launch.

The drink was a memorial to the mascot of McDonaldland, Grimace. It was his 52nd anniversary, and McDonald’s decided to release this special drink in his tribute. The drink was on sale from June 12 to July 9, 2023.

Just one month was enough to double their sales for drinks afterward. Nobody knows whether the same drink will also debut next year or not. But if it does, then CosMc’s would be the go-to choice for the company.

Well, since it only has one store in the US, there is nothing more to discuss. But there’s a piece of good news waiting for you!

In 2024, the restaurant chain CosMc’s will finally see its day with a new CosMc’s menu and prices. The big debut will happen in Texas, where nine out of 10 new restaurants will be opened for the general public.

CosMc’s Review

Drinks are the main highlight, so let’s start with that. There are 4 signature galaxy boosters at the top: Sour Cherry Energy Burst, Berry Hibiscus Sour-ade, Blueberry Ginger Boost, and last but not least, Island Pick-Me-Up Punch.

They sure do have weird names, but there is nothing weird inside. Blueberry Ginger Boost, for example, has refreshing blueberry juice pinched with a spicy ginger flavor. It will burn your mouth with salty and sweet bubbles.

The Island Pick-Me-Up has the grind of lemonade at the bottom, and the top parts have their signature Island Punch Shot with a little addition of blueberry.

If you ask us, the fourth drink should be on your radar. It has the wackiest taste of all, and if you are lucky, you may even get one for yourself.

If drinks don’t intrigue you, you also have a list of other fast food goodies like cappuccino or latte.

For hungry hearts, CosMc’s menu includes a few signature burgers from the McDonald’s franchise, like Egg McMuffin, Bacon McMuffin with Egg, or Spicy Queso Sandwich.

Well, if you are with your lover, then why not delude yourself with Savory Hash Brown bites of Hazelnut McPops? If you can’t make lunch for your college, then CosMc’s menu also has a snack box just for you.

Final Thoughts

In short, it’s CosMc, which has all kinds of fast food that we like. For normies like us, CosMc’s menu has biscuits, ice creams, and even your ordinary kinds of carbonated drinks like cola and Sprite.

So it has everything that a drive-thru restaurant needs. While most of the other fast food chain restaurants offer heavy meals on their menus, CosMc’s seems to focus on light ones. It’s still a concept for the time being.

The final results will determine whether McDonald’s continues this new chain of restaurants or abandons it midway.

Only time will tell, and all we can do is wait for the right time. So make sure to check their drinks before this golden opportunity runs away! Also, CosMc’s menu prices are yet to be revealed fully, so wait for that too.

To know more about CosMc’s, visit their official website.

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