Momofuku Las Vegas Menu Prices [June 2024 Updated]

Momofuku Las Vegas Menu Prices

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Momofuku is an American culinary brand established in New York City, United States. The restaurant is known for being a ramen noodle in various locations in America. The Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices are also affordable enough for all customers. It is one of the most successful restaurant brands located in New York.

The Momofuku menu caters to bowls and scams, country hams, desserts, sides, raw bars, noodles, meat, fish, and much more.

At Momofuku, you get to enjoy a variety of Asian pantry staples that are cooked till perfection is achieved in each of its recipes.

The Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices are quite reasonable keeping in mind the deliciousness they offer.

This article caters to the real Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices so that you can visit the Momofuku restaurant in New York and dive into the excellent recipes they host.

Momofuku Las Vegas Menu Prices

Momofuku Las Vegas Menu
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Dinner Menu

Raw Bar

Kanpachi Crudo$28.00
Bigeye Tuna$38.00


Spicy Cucumbers$10.00
House Pickles$12.00
Baby Kale & Treviso Salad $17.00
Hokkaido Pumpkin$18.00
Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower$19.00

Small Plates

Shishito Peppers$14.00
Pork Belly Buns$16.00
Shrimp Buns$16.00
Green Curry Rice Cakes$33.00


Ginger Scallion Noodle$22.00
Spicy Miso Ramen$29.00
Mushroom Ramen$23.00
Truffle Ramen
Poached egg$2.00
Pork belly$5.00
Shredded chicken$8.00
Spicy shrimp$10.00

Meat & Seafood

Crispy Lamb Ribs$45.00
Pachamama Farms Pork Chop$56.00
Grilled Whole Dorade$79.00
Grilled Washugyu Ribeye$109.00
Miyazaki A5 Wagyu

Large Format

Bo Ssäm$180.00
5 Spice Roasted Duck$268.00
Bone-in Ribeye$238.00
Chili Butter Lobster & Shrimp$328.00

Lunch Menu

Small Plates

Spicy Cucumbers$10.00
Shishito Peppers$14.00
Baby Kale & Treviso Salad$17.00
Kanpachi Crudo$28.00
Chirashi Bowl$42.00


Pork Belly Buns$16.00
Shrimp Buns$16.00


Ginger Scallion Noodle$22.00
Mushroom Ramen$24.00
Shoyu Pork Ramen$20.00
Poached egg$2.00
Pork belly$5.00
Seared tofu$6.00
Shredded chicken$8.00
Spicy shrimp$10.00

Meat & Seafood

Grilled Whole Dorade$38.00
Bo Ssäm$41.00
Crispy Lamb Ribs$45.00
Steak Ssäm$46.00
Chili Butter Lobster & Shrimp$58.00

Cocktails Menu

Fried Chicken Bun$8.00
Shishito Peppers$8.00
Garlic Fries$8.00
Seasonal Slushie$8.00
Red Blend$8.00

Sake, Beer, Non-Alcoholic Menu

Sake (120ml/500ml)

Akitabare Momofuku Akita$19.00
Lucky Cup Japan (180mL)$16.00
Ginjo Shibata Black Aichi (200ml)$25.00
Nigori Hakutsuru Kobe$15.00
Daiginjo SOTO Nigata$21.00
Sparkling Sake Awashizuku Niigata (300mL)$32.00


Draft (16 oz)
Lager Modelo$11.00
Hazy IPA Bearded Iris Homestyle$11.00
Bottles & Cans
Blonde Ale Firestone Walker 805$9.00
Sour Lovelady 9th Island Pineapple Sour Nevada$9.00
Pilsner Kawaba Pearl Pilsner$13.00

Soft Drinks

Yuzu Lemonade$9.00
Iced Tea$6.00
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mist Twist, Ginger Ale$6.00

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Momofuku Las Vegas History

Momofuku Las Vegas Prices
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The first Momofuku came up via Momofuku noodle bar in 2004 in New York City. The founder Chef David Chang started the restaurant after being influenced by the time he spent in Japan and visiting various ramen shops.

Initially, Momofuku served ramen, seasonal, and a variety of buns. After the noodle bar became a quick success, the Momofuku Ssäm was conceived in March 2006.

It hosted an Asian Style burrito bar that sold delicious wraps and the weekday lunch menu had a special all-rotisserie duck recipe. From 2009 to 2012, Momofuku Ssäm was named among the World’s Best 50 restaurants.

Momofuku Ko came into force in March 2008. Initially, Momofuku Ko New York served a 10-course long menu that stretched up to 16 courses from its lunch menu.

To date, Momofuku Ko ranks 70 on the San Pellegrino’s World Best Restaurant list. David described the restaurant as a cook-centric restaurant with just a few tools whose menu keeps on changing.

In January 2012, the bar started a cocktail bar named Booker & Dax in collaboration with David Arnold.

Again Christian Tosi, who was associated with doing office work for Momofuku, started the dessert-oriented program named the Milk Bar at the three main Momofuku initiatives Noodle Bar, Ko, and Ssäm.

In 2018, Momofuku started selling its own chili sauce in association with Kraft Heinz.

In October 2011, Momofuku Seiōbo opened outside the United States.

Over the years, Momofuku widened its charm over various locations like Toronto, Sydney, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more.

In Las Vegas, Momofuku hones a project named Bang Bar, and in Los Angeles it hosts Majordomo.

Since its inception, Momofuku has taken pride in serving Asian-American cuisine and is one of the primary mediums for the rise of the same.

The Bon Appetite Magazine has called Momofuku one of the ‘Most Important Restaurants’ in America. Apart from its restaurants in the United States, Momofuku has restaurant-grade products for home cooks.

Over the years, the Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices have evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers and to increase the horizon of the brand.

The Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices, however, might seem expensive but it has some excellent options for the customer who wants a reasonable price.

Momofuku Las Vegas Review

Momofuku Las Vegas Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Momofuku hours of operation might vary from location to location, however, the Momofuku lunch hours start from 12 PM, and diner hours start from 5 PM to 10 PM. Nevertheless, the hours of operation might differ on weekends and holidays.

The Momofuku menu is infused with flavorsome recipes from Asian-American cuisine that are designed to cater to a larger audience.

Starting from lunch to dinner, burritos to desserts, Momofuku caters to all your needs, all you need to do is just pay a visit to anyone at their location.

At Momofuku, you get to enjoy a wide variety of noodles starting from Ginger Scallion Noodles, Spicy Miso Ramen, Mushroom Ramen, Truffle Ramen, and more.

Starting from Grilled Washugyu Ribeye to Pachamama fark Pork Chops, Momofuku hosted finger-licking meat options.

At the Ssäm Bar, you will get to enjoy their classic Pork Belly Buns that can be complemented with their Farro Salad.

For a group or family celebration, you can order combo packs that hone paraphernalia of their delicacy at a reasonable price.

When at Momofuku, you can complement your meal with their exquisite selection of cocktails and desserts that go perfectly with their mouth-watering servings.

Apart from the high-quality food, the Momofuku Las Vegas menu prices are also worth all the hype.

Final Thoughts

The food and ambiance are truly the best. They have a particular dress code and that makes them quite a festive restaurant in America.

Starting from ramen to meat, everything is cooked to perfection complemented by their excellent cocktails and dessert menu.

For more information about Momofuku, visit their official website.

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