Vetri Cucina Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Vetri Cucina Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 03:15 pm

Vetri Cucina is an Italian restaurant established in 1998 in Philadelphia. The restaurant is best known for serving some of the most delicious Italian recipes to the natives of Philly. The Vetri Cucina menu with prices is affordable for each customer who visits the restaurant. What makes Vetri Cucina one of its kind is its distinctive flavors and classy wine lists.

The Vetri Cucina menu caters to mouth-watering Italian food that is not only dynamic but is creatively curated by the chef and the founders. The restaurant’s menu includes antipasti, pasta, dolci, an extravagant wine list, and much more.

Vetri Cucina takes pride in being one of the most exclusive restaurants in Philadelphia. This article showcases the real Vetri Cucina menu and prices so that when in Philly you can add Vetri Cucina to your bucket list to enjoy some of the best Italian food.

Vetri Cucina Menu With Prices

Vetri Cucina Menu And Prices
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$165 Per Person


Foie gras pastrami with toasted brioche and mostarda$24
House-cured salumi & accompaniments$24


Chicory & citrus salad with marcona almond crema
Bay scallop crudo with persimmon and strachatella
Barbecue lamb neck with apple, scallion, and fried oyster
Sweet onion crepe with truffle and parmesan fondue
Polenta talegio souffle with maitake mushrooms
Proscuitto cotto with warren pears and hazelnuts


Doppio ravioli with carrots & beef short rib
Garganelli with capon ragu, pistachio and apricot
Tagliolini with mushrooms
Scallop raviolo with caviar
Classic split featuring spinach gnocchi with brown butter & almond tortellini with truffle
Additional Pasta $22 Supplement


Salt baked branzino with brussels sprouts and black truffle
Japanese sweet potato strudel with braised cabbage and cannellini beans
Roasted baby goat with house-milled soft polenta
Dry aged duck breast with charred orange, mustard greens & lentils


Chestnut millefoglie with flavors of tiramisu
Molten pistachio cake with lemon curd gelato
Gianduja chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and passion fruit
Blood orange baked alaska with olive oil cake and meringue
Selection of cheese with accompaniments

Vetri Cucina Wine Pairing

Vetri Cucina Wine Menu

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Vetri Cucina History

Vetri Cucina came up in 1998 at 1312, Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chef Marc Vetri worked in the US and Italy for several years and then returned to his native land Philadelphia and took residence in an intimate and historic townhouse where Le Bec-Fin once lived.

After working in the culinary industry for years together, March Ventri partnered with Jeff Benjamin and together they shaped Vetri Cucina and opened its door in September 1998.

Since its inception, Vetri Cucina has proven to be a rustic fare serving mouth-watering Italian food that is blended with innovative flavor combinations and artful presentation.

From day one, Vetri Cucina became the talk of the town for introducing unique recipes at the crossroads of Philadelphia. In no time Vetri Cucina became a busy restaurant welcoming regulars and tourists.

Following the inception of Vetri Cucina, March, and Jeff initiated several other restaurants and brands that catered to the people of Philly under the umbrella of the Vetri family.

Over time, Vetri Cucina also came up with a new location in Las Vegas. The Vetri Cucina at Palms Casino Resort closed its doors in 2020 but revived its operation in 2022 after much anticipation.

The restaurant is best known for serving mouth-watering Italian foods to families and travelers. In 2008, the founders started the Vetri Community Partnership to extend support to children, and neighborhood families, to eat healthy food, get quality education, and more.

Vetri Cucina has received several awards and accolades for its outstanding food and drink. The Vetri Cucina restaurant has won various nominations and awards from the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards.

In 2005, Vetri Cucina’s head chef won the Best Chief Mid Atlantic. It has so far received a nomination for the outstanding service Vetri Cucina offers.

Over the years, the Vetri Cucina menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers. The Vetri Cucina prices are just as extravagant as it’s quintessential Italian food and drink.

Vetri Cucina Review

Vetri Cucina Menu Prices
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The Vetri Cucina hours of operation start from 5 PM and the restaurant does not require any formal dress code for dining.

The Vetri Cucina menu caters to the best of Italian food and intricately chosen wines in the list to complement the dynamic selection of food Vetri Cucina offers.

Starting from antipasti, and pasta, to secondi, and dolci, Vetri Cucina is ready to host a perfect dinner for regulars and travelers.

At Vetri Cucina, you get to enjoy delicious antipasti in chicory and citrus salad with Marcona Almond crème, sweet onion crepe with truffle parmesan fondue, prosciutto Cotto with warren pears, and hazelnut.

For pasta, you get to choose from their classic ravioli, garganelli, tagliolini, scallop ravioli, and a lot more. Whatever your pasta choice may be, you get to enjoy the delicacy with flavorful veggies and sauces making you fall in love with the Italian delight.

When at Vetri Cucina how can you not try their second that has options like a roasted baby goat with house-milled soft polenta, dry-aged duck beast with charred orange, mustard greens, and lentils?

The Vetri Cucina desserts are even more tempting and have options like Gelato, Tiramisu, cake, a selection of cheese, and the like.

Beyond Vetri Cucina food, the beverage collection that it hones has classy wine options to add exclusiveness to your dining experience.

The Vetri Cucina menu and prices are however expensive keeping in mind the dynamic experience they offer.

Final Thoughts

You enter into a mesmerizing space that has comfortable and fine dining space. In the heart of Philadelphia, it is altogether a distinctive experience to have true Italian delights.

Good Italian food, great wine, and a wonderful ambiance are all you need for a perfect date night.

For more information about Vetri Cucina, visit their official website.

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