Sullivan Street Bakery Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Sullivan Street Bakery Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 04:54 pm

Sullivan Street Bakery is an American bakery house located in New York, United States. This bakery house specializes in baking Italian baked goods that are delicious enough to steal your heart. The Sullivan Street Bakery menu with prices is also affordable so that their breads reach out to a wider customer.

The Sullivan Street Bakery menu is inclusive of mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches, delicious traditional breads, delicate and fluffy brioche, flavorsome pizza, and much more.

The bakery takes pride in baking the best pieces of bread in New York and continues to serve the natives and other neighborhood families.

This article shall highlight the real Sullivan Street Bakery menu and prices so that you can visit your nearest Sullivan Street Bakery location in New York and enjoy a happy meal.

Sullivan Street Bakery Menu With Prices

Sullivan Street Bakery Menu And Prices
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Prima Colazione Menu

Uovo In Copetta
poached egg bowl
Uovo In Copetta
simplici toasted truccio, vermont creamery salted butter
Uovo In Copetta
italiana simplici & arugula, oven-dried tomatoes & shaved parmesan
Uovo In Copetta
al contadino simplici & new potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Panini D’ Uovo
soft-cooked egg sandwich on strecci
Panini D’ Uovo
originale crisp prosciutto, demi-sec tomatoes, basil
Panini D’ Uovo
cipolla caramelized onions
Panini D’ Uovo
verdura seasonal vegetables, shaved parmesan
seasonal fruit salad, maple syrup
Yogurt Con
granola greek yogurt, macedonia, honey, housemade granola

Panini Menu

prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil
local tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive oil, black pepper (seasonal)
Pollo Club
roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, crisp prosciutto, pickled fennel, fresh basil, smoked mayo & oat cheese on toasted multigrani
housemade chickpea fritters, cucumber, roasted red pepper, charred beets, pickled onion, hawthorne valley kimchi, dill, mint & tahini
cumin-rubbed roast beef, cucumbers, pickled onions, cilantro & fermented chili mayo
mediterranean tuna, herbed aioli, red onion, celery, avocado, tomato, arugula, housemade mustard & lemon

Insalate Menu

cannellini, lentil, pistachio, scallions, mint, lemon, aleppo
Cavolo Nero
black kale, shaved cauliflower, black pepper, parmesan, lemon
local tomato, herbed croutons, pecorino, basil vinaigrette
Pomodoro D’Estate
baby heirloom tomatoes, local cucumber, green peppers, celery, scallions, truccio sare, savory, chili vinaigrette

Zuppa Menu

chilled cucumber and avocado soup, hawthorne quark, fermented chili, chives, lime
beluga lentils, kale, ginger, ras al hanout (morroccan spice blend)

Specialita Stagionali Menu

Pollo Arrosto
spice-rubbed half-chicken, roasted seasonal vegetables

Dolci Menu

italian doughnut w/ housemade seasonal jam, chocolate or vanilla cream
italian croissant
Canotto Dolce
seasonal fruit, sweet mascarpone, coconut streusel
Canotto Cioccolato
chocolate, mascarpone, pecan crumble
Canotto Salato
prosciutto, mascarpone, gruyere, fennel seed
Canotto Rapini
broccoli rabe, garlic, chili flakes, mascarpone, gruyere
single serving cakes in a variety of seasonal flavors
chocolate chip cookies
almond, anise seed
Ossi Di Morti
almond meringue cookies
shortbread cookies
Scozzese Nero
chocolate shortbread cookies
Seasonal Pastries
visit our hell’s kitchen and chelsea locations for seasonal offerings

Pane Menu

small pizza bianca disc
Brioche Panino
brioche bun
Brioche Panino Mini$1.25
green olive
Multigrani Pugliese
9-grain whole wheat sourdough
Multigrani Pullman$7.00
Pane Di Comune
white sourdough
Truccione Sare
large whole wheat
Truccio Sare
medium whole wheat
Truccino Sare
small whole wheat
Semi Di Sesamo
white sourdough w/ sesame seeds
Sourdough Pullman$6.00
sullivan st bakery baguette

Strecci Menu

olive oil, sea salt
cherry tomato, garlic, thyme, sea salt
green olive
garlic, rosemary, sea salt
artichoke, breadcrumb (seasonal)

Pizze Menu

olive oil, rosemary, sea salt
Bianca Con Pecorino
pecorino toscano, breadcrumb
tomato, sea salt, olive oil
cremini mushroom, onion, thyme, sea salt
potato, onion, rosemary, black pepper
zucchini, gruyere, breadcrumb
cauliflower, parmesan, green olive, chili
Seasonal Pizza
visit our hell’s kitchen and chelsea locations for seasonal offerings

Caldo Menu

French Press$2.30
French Press$2.75
Hot Chocolate$4.50
Hot Caramel Apple Cider$4.50

Freddo Menu

Cold Brew$3.95
Iced Tea$3.00
Orange Juice$4.50
selection of beer on tap by local microbreweries
wine on tap by the gotham project

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Sullivan Street Bakery History

Sullivan Street Bakery Menu Prices
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Established in 1994, Sullivan Street Bakery came up in Soho at 73 Sullivan Street. The founder Jim Lahey dreamt of becoming a sculptor, however, he strolled through New York as a student, and he couldn’t find fresh and crisp pieces of bread like that in Italy.

That’s when the idea of making a bread that would offer the freshest and crispiest bread popped up in his mind and he started planning Sullivan Street Bakery. In the year 1994 with the help of Joe Allen, Jim Lahey opened up Sullivan Street Bakery.

The bakery quickly became a charmer in its initial location and became a hot spot for the neighborhood to enjoy its delicious pieces of bread.

Soon nearby restaurants and café began taking breads from Sullivan Street Bakery wholesale to implement in their menu. With time, Sullivan Street Bakery began producing pieces of bread for even the city’s best restaurants.

Awards and Accolades

The Sullivan Street Bakery No-Knead Bread method became a huge success when its recipe was published in the New York Times in 2006.

The recipe became one of the most popular in the newspaper and changed the way of baking for home bakers.

In 2015, Lahey received the prestigious Outstanding Baker James Beard Award. And in 2016, Sullivan Street Bakery entered into the induction of the very popular ‘Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America’. 

Sullivan Street Bakery Locations

What started from Soho, took to three locations in New York itself. The main Sullivan Street Bakery location is present in Hill’s Kitchen, where they bake every day of the year and continue to offer the finest quality pieces of bread.

Sullivan Street Bakery has also found its way to Chelsea at 236 9th Ave. A Soho location is still present at 103 Sullivan Street.

Besides that Sullivan Street Bakery also opened a wholesale place in Miami in the year 2017. Sullivan Street Bakery is known for supplying its pieces of bread to over 300 New York restaurants.

Over the years the Sullivan Street Bakery menu with prices has evolved a lot owing to cater to the growing needs of the customers. Currently, Sullivan Street Bakery operates from three locations in New York and a wholesale place in Miami as well.

Sullivan Street Bakery continues to serve delicious and crispy breads to several New York households. The Sullivan Street Bakery menu prices are also reasonable keeping in mind their supreme quality of products.

Sullivan Street Bakery Review

Sullivan Street Bakery Menu
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The Sullivan Street Bakery hours of operation vary from location to location however at most Sullivan Street Bakery locations, they are open from around 7:30 AM till 5:00 PM.

The Sullivan Street Bakery menu is inclusive of a variety of breads that have been inspired by Italian bakers and are known for their crispiness and fine quality.

Some of the Sullivan Street Bakery’s signature breads include Filone, Pane Pugliese, Stirato, Strecci with seasonal toppings, Truccio Doni, Cruccolo Doni, Pangratatto,  Brioche Leaf, Truccione  Sare, and more.

You can also get some mouthwatering Panini in flavors like Pork and peach, PBT, beet, Caprese, Manzo, Prosciutto & mozzarella,  and the like.

Don’t forget to order some of the most gourmet Pizza that Sullivan Street Bakery offers. Options like Pizza Bianca, Pizza Pomodoro, Bianca  Con Pecorino, Pizza Patate, Pizza Zucchini, and Pizza Funghi are the most popular to try on. You can either order the whole pizza or can order slices of your choice.

For the wholesale menu, Sullivan Street Bakery has listed several hand-made breads that include Disco Romana, Community Loaf, Pizza Bianca Loaf, Filone, Pane Brutto, Ciabatta, Ciabattone, and more.

The bakery is a one-stop destination to have the best quality pieces of bread in New York for everyday use. The Sullivan Street Bakery menu and prices are also pocket-friendly for all.

Final Thoughts

A great place for bread lovers who want to try varying types of breads and loaves. The Sullivan Street Bakery breakfast sandwiches are something you cannot miss. Indeed serves to best Pizza with minimal yet classic flavors.

For more information about Sullivan Street Bakery, visit their official website.

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