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DiCamillo Bakery Menu With Prices usamenuprices.com

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 10:10 pm

DiCamillo Bakery is one of the most popular American bakeries established in Niagara Falls, United States. The bakery is primarily known for serving delicious baked goods like biscotti, cookies, bread, cakes, and many others. The DiCamillo Bakery menu with prices is also affordable so that customers from all creeds can easily enjoy the DiCamillo Bakery delicacy without worrying about the prices.

The DiCamillo Bakery menu caters to mouthwatering baked goods served just out of the oven including a variety of Italian goodies like biscotti, fruitcakes, cookies, flatbreads, cannolis, creams, sauces, gift baskets, and the like.

All the DiCamillo Bakery eateries are available at affordable menu prices. This article caters to the real DiCamillo Bakery menu and prices so that when you visit Niagara Falls, you make sure to keep DiCamillo Bakery on your bucket list.

DiCamillo Bakery Menu With Prices

DiCamillo Bakery Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- visitbuffaloniagara.com

Breads Menu

Italian Scaletta Bread
Multi-Grain Bread$5.14
Homestyle Bread$3.29
Whole Wheat Bread$4.19
Cracked Wheat Bread$3.59
Irish Sweet Bread$5.49
Round Italian Bread$2.89
Pizza Bread$17.49
Armenian Bread$3.09
Irish Soda Bread$5.49
Tally Stix$2.16
Bread Stuffing$3.19
Bread Crumbs$2.99
Bread Dough (1 lb.)$1.96

Roll Menu

Hard Rolls$3.29
Bomber Rolls 7″$5.25
Fancy Rolls$4.69
Kummelweck Semi-Hard$3.00
Kummelweck Rolls$4.69
Submarine Rolls 12″$7.75
Sausage Rolls$2.76
Semi-Hard Rolls$2.80
Hot Dog Rolls$2.15
Hamburger Rolls$2.15
Dinner Rolls$5.36
Parker House Rolls$4.40

Pizza Menu

Romano Pizza
Broccoli Pizza
Mozzarella Pizza
Kalamata Olive and Onion Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
3 Cheese Spinach Pizza
Pizza Bread
Mushroom Pizza
Peppers and Onion Pizza
Bread Dough (1 lb.)$1.96

Peaches Menu

Peaches Niagara$13.39

Donuts Menu

Glazed Rings$1.39
Cinnamon Glazed$1.39
Peanut Stix$1.39
White Iced Jelly Filled$1.39
Chocolate Iced Cream$1.39
Lemon Iced Lemon Filled$1.39
Maple Iced Apple$1.39
Glazed Stix$1.39
Plain Stic$1.39
Sugared Jelly$1.39

Coffee Cakes Menu

Almond Coffee Cake$8.99
Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake$8.99
Cheese Coffee Cake$8.99
Apple Coffee Cake$8.99
Walnut Honey Buns$8.25
Cinnamon Buns$5.79
Hot Cross Buns$5.69

Pies and Turnovers Menu

Apple Pie 8″$14.79
Cherry Pie 8″$14.79
Mincemeat Pie 8″$12.39
Raspberry Pie 8″$14.79
Lemon Merinque Pie$12.79
Chocolate Creme Pie$12.79
Banana Creme Pie$12.79
Blueberry Pie 8″$14.79
Coconut Creme Pie$12.79
Pumpkin Pie 8″$12.79
Apple Nests$2.65
Apple Turnover$3.69
Lemon Turnover$3.69
Apple Flips$3.69
Pumpkin Tart$3.69

Pastry Menu

Custard Puffs$1.39
Chocolate Cannoli$3.65
Chocolate Brownie$2.05
Fudge Tart$3.55
Butter Tart$3.55
Raspberry Linzer Cookie$2.47
Apple Nests$2.65
Apple Flips$3.69
Apple Turnover$3.69
Lemon Turnover$3.69
Sfingi – Honey Glaze$1.30
Sfingi – Cheese Filled$1.70

Cakes Menu

German Chocolate Cake$15.90
Banana Cake$11.69
Black Forest Cake$18.99
Cassata Cake$18.99
Angel Food Cake$5.99
Carrot Cake$14.89
Chocolate Cake$11.69
Strawberry Puff$15.90
1/2 and 1/2 Cake$11.69
Gold Cake$11.69
Boston Creme Pie$13.80
Chocolate Cupcake$1.75
Carrot Cake Square$4.29
Chocolate Cake Square$3.09
German Chocolate Square$4.29
Gold Cake Square$3.09
Gold Pound Cake$4.09
Easter Egg Cake$17.99

Homestyle Cookies Menu

Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.34
Double Chocolate Chip$1.34
Peanut Butter$1.34
Sugar Cookies$1.34
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.34
Molasses Raisin Cookie$1.34
Snickerdoodle Cookies$1.34
Chinese Butter$1.34
Apricot Filled Cookie$6.19
Raspberry Filled Cookie$6.19
Raspberry Thumprints$6.19
Anise Pizzelles$6.17
Wine Sticks$6.38
Sesame Cookies$6.19
Raspberry Linzer Cookie$2.47
Gingerbread Cookie$0.99
Gingerbear Box with Honey Straws$3.99

Scones and Danish Menu

Nut Danish$2.50
Apple Danish$2.50
Cheese Danish$2.50
Tea Biscuits$1.25

Sweet Breads Menu

Irish Soda Bread$5.49
Irish Sweet Bread$5.49
Columba Cake$20.99

Marinara Menu

DicamIllo Marinara Sauce$7.99

Cookie Gift Tins (Archived) Menu

Trio Sampler (15 oz.)$35.99
Traditional di Prato Fruit Canister (5 oz.)$17.25
Suzie at the Oven (6.5 oz.)$13.95
Chocolate di Prato Fruit Canister (5 oz.)$17.25
Biscotti Wicker Boxed Tray (16 oz.)$47.50
Biscotti Quarto Sampler (1 lb. 4 oz.)$45.99
Focaccia Canister (12 oz.)$23.80
Harvest Medallion Tin (16 oz.)$47.50

Biscotti and Cookies (Archived) Menu

Coconut Macaroon$5.69
Biscotti di Camillo (4.5 oz.)$6.95
Traditional Biscotti di Prato (4.6 oz.)$6.95
Cherry Almond Butter (5.5 oz.)$6.95
Biscotti Sesame (6 oz.)$6.95
Pan Crosta (4.6 oz.)$6.95
Crumiri (5.5 oz.)$6.95
Biscotti di Vino (6 oz.)$6.95
Chocolate Dipped Traditional Biscotti di Prato (5 oz.)$6.95
Bucellati Cucidati (6.5 oz.)$6.95
Pasticcini di Burro con Noci (5.5 oz.)$6.95
Gocce di Cioccolato (6 oz.)$6.95
Anise Pizzelles (3.0 oz.)$6.95
Lemon Butter (5.5 oz.)$6.95
Biscotti Amaretti (4.25 oz.)$6.95
Focaccia (6 oz.)$6.95
Triple Chocolate Biscotti di Prato (5 oz.)$6.95
Chocolate Biscotti di Prato (4.6 oz.)$6.95

Biscotti Jars (Archived) Menu

Jumbo Cup & Saucer Buffalo Pottery (4.5 oz.)$33.75

Holiday Cakes, Baba, Peaches & Coffee (Archived) Menu

Red-Wrapped Panettone (1 lb. 10.5 oz.)$39.95
Torta di Frutta (1 lb.)$31.95
Di Camillo Peaches & Tea Biscuits$28.05
Peaches Niagara (24 oz.)$21.95
Baba Rum (1 lb. 7 oz.)$23.80

Jams and Honey (Archived) Menu

Raspberry di Camillo Whole Fruit Jam (8 oz.)$5.19
Apricot di Camillo Creamed Honey (16 oz.)$6.99
Plain di Camillo Creamed Honey (16 oz.)$6.99
Orange Marmalade di Camillo Whole Fruit Jam (8 oz.)$5.19
Strawberry di Camillo Whole Fruit Jam (8 oz.)$5.19

Artisan Breads (Archived) Menu

Niagara Native Fresh Scaletta Bread (14 oz. /Loaf.)$36.95
Peanut Sticks$41.50
Baker’s Helper – Fresh Bread (14 oz. /Loaf.)$36.95

DiCamillo Bakery History

DiCamillo Bakery Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- fooddrinkmagazine.com

The first DiCamillo Bakery store came up in 1929 in Niagara Falls, New York. The founders Tomaso and Addolorata Di Camillo opened the bakery with their eleven kids.

From the very start, the founders started baking bread and delivering it in the neighborhood through horse-drawn wagons. The DiCamillo Bakery bread quickly won the hearts of the natives of Niagara Falls and created a fan following in the places where DiCamillo Bakery bread was delivered.

The Di Camillo was one of the first Italian bakers who arrived in Niagara Falls and stepped into the American baking industry. Initially, DiCamillo Bakery operated from a three-story building, where they did their baking and with the help of their 11 children delivered the baked products to the nearby areas.

Once in 1931, the original DiCamillo Bakery location was bombed as an outcome when the Di Camillo children Tom refused to pay the mob money.

After Tomaso, his four sons handled the bakery and moved the location from 14th to 20th Street where they operated till 1976. By the late 1960s, the third generation of the Di Camillo family took charge of DiCamillo Bakery and opened a new production facility on Linwood Ave in 1976.

During the third-generation reign, DiCamillo Bakery was featured in several articles and magazines thus propagating the popularity of the brand. The fourth generation of the family entered the business in 2002 and took charge of particular arenas like production, financing, marketing, and retail operations.

As a part of the expansion, by 1954 DiCamillo Bakery had three stores that catered to a variety of goods like Italian bread, pizza, wedding and birthday cakes, doughnuts, and eclairs.

In 1980, the first outside-the-state location was opened in Lewiston at the Hotchkiss building. Finally, the fifth DiCamillo Bakery location came up in Williamsville at the iconic Greek revival building in 2006.

Over the years, the DiCamillo Bakery menu with prices has evolved a lot catering to the growing demand of the customers and also increasing their business. The DiCamillo Bakery menu prices are reasonable enough and won’t fall heavy on the customer’s pocket.

DiCamillo Bakery Review

DiCamillo Bakery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
Image Credit:- yelp.com

The DiCamillo Bakery’s hours of operation vary from location to location. However, at most DiCamillo Bakery locations, the bakery runs between 7 AM and 6 PM. The DiCamillo Bakery menu includes a variety of baked goods that are not only made out of the finest ingredients but also heavenly in their taste.

When at DiCamillo Bakery, their iconic biscotti is something you don’t want to miss at the bakery house. Their range of extensive and varied collections of biscotti and Italian cookies are the perfect assortment to pack for your family or to gift to the near ones. Options like Saviodari, Brutti Ma Buoni, biscotti Amaretti, Lemon butter biscotti, and coconut macaroons are popular.

The DiCamillo Bakery cakes are other specialties of the bakery house. Be it for the holiday season or for everyday cravings, the cakes of this bakery are a must-have.

Panettone Piemontese, Italian Fruitcake, and Chocolate Panettone are some of the famous productions. To cater to the trending food preferences of customers, DiCamillo Bakery has its products in a gluten-free format as well.

This bakery house also includes pasta sauces, creams, flatbreads, assorted gift boxes, biscotti jars, Italian cookie tins, and much more so that you can take the very best from here.

For homemade soups and salads, DiCamillo Bakery has gourmet breadsticks that would go for all your meals. DiCamillo Bakery also hones salamis in many variants just to cater to all your bakery needs.

Along with the delicious food range, the DiCamillo Bakery menu and prices are also worth every penny as all customers can easily access the bakery for their everyday needs and also to satiate their unmanageable cravings.

For more information about DiCamillo Bakery, visit their official website.

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