Clear Flour Bakery Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Clear Flour Bakery Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 04:54 pm

Clear Flour Bakery is an American bakery house located in Brookline, Maine, United States. The bakery house is best known for serving delicious baked goods that have the reflection of French, Italian, and German. The Clear Flour Bakery menu with prices is also sustainable just like their mouth-watering foods.

The Clear Flour Bakery menu is inclusive of authentic breads and pastries from France, Italy, and Germany. The bakery junction uses simple ingredients and the traditional Hearth baking method to bake the most quintessential pieces of bread to serve the Americans.

At Clear Flour Bakery, you get pieces of bread for your everyday household needs delivered to restaurants and shops. This article caters to the real Clear Flour Bakery menu and prices so that when in Brookline, you can pack some delicacies from this exceptional bakery.

Clear Flour Bakery Menu With Prices

Clear Flour Bakery Menu And Prices
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Pastries Menu

Almond Brownies$2.95
Almond Macaroons$1.75
Almond Poppy Seed Cookie$1.75
Apricot Almond Square$2.25
Apricot Hazelnut Square$2.25
Apricot Pecan Square$2.25
Brioche Aux Gouttes De Chocolat$3.40
Chocolate Chunk Brownies$2.95
Chocolate Chunk Cookies$2.50
Chocolate Coconut Macaroons$1.75
Chocolate Croissants$2.80
Chocolate Whiskey Cake$6.75
Coconut Macaroons$1.75
Corn Cake$1.70
Cranberry Currant Scones$1.70
Currant Orange Sable Cookie$1.75
Hazelnut Brownies$2.95
Lemon Bar$3.00
Lemon Cornmeal Cookie$1.75
Mint Chocolate Chunk Brownies$2.95
Morning Buns$2.50
Morning Buns With Walnuts$2.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies$2.00
Orange Chocolate Chip Pound Cake$6.75
Pain Aux Raisins$2.80
Peanut Butter Cookies With Chocolate Chunks$2.25
Pear Cranberry Rustic Fruit Tart$15.25 or $4.95
Pecan Brownies$2.95
Raspberry Almond Squares$2.25
Raspberry Financier$2.80
Raspberry Hazelnut Squares$2.25
Raspberry Pecan Squares$2.25
Rustic Fruit Tart$4.95 or $15.25
Rustic Mixed Berry Tart$4.95 or $15.25
Sables A La Poche$1.75
Sassy Molassys$1.75
Sour Cherry Brownies$2.95
Strawberry Rhubarb Rustic Fruit Tart$4.95 or $15.25
Sugar Cookie With Chocolate Shortbread$2.25
Sugar Cookies$1.75
Thai Coconut Macaroons$1.75
Walnut Brownies*$2.95

Bread Menu

Ancienne French$2.50
Black Sesame Sticks$2.50
Black Sesame Sticks$1.65
Buckwheat Walnut$0.65
Buckwheat Walnut$3.85
Buckwheat Walnut$7.45
Fire Roasted Tomato Rolls$3.35
German Rye$4.95
New England Night$4.95
New England Night$0.85
Pain De Campagne$3.00
Pain De Mie$6.60
Pain Meunier (“Miller’s Bread”)$4.25
Pain Meunier (“Miller’s Bread”)$0.65
Pain Meunier (“Miller’s Bread”)$3.00
Paris Night$4.95
Paris Night$0.85
Parker House Rolls$3.00
Parker House Rolls$5.50
Polenta Bread$1.10
Porter Pumpernickel$4.95
Raisin Cinnamon$2.75
Rustic Fougasse$6.70
Rustic Fougasse$6.70
Rustic Fougasse$6.70
Rustic Italian$5.75
Rustic Italian$4.25
Rustic Italian$2.20
Rustic Italian$2.50
Rustic Italian$1.35
Rustic Olive Roll$1.95
Seeded 7 Grain$4.25
Seeded 7 Grain$4.25
Seeded 7 Grain$8.50
Seeded Deli Rye$0.65
Seeded Deli Rye$4.25
Seeded Deli Rye$8.50
Soft Cheese Torte$4.50
Soft German Pretzel$2.75
Sunshine Focaccia$3.95
Traditional French$4.00
Traditional French$2.75
Traditional French$4.25
Traditional French$1.65
Traditional French$2.00
Traditional French$3.00
Traditional French$1.65
Traditional French$1.10
Venetian Olive$1.40
Venetian Olive$0.85
Whole Wheat$0.65
Whole Wheat$4.25
Whole Wheat$7.70

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Clear Flour Bakery History

Clear Flour Bakery Menu Prices
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Clear Flour Bakery was nestled in 1982 in Brookline, Maine, United States. In October 1928, Christy Timon leased out a space in Thorndike and Lawton Street to start up a catering business with her partner.

Initially, he started up with the Café Small Caterers, however, Timon didn’t expect it to last for a lifetime. Timon had a passion for breaking pieces of bread and was known for her bread. She had received a sourdough starter from an old friend and that spurred Timon’s interest in baking.

Everyone who visited the catering house enquired about her breads and that became a driving force for Timon to think of a full-time baking start-up. One thing led to another and eventually, Timon transformed her catering business into a wholesale bakery.

She met Faber through friends originally to help her with delivery. Faber helped Timon in making deliveries in Timon’s grandmother’s old Chevy Nova in 1983. Later the duo fell in love and weaved another story of their own.

The name of the bakery originated from a funny anecdote. The business was so solid that often the couple hung in a cardboard sign of ‘Sorry, We are sold out’. The sign popped into their window and that’s how the neighborhood knew them, which led to the name ‘Clear Flour Bakery’.

Clear Flour Bakery assures that all the ingredients they use are simple yet of supreme quality. Starting from flour, salt, and water to yeast, they scratch mix, and hand-shape long-fermented doughs for heart baking. They use unbleached and unbromated flour that is locally grown and stone ground.

The Clear Flour Bakery Brookline breads are baked preservative-free, conditioner-free, and improvers-free. Highly skilled committed staff make these doughs every single day and make sure that each loaf of bread that is sold is freshly baked.

Over the years, the Clear Flour Bakery menu with prices has evolved a lot keeping in mind the growing demand of the customers and also developing the business.

However, the bakery takes pride in implementing the traditional bread and pastry baking approaches to serve quality pieces of bread to the customers. The Clear Flour Bakery menu prices are reasonable enough for every customer be they regular or travelers.

Clear Flour Bakery Review

Clear Flour Bakery Menu
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The Clear Flour Bakery’s hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM. On the weekends Clear Flour Bakery opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM.

The Clear Flour Bakery menu caters to mouth-watering breads inspired by French, Italian, and German cuisine. Also, the Clear Flour Bakery pastries are of varying ranges starting from scones, viennoiserie, tarts, cookies, and desserts.

The Clear Flour Bakery breads are hand-made and hearth-baked, till perfection is achieved with each loaf. At Clear Flour Bakery, you get options like French, Rustic Italian, Fougasse, Ancienne Baguette, Ciabatta, Rustic Olive Rolls, Pizza Dough, Miche, German Rye, and others.

They also have some old favorites of all time in their weekly bread menu where Sourdough, Seeded 7 Grains, 100% Whole Wheat, Muesli Rolls, Foccacia, and Hotdog Buns are some of the best-known.

Moreover, the Clear Flour Bakery pastries are available when they are open. You can enjoy their daily pastries that include croissants in flavors like Almond, Fruit jam, Ham and cheese, Gruyere Cheese, and plain.

Also, the Clear Flour Bakery donuts have a fan base of their own amidst the locals. You can enjoy Clear Flour Bakery desserts like Chocolate Bouchon, Tea Cake, Red Currant Financier, Seasonal Fruit Tart, and more.

The bakery is indeed an ideal stop to have the best-baked goods in Brookline. The Clear Flour Bakery menu and prices are also reasonable for one and all.

Final Thoughts

The sweet aroma of baked goods drags you into a warm and wonderful ambiance. You can have your favorite pastries to celebrate the little joys of life, and on your departure, you can pack along the exquisite Focaccia for home.

For more information about Clear Flour Bakery, visit their official website.

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