Commander’s Palace Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

Commander’s Palace Menu With Prices

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Commander’s Palace is an American restaurant located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The restaurant is best known for serving Louisiana Creole cuisine to the natives and also to visitors from across the country. This famous restaurant owns a reasonable Commander’s Palace menu with prices so that customers can enjoy the best food at the best price.

The Commander’s Palace menu includes delectable entrees, appetizers, dinner, sides, desserts, starters, and much more for all courses of the meal.

The Commander’s Palace menu prices, however, might be a bit pricy but it would definitely be worth it. This article caters to the real Commander’s Palace menu prices so that when in New Orleans, you know where to dine.

Commander’s Palace Menu With Prices

Commander’s Palace Menu And Prices
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Dinner Menu


Caramel Apple & New Roads Pecan Glazed Pork Belly$15
Smoked Gulf Fish Maque Choux$14
Smoked Cauliflower & Creole Cream Cheese$13
Shrimp & Tasso Henican$14
Commander’s Palace Crab Cake$20

Soups & Salads

Turtle Soup au Sherry$12
Soup Du Jour$10
Commander’s Creole Gumbo$12
Soups 1-1-1$13
Commander’s Crisp Romaine Salad$11
Louisiana Watermelon Salad$12


Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish$40
La Ceiba Gulf Fish$38
Wild Louisiana White Shrimp & Grits$37
Cast Iron Roasted Covey Rise Farms Delicata Squash$29
48-Hour Tasso Brined Double Cut Pork Chop$39
Grilled Center Cut Harris Ranch Filet$49


Sauté of Sweet Corn, Grilled Kale, Asparagus & Leeks$8
Crushed Red Pepper Braised Fennel & Baby Carrots$8
Tangy Bacon & Apple Cider Braised Cabbage$8
Blistered Shishito Peppers with Green Garlic & Peach Vinegar$8
Prosecco Poached Louisiana Blue Crab$18


Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé$11
Coffee Cake Apple Cobbler$10
Southern Style Pecan Pie à la Mode$9.5
Commander’s Crème Brûlée$10
Ice Cream & Sorbet$8.5

Jazz Brunch Menu


Turtle Soup au Sherry
Soup Du Jour
Soups 1-1-1
Commander’s Creole Gumbo
Commander’s Crisp Romaine Salad
Louisiana Watermelon Salad
Asparagus Vichyssoise
Citrus Cured Salmon
Shrimp & Tasso Henican

Commander’s Palace Classic Entrées

Pecan Crusted Fish$54
Grilled Tournedos of Black Angus Beef$59
Bayou Brunch$42
Chicken and The Egg$42
Gulf Shrimp Panzanella$47
Cochon De Lait Eggs Benedict$41
The Pig and The Peach$55
Café Pierre Lacquered Texas Quail$48

À la Carte Sides

Garlic Wilted Spinach$7
Black Pepper Cane Syrup Bacon$7
Sauté of Corn, Asparagus, Grilled Kale & Leeks*$7
Creole Cream Cheese Stone Ground Grits$8
Two Poached Eggs & Hollandaise$7
Warm Buttermilk Biscuits$5


Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé
Creole Cream Cheese Cheesecake
Coffee Cake Apple Cobbler
Pecan Pie à la Mode
Piety & Desire Chocolate Sorbet

Chef Meg’s Favorite Brunch Package

Classic Bloody Mary$55
Turtle Soup$55
Café Pierre Lacquered Texas Quail$55
Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé$55

Eye Openers

Classic Bloody Mary$8.75
Lafayette No. 1$11
Crescent City Cooler$9.5
The Saint 75$11

Lunch Menu


Smoked Gulf Fish Maque Choux$14.5
Shrimp & Tasso Henican$14
Citrus Cured Salmon Croustade$15
Summer Asparagus Vichyssoise$11

Soups & Salads

Turtle Soup au Sherry$12
Soup Du Jour$11
Soups 1-1-1$13
Commander’s Creole Gumbo$12
Commander’s Crisp Romaine Salad$11
Louisiana Watermelon Salad$12


Cast Iron Seared Gulf Fish$32
Grilled Tournedos of Black Angus Beef$40
Wild White Shrimp & Grits$34
The Chicken & The Egg$28
Grilled Tenderloin of Pork$38


Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé$11
Granny Smith’s Apple Cobbler$9.5
Pecan Pie à la Mode$9.5
Commander’s Crème Brûlée$10
Ice Cream or Sorbet Du Jour$8.5


Garlic Wilted Spinach$7
Tangy Bacon & Apple Cider Braised Cabbage$7
Creole Cream Cheese Stone Ground Grits$7
Creole Smash New Potatoes$7
Housemade Smoky Boudin$7
Covey Rise Farm Truck Vegetables$7

Chef Meg’s Classic Creole Luncheon

Commander’s Turtle Soup
Café Pierre Lacquered Texas Quail$48
Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé

Today’s 2 Course Lunch Specials

Three Little Pigs$24
Burrata Barigoule$22


Summer Asparagus Vichyssoise
Cast Iron Seared Gulf Fish$42
Sorbet du Jour

~Lunch Libations~

Lafayette No. 1$5
The Crescent City Cooler$5

~Featured Wines~

2018 Famille Perrin Luberon Blanc$5.99
2018 Famille Perrin Ventoux Rouge$5.99


First Course

Broiled Head On Gulf Shrimp

Second Course

Chef’s Breakfast

Third Course

Coupe de Milieu

Fourth Course

Winter Truffle Stuffed Louisiana Blue Crab

Fifth Course

Short Rib & Oysters

Sixth Course

Gingerbread Tiramisu Charlotte

Commander’s Palace History

Commander’s Palace Menu Prices
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Commander’s Palace was conceived in 1893 in the Garden District of Uptown, New Orleans at the location of 1403 Washington Ave.

The founder Emile Commander owned a saloon in the nearby location in 1893 and within a few years, she turned the location into a restaurant.

She started Commander’s Palace after being patronized by the neighborhood families of the Garden District. By 1900, Commander’s Palace had been the heart of many gourmets across the state.

In the 1920s, Commander’s Palace was acquired by Frank G. Giarratano and he lived upstairs along with his family.

As per rumors, he housed many captains and visitors in the upstairs dining. However, after the declining health of Giarratano, in 1944, Commander’s Palace was sold to Frank and Elinor Moran.

The Morans played a key role in developing the Commander’s Palace restaurant along with its menu. Some of the Moran recipes are still in force at the restaurant.

Eventually, in 1969, the famous Brennan Family of New Orleans bought Commander’s Palace. Soon they started redesigning the exterior of the restaurant and gave Commander’s Palace a brand new look.

The walls of the restaurant were replaced with large windows and trellises and paintings were commissioned.

Over the years, they brought additional changes as required by the time which included expansion of the property, removal of the fence that separated the restaurant from the neighborhood, and more.

To date, the Brennan family continues to nurture this New Orleans landmark within their umbrella.

Since its inception, Commander’s Palace has won several accolades including the Wine Spectra Grand Award in 2012 and being on Zagat’s list of Most Popular restaurants in New Orleans for 18 years.

In 2008, Commander’s Palace made its way to the Culinary Insitute of America Hall of Fame. After being massively devastated by the 2005 hurricane Katrina, Commander’s Palace re-opened on October 1, 2006.

Over the years, the Commander’s Palace menu with prices has evolved a lot. Initially, Commander’s Palace hosted during the day hours, however, eventually became a full dining restaurant.

The Commander’s Palace menu prices are considerable keeping in mind the delicacy they offer.

Commander’s Palace Review

Commander’s Palace Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Commander’s Palace’s hours of operation are a bit varied from other restaurants in America.

Commander’s Palace serves dinner from Monday to Sunday and starts from 5:30 on Monday to Wednesday and the rest days from 6 PM.

You can enjoy Jazz Bruch on the weekends starting from 11:30 AM till 2:30 p.m. To avail of lunch at Commander’s Palace, you can visit the restaurant on Thursday and Friday beginning from 11:30 AM.

The Commander’s Palace menu is nothing but a treasure trove of quintessential Creole and Louisiana cuisine.

The rich palate of farm fresh products makes its way to the table after being cooked till perfection is achieved in each of the Commander’s Palace recipes.

The Commander’s Palace lunch menu caters to appetizers, soups & salads, entrees, sides, desserts specials, and more.

In the entrees, Grilled Tenderloin of Pork and Cast Iron Seared Gulf Fish are quite popular. The Commander’s Turtle Soup is a treat that you cannot miss on their lunch menu.

During the Jazz brunch Commander’s Palace has a foray of options to choose from including Commander’s Creole Gumbo, Citrus Cured Salmon, Gulf Shrimp Panzanella, Bayou Brunch, Turtle Soup, and more.

For the Commander’s Palace dinner menu, you can enjoy smoked cauliflower & creole cream cheese, Shrimp, and tasso Henican in appetizers. The Grilled Center Harris Ranch Filet is yet another delicacy to have at Commander’s Palace.

This New Orleans landmark is a must-visit when in the state. Also, the Commander’s Palace menu and prices are worth all the hype when you delve into its delicious recipes.

Final Thoughts

The place invites you with a strict dress code, however, the vibe is quite festive to celebrate all your occasions.

With a stunning interior, Commander’s Palace hosts a flavorsome menu distinctive enough to cater to the natives and visitors.

Be it a Sunday brunch or a Friday dinner, Commander’s Palace is ready to welcome you to delve into their exquisiteness.

For more information about Commander’s Palace, visit their official website.

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