Arizmendi Bakery Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Arizmendi Bakery Menu With Prices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 04:56 pm

Arizmendi Bakery is an American bakery located in the San Fransico Bay Area of California. This bakery house is best known for serving delicious baked goods starting from cookies to fruitcakes. Under the reasonable Arizmendi Bakery menu with prices, the bakery has made sure to serve its delicacy fresh and just out of the oven.

The Arizmendi Bakery menu caters to a variety of baked goods like pizza, pastries, bread, cookies, fruit bread, coffee, breakfast, and other eateries. The Arizmendi Bakery menu prices are also minimal keeping in mind all customers who visit the restaurant.

With affordable Arizmendi Bakery menu prices, you get to enjoy their oven-baked deliciousness straight from the oven. This article showcases the real Arizmendi Bakery menu and prices so that when you visit San Francisco, you make sure that Arizmendi Bakery is on your bucket list.

Arizmendi Bakery Menu With Prices

Arizmendi Bakery Menu And Prices
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Savory Menu

Baguettes$3.00 (per LB)
Bread Sticks$1.50 (each)
Cheese Rolls$2.50 (each)
Bialys$1.75 (each)
Focaccia$5.75 (per LB)
English Muffins$0.60 (each)
Hummus$3.50 (each)

Gourmet Pizza – Tuesday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Irish Soda Bread$3.00 (Small)
$6.00 (Large)
Multi-seeded Sourdough$4.25 (per Lb)
Multi-grain Bread & Rolls$2.50 (per Lb)
Provolone-olive Bread & Rolls$4.25 (per Lb)

Gourmet Pizza – Wednesday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Corn-cheddar Bread & Rolls$4.25 (Per Lb)
Potato Bread & Rolls$2.75 (Per Lb)
Plain & Simple Bread & Rolls$2.50 (Per Lb)
Kalamata Olive Sourdough$4.25 (Per Lb)

Gourmet Pizza – Thursday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Parmesan-rosemary Scones$2.50 (Each)
Provolone-olive Bread & Rolls$4.25 (Per Lb)
Walnut Sourdough$4.25 (Per Lb)
Molasses Spelt Bread & Rolls$3.00 (Per Lb)
Pumpernickel$3.00 (Per Lb)

Gourmet Pizza – Friday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Challah$3.50 (Per Lb)
Fig-fennel Sourdough$4.25 (Per Lb)
Corn-oat Molasses Bread & Rolls$2.50 (Per Lb)
Light-rye Bread And Rolls$3.00 (Per Lb)

Gourmet Pizza – Saturday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Provolone-olive Bread & Rolls$4.25 (Per Lb)
Coffee Cake$3.50 (Slice)
$12.00 (Whole)
Sesame-sunflower Bread & Rolls$2.50 (Per Lb)
Apple-sage Sourdough$4.25 (Per Lb)

Gourmet Pizza – Sunday Menu

Hot Slice: $2.50 Each, Hot Or Lite-baked: $10.00 (half), $20.00 (whole)

Coffee Cake$3.50 (Slice)
$12.00 (Whole)
Cheese Scones$2.50 (Each)
Plain & Simple Bread$2.50 (Per Lb)
Chocolate-cherry Sourdough$4.25 (Per Lb)
Light Rye Bread & Rolls$3.00 (Per Lb)

Sweet Menu

Brioche Knots And Chocolate Things$2.50 (Each)
Pecan Rolls$2.75 (Each)
Scone Of The Day$2.75 (Each)
Cookies$2.00 (Each)
Granola$4.25 (Per Lb)
Wolverine Bread$3.75 (Per Lb)
Tea Breads$5.50 (Each)
Muffins$2.00 (Each)
Scones$2.50 (Each)
Shortbread$1.75 (Each)
Cookie Bags$9.50 (Bag)
Wolverines$1.75 (Each)
Chocolate Fudge Cake$4.25 (Slice)
$28.00 (Whole)

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Arizmendi Bakery History

Arizmendi Bakery Menu Prices
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The first Arizmendi Bakery store came up in Oakland, at Lakeshore Avenue in 1997. Forty years prior to the inception of Arizmendi Bakery, the famous Berkeley cooperative named Cheeseboards had opened its doors.

After getting inspired by their own experience in the baking industry, Cheeseboards aided in starting yet another bakery-based cooperative and thus laid the very foundation of the Arizmendi Bakery. This bakery house was named after the Basque priest and labor organizer named Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta.

Since its inception, Arizmendi Bakery quickly became a neighborhood favorite. The Arizmendi Bakery baked goods are the best thing you will get in San Francisco. The Arizmendi Bakery house is based as a worker-owned cooperative.

With the success of the very first Arizmendi Bakery Oakland, the brand extended to other locations in America. The second Arizmendi Bakery location started in San Francisco in 2000 October.

For the development of Arizmendi Bakery San Francisco, the Oakland workers shared their experience and knowledge of cooperative business practices and also shared the secret of their recipes.

As a part of the expansion, Arizmendi Bakery widened its charm to other locations like Berkeley, Emeryville, San Rafael, and in Oakland. In 2011, Arizmendi Bakery won the best bakery in the East Bay by the East Bay Express and many more accolades.

The renowned food reviewer Tamara Palmer named the Arizmendi Bakery Auntie Mabel’s Kookie Brittle as the best cookie in San Francisco.

Arizmendi Bakery takes pride in selling the yummiest fruit cakes in San Francisco. The Arizmendi Bakery fruitcakes are made using local dried fruits from the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative. As of December 2011, Arizmendi Bakery San Francisco store claimed to have sold 400 fruitcakes per day.

Over the years the Arizmendi Bakery menu with prices has evolved a lot. Owing to meet the growing demand of the customers, Arizmendi Bakery has included multiple eateries items in its menu like the breakfast and lunch options in some locations.

All the Arizmendi Bakery foods are available at a pocket-friendly price and all types of customers can enjoy the fabulousness Arizmendi Bakery offers.

Arizmendi Bakery Review

Arizmendi Bakery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The Arizmendi Bakery’s hours of operation start from 7:30 AM to 6 PM. Arizmendi Bakery is closed every Monday and on some holidays the Arizmendi Bakery hours might vary.

The Arizmendi Bakery menu includes cookies, pastries, pizzas, lunch, and breakfast along with beverages like Tea and Coffee.

What makes Arizmendi Bakery one of its kind is its mouth-watering cookie range that comes in varying flavors and is indeed a favorite afternoon munching to dive into with a smooth and exquisite cup of cappuccino.

Options like Classic Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Spice, and Ginger Shortbread, are some of the popular cookies at the Arizmendi Bakery.

The bakery takes care of all your trending food preferences like gluten-free and vegan. Arizmendi Bakery offers Cowgirl cookies, Ricciarelli cookies, Double Chocolate mint, and Full Monty Dog cookie is vegan and gluten-free options.

At this bakery house, the Arizmendi Bakery pastries are so delicious that you can’t say no to them. Starting from scones, brioche, muffins, and coffee cake, Arizmendi Bakery offers you a variety of pastries. Apart from confections, Arizmendi Bakery has savory pastries like cheese rolls, Foccacia, and much more.

The Arizmendi Bakery pizza range is yet another flavorsome treat that you don’t want to miss here. Arizmendi Bakery offers some scrumptious burgers and sandwiches named the Vintage, The Happy Hippie, and Avocado Toast in their breakfast menu. The Arizmendi Bakery salads & soups are some of the delicacies that have the goodness of both health and taste.

At Arizmendi Bakery, you can enjoy all the Arizmendi Bakery food along with some hot and cold beverages. The Arizmendi Bakery menu and prices are also worth every penny just like their flavorsome eateries.

For more information about Arizmendi Bakery, visit their official website.

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