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His Place Eatery Menu With Prices usamenuprices.com

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His Place Eatery is an American restaurant established in Indianapolis. The restaurant is best known for serving multiple cuisines like Barbecue, American, Cajun & Creole. The His Place Eatery menu with prices is also reasonable keeping in mind the delicacy they serve at this exceptional restaurant.

The His Place Eatery menu is a treat for families who want a whole variety under one roof. Starting from Soul Food to Down Home Cookin’ or Southern Cooking, His Place Eatery is an ideal spot to enjoy everything that you crave.

What makes it one of its kind is that the Soul Food experience that you get from His Place Eatery Indianapolis is rare to find anywhere else.

This article caters to the real His Place Eatery menu and prices so that when in Indianapolis, you don’t miss out on enjoying their exclusiveness.

His Place Eatery Menu With Prices

His Place Eatery Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
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Entrees Menu

Southern Fried Chicken$14.99
Fried Or Grilled Pork Chops$14.99
Fried Fish$15.99
Smothered Chicken Or Pork Chops$15.99
Vegetable Plate$13.49
Cajun Grilled Fish$15.99
Boneless Grilled Or Fried Chicken Breasts$16.49

Smokehouse Menu

Chef 2j’s Feast *$17.99
Hickory Smoked Tips Or Ribs$17.99
Smoked Turkey Breast$13.99
Smokehouse Grilled Cheese$14.99
Sliced Smoked Sausage$13.49
Smoked Meatloaf$14.99
Pulled Pork$12.99
Sliced Beef Brisket Or Brisket On Bun$14.99
Memphis Pulled Pork Or Brisket$15.99
Bar-b-q Turkey On Bun$13.99

Signatures Menu

Chicken & Waffles$13.99 | $16.99 with two sides
Red Velvet Waffles & Chicken$14.99 | $17.99 with two sides
Peach Cobbler Waffle & Chicken$15.99
Churro Waffle & Chicken$15.99
Collard Green Grilled Cheese$7.99 | $13.99 with two sides
Turkey Manhattan$11.99 | $14.99 with one side
Minnie Sue’s Chicken & Dumplings$6.49 Bowl | $13.99 with two sides (When available)
Fried Chicken Pot Pie$14.99
The Experience$10.99
Fried Chicken Po’ Boy$13.99
Buffalo Catfish Po’boy$13.99

On the Side Menu

Mac & Cheese$4.49
Green Beans$4.49
Mashed Potatoes$4.49
Cole Slaw$4.49
Collard Greens$4.49
Bourbon Creamed Corn$4.49
Potato Salad$4.49
Candied Yams$4.49
French Fries$4.49
Baked Beans$4.49
Tossed Salad$4.49
Sliced Tomatoes And Onions$0.99

Baskets Menu

The Bourbon Peach Burger$13.99
Steakhouse Cheeseburger$9.99
Double Steakhouse Cheeseburger$12.99
Crispy Or Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.99
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$11.99
Fried Chicken Basket$10.99
BBQ Or Buffalo Wing Basket$11.99
Fried Bologna Basket$7.99
Fish Basket$11.99

Salads Menu

Chef Salad$12.99
Fried Or Grilled Chicken Salad$12.99
Tossed Salad$4.49

Desserts Menu

Sweet Potato Cheesecake$4.99
Banana Pudding$4.99
Peach Cobbler$4.99 (Add Ice Cream $1.99)
Carrot Cake (When Available)$4.99
Red Velvet Brownie (When Available)$4.99

Kids Menu

Two Chicken Wings Or Legs$7.49
Junior Chicken And Waffle$6.99
Grilled Cheese Or Bologna Sandwich$9.99

Lunch Specials Menu

Tuesdays Through Fridays until 3 p.m. Served with one side.

Fried Chicken Wings (4)$9.99
Fried Fish$10.99
Smoked Rib Tips$10.99
Bbq Smoked Turkey Sandwich$10.99
Fried Or Grilled Pork Chops$10.99
Cajun Grilled Fish$10.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich$10.99

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

His Place Eatery History

His Place Eatery Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
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His Place Eatery came up in 2009 in 30th and Shadeland, Indianapolis. This comprehensive restaurant is the brainchild of Chef James ‘Mackie’ Jones and his wife Shawn Jones.

The Jones couple started the restaurant to serve delightful Soul Food to the neighborhood families and tourists who want to have a unique food experience in the city.

The duo believed that ‘good food’ is universal and be it Soul Food, Down Home Cooking, or Southern Cooking, people across the globe want to have the best food experience.

Since day zero, His Place Eatery made sure that anything that it serves is nothing but the best. Be it the His Place Eatery food ingredients or the quality of the food, the restaurant ensures that all the customers have the finest food on their table, and on departure, they take away a filled stomach and contentment in their hearts.

The founder Chef James had years of experience in the culinary industry and he curated every recipe that is served at His Place Eatery. Starting from the seasoning, and dry rub, Chef takes care of each recipe as his child.

His craft and unparalleled dedication garnered huge laurels for His Place Eatery in the culinary industry thus leading His Place Eatery to stand amongst the best Soul Food restaurants in Indianapolis.

Since its inception, His Place Eatery has been a busy place that makes sure to treat each guest with a smile and the best hospitality they will get in Indianapolis. Sundays get the busiest leading to a long line outside the store.

The restaurant takes pride in serving a menu in which the food speaks to the soul. At His Place Eatery they serve a menu rooted in tradition which became a huge plus point to taking it through the pandemic. 

Over the years the His Place Eatery menu and prices have not transformed much owing to cater to the growing demand of the customers.

At His Place Eatery, the restaurant has brought in some changes to meet the varying food preferences of customers. The His Place Eatery menu prices are expensive but would be worth it.

His Place Eatery Review

His Place Eatery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
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The His Place Eatery hours of operation start from 11 AM till 7 PM from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, the restaurant remains open till 8 PM. On the weekend, His Place Eatery starts at noon.

The His Place Eatery environment is beautiful enough to immediately make you feel at home. The His Place Eatery menu is an amalgamation of the best cuisine.

It is an ideal destination to have mouth-watering Soul Food, Southern Cooking BBQ, and much more.

You can start with delicious entrees that have options like Southern Fried Chicken, Cajun Grilled Fish, Fried Fish, and more. You can also order combos at His Place Eatery for entrees like Pork Chop, Smothered Chop, and the like.

The His Place Eatery smokehouse menu offers you smoked meatloaf, smoked turkey breast, sliced smoked sausage, BBQ turkey on Bun, etc.

At His Place Eatery, you get signature recipes like Churro Waffle & Chicken, Fried Chicken Pot Pie, Collard  Green Grilled Cheese, etc. You can also enjoy baskets like Fish Basket, Fried Bologna Basket, and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

Apart from that, His Place Eatery also hosts tempting desserts, fresh and crunchy salads, complementary sides, and a lot more to elevate your dining experience. The His Place Eatery prices are quite extravagant like its food.

Final Thoughts

A perfect place to enjoy scrumptious food be it with your friends and family. You enter with a warm smile from the staff and return with a flavorful experience after having the most delicious Soul Food and BBQs.

For more information about His Place Eatery, visit their official website.

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