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Leonard’s Bakery is a Portuguese bakery that has become a household name in Hawaii since its inception. The bakery is best known for popularizing malasada through its exceptionally handcrafted delicacy under a reasonable Leonards Bakery menu with prices.

Brought by the Portuguese in the 20th century, Malasada is a delectable pastry that is flakier than doughnuts and does not have a whole and is known as the cuisine of Hawaii. This bakery took malasada to a larger audience with its incredible Leonards bakery menu.

The Leonards Bakery menu caters to a wide range of baked goodies starting from their signature malasada, doughnuts, pao doce, wraps, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and much more.

Leonards bakery menu with prices is worth every fine owing to its amazing collection of bread and other confections.

Leonard’s is one of the most loved bakeries in Hawaii as it is serving Hawaiian households since its inception. This article will take you through the latest Leonards bakery menu and prices so that when you visit Hawaii, you know what not to miss.

Leonards Bakery Menu With Prices

Leonards Bakery Menu And Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- Leonards Bakery’s Facebook

Malasadas and Malasada Puffs Menu

Malasada Puffs$2.10/ea

Pao Doce and Other Bread Menu

Large Pao Doce$7.25/ea
Mini Pao Doce$4.25/ea
Garlic Roll$0.99/ea. | $11.88/dozen
Pao Doce Roll$1.50/ea. | $18.85/dozen
Butter Roll$0.99/ea. | $11.88/dozen

Wraps Menu

Large Pao Doce Wrap$3.85/ea
Hot Dog Wrap$3.85/ea
Pao Doce Pup®$1.95/ea
Ham & Cheese Wrap$3.85/ea

Pastries Menu

Butter Mochi$3.35/ea
Creme Horn$2.95/ea

Cookies Menu

Chocolate Chip$5.00/ea
Macadamia Nut$5.50/ea
Non Pariel$5.50/ea

Cupcakes & Muffins Menu

Red VelVet Cupcake$2.95/ea

Pies Menu

Apple (seasonal)$9.50/ea
Pumpkin (seasonal)$9.50/ea

Coffee Cakes Menu

Apple Raisin$10.25/ea
Cream Cheese$10.25/ea
Lemon Coffee Cake$10.25/ea
Strawberry Coffee Cake$10.25/ea
Strawberry Cream Cheese$10.25/ea
Pecan Coffee Cake$10.25/ea

Leonards Bakery History

Leonards Bakery Menu Prices usamenuprices.com
Image Credit:- femalefoodie.com

Leonardo and his wife Margaret opened Leonard’s bakery in 1952 in Hawaii. In 1946, Leonardo and Margaret moved to Honolulu along with their daughter.

Initially, Leonardo worked at Snowflake bakery and finally opened his bakery in 1952 and that’s how Leonardo’s bakery was born.

As a suggestion from his mother, Leonardo started selling malasadas for Shrove Tuesday, which is a Portuguese tradition. In no time, malasadas became a huge hit.

Even after 70 years of its inception, Leonardo’s Bakery is anchored to its neighborhood, however, the menu has evolved over the period. In 2008, Leonardo Bakery’s franchise opened in Yokohama, Japan.

Initially, the international location sold cinnamon and sugar malasadas, however with the rising demand, stuffed malasadas were introduced in the Japanese locations.

Apart from 933 Kapahulu Avenue, Hawaii location, Leonardo’s bakery also initiated Malasadasmobiles, Leonardo’s Bakery’s food trucks, at four locations in Hawaii.

Apart from the expansion of the bakery, Leonardos Bakery menu and prices have seen a sea change with several insertions and modulations of the original ones.

Over the year, Leonardo’s Bakery included Portuguese sweet bread, pao doce meat wrap, haupia, coconut, and guava-filled malasadas.

With the time span, Leonardo’s Bakery has given a brand new podium to malasadas and has made it a household cuisine of Hawaii. Because of this bakery malasada has spread its magic over the continental United States.

Every time someone visits the Hawaiian Island, they surely bring back the Leonardo Bakery’s malasadas with them as an omiyage or souvenir, such is its fame.

This bakery has been serving malasada shortly after its opening and has rooted a strong heritage for the dish and place.

Apart from the bakery’s exceptional malasadas, other confectionary dishes add to the Leonardos Bakery menu and prices. Leonardo’s Bakery is known as an ‘old-fashioned, plain Jane’ bakery further elevating its charm.

Leonards Bakery Review

Leonards Bakery Menu With Pictures usamenuprices
Image Credit:- eater.com

The 933 Kapahulu Avenue store runs between 5:30 Am till 7 PM. The other Leonardo’s Bakery locations run at varying hours in the malasadasbolibles and the international store.

At Leonardo’s Bakery, you can vouch over their signature malasadas, pao doce, and other bread, cookies, muffins, pies, wraps cakes, and coffee cakes, in varying flavors.

The Leonardo’s Bakery malasadas and malasadas puffs are the real Hawaiian hero. The malasadas ($1.70) and the malasadas puffs ($2.10) are handcrafted with farm-fresh ingredients.

When you visit the Hawaiian Island, you got to devour the plain or puffed Malasadas filled with various stuffings. Make sure to take some back with you for friends or folks.

At Leonardo Bakery, the heartwarming cookies come in varying flavors like Chocolate Chip ($5.00) Macaroons, ($6.75) Non-Pariel ($5.50), and Macadamia Nut ($5.50).

The holiday season cannot flourish in Hawaii without Leonardo’s Bakery’s Cupcake, Muffin, and Red Velvet Cupcake.

Apart from that Leonardo’s Bakery, also hosts pies and pastries that are sure to melt your heart. The $9.50 Apple Seasonal is one of the most sold confectionaries.

The Custard pie priced at $9.50 is a deliciousness that you don’t want to miss. The $2.95 Crème Horn is loved by both young and old. The Butter Mochi pastry available at $3.35 is yet another must-have at Leonardo’s Bakery.

Besides malasadas, the Leonardo’s Bakery Pao Doce is also very popular. Starting from butter pao doce ($0.99) to garlic pao doce roll ($0.99), you can try this yumminess in all forms. The large Pao Doce priced at $7.25 is served by most Hawaiin households.

The Leonardo’s Bakery also caters to sausage-stuffed wraps along with heartwarming confectionary. The bakery is sure to satiate all your sugar rush with an amazing Leonardos bakery menu with prices.

How to Order Online From Leonardo’s Bakery?

Leonards Bakery Order Online usamenuprices
Image Credit:- grubhub.com

If you want to check the latest menu prices of Leonardo’s bakery, then you can follow the steps given below where I have shown how to check the latest menu prices of Leonardo’s bakery for different locations. You can also order online by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Grubhub and look for Leonardo’s bakery location by typing your location.
  2. If any location is available near your address, the list of menu prices for Leonardo’s bakery will appear (here you can check the prices of Leonardo’s bakery based on your preferred location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account on Grubhub or you can create a new one.
  5. After signing in or making your new account, fill in some details, make payment, and confirm your order.

In this way, you can order online or check the latest menu prices of Leonardo’s bakery for different locations.

For more information about Leonardo’s bakery, visit their official website.

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