Smoothie King Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Smoothie King Menu With Prices usamenuprices

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 10:46 am

Smoothie King is a multinational franchise famous for its fruit-flavored smoothies. Check below for the Smoothie King menu and prices.

A smoothie is a drink that mostly contains chocolate or some other sort of sweet item. It’s usually served cold in a glass-sized bottle with a straw on top.

It’s a portable way of drinking while in transit, like walking, driving, and so on. Meanwhile, the fruits make sure that you are getting the necessary vitamins along with the sugar.

Anyway, there’s more, and it’ll be coming right after our next segment highlighting the Smoothie King menu with prices.

Smoothie King Menu With Prices

Smoothie King Prices usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Smoothie King’s Facebook
Acai Cocoa Haze$10.99
Coco Pitaya-Yah$10.99
Keto Champ Pumpkin20oz$6.49
Keto Champ Pumpkin32oz$8.99
Keto Champ Pumpkin40oz$10.99
Pumpkin D-Lite20oz$6.29
Pumpkin D-Lite32oz$8.69
Pumpkin D-Lite40oz$10.79
Power Meal Pumpkin20oz$6.30
Power Meal Pumpkin32oz$8.58
Power Meal Pumpkin40oz$10.27
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso20oz6.29
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso32oz$8.69
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso40oz$10.79
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee20oz$5.69
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee32oz$7.69
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee40oz$9.69
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin40oz$10.89
Vegan Pumpkin20oz$6.49
Vegan Pumpkin32oz$8.99
Vegan Pumpkin40oz$9.69

Feel Energized Menu

Espresso D-Lite Vanilla20oz$6.09
Espresso D-Lite Vanilla32oz$8.49
Espresso D-Lite Vanilla40oz$10.59
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Vanilla20oz$6.09
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Vanilla32oz$8.49
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Vanilla40oz$10.59
Espresso D-Lite Mocha20oz$6.09
Espresso D-Lite Mocha32oz$8.49
Espresso D-Lite Mocha40oz$10.59
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Mocha20oz$6.09
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Mocha32oz$8.49
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Mocha40oz$10.59
Espresso High Protein – Almond Mocha20oz$6.29
Espresso High Protein – Almond Mocha32oz$8.69
Espresso High Protein – Almond Mocha40oz$10.79
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha20oz$6.29
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha32oz$8.69
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha40oz$10.79
Espresso High Protein – Vanilla20oz$6.29
Espresso High Protein – Vanilla32oz$8.69
Espresso High Protein – Vanilla40oz$10.79
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Vanilla20oz$6.29
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Vanilla32oz$8.69
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Vanilla40oz$10.79
Gladiator Espresso20oz$6.59
Gladiator Espresso32oz$9.09
Gladiator Espresso40oz$11.09
Gladiator Cold Brew Coffee20oz$6.59
Gladiator Cold Brew Coffee32oz$9.09
Gladiator Cold Brew Coffee40oz$11.09
Keto Champ Espresso20oz$6.29
Keto Champ Espresso32oz$8.69
Keto Champ Espresso40oz$10.79
Keto Champ Cold Brew Coffee20oz$6.29
Keto Champ Cold Brew Coffee32oz$8.69
Keto Champ Cold Brew Coffee40oz$10.79
The Activator Recovery Espresso20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Espresso32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Espresso40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Cold Brew Coffee20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Cold Brew Coffee32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Cold Brew Coffee40oz$10.99
The Hulk Espresso20oz$6.59
The Hulk Espresso32oz$9.09
The Hulk Espresso40oz$11.09
The Hulk Cold Brew Coffee20oz$6.59
The Hulk Cold Brew Coffee32oz$9.09
The Hulk Cold Brew Coffee40oz$11.09
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso20oz$6.29
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso32oz$8.69
Pumpkin High Protein Espresso40oz$10.79
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee20oz$5.69
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee32oz$7.69
Pumpkin High Protein Cold Brew Coffee40oz$9.69
Pure Recharge Pineapple20oz$6.09
Pure Recharge Pineapple32oz$8.49
Pure Recharge Pineapple40oz$10.59
Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry20oz$6.09
Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry32oz$8.49
Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry40oz$10.59
Pure Recharge Strawberry20oz$6.09
Pure Recharge Strawberry32oz$8.49
Pure Recharge Strawberry40oz$10.59
Vegan Espresso Mocha20oz$6.49
Vegan Espresso Mocha32oz$8.99
Vegan Espresso Mocha40oz$10.49
Vegan Cold Brew Coffee Mocha20oz$6.49
Vegan Cold Brew Coffee Mocha32oz$8.99
Vegan Cold Brew Coffee Mocha40oz$10.99

Get Fit Menu

The Activator Recovery Blueberry Strawberry20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Strawberry32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Strawberry40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Tart Cherry20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Tart Cherry32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Tart Cherry40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Chocolate20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Chocolate32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Chocolate40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Coffee20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Coffee32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Coffee40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Pineapple20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Pineapple32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Pineapple40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Pineapple Spinach20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Pineapple Spinach32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Pineapple Spinach40oz$10.99
The Activator Recovery Strawberry Banana20oz$6.49
The Activator Recovery Strawberry Banana32oz$8.99
The Activator Recovery Strawberry Banana40oz$10.99
Gladiator Chocolate20oz$6.59
Gladiator Chocolate32oz$9.09
Gladiator Chocolate40oz$11.09
Gladiator Strawberry20oz$6.59
Gladiator Strawberry32oz$9.09
Gladiator Strawberry40oz$11.09
Gladiator Vanilla20oz$6.59
Gladiator Vanilla32oz$9.09
Gladiator Vanilla40oz$11.09
High Intensity – Chocolate Cinnamon20oz$6.49
High Intensity – Chocolate Cinnamon32oz$8.99
High Intensity – Chocolate Cinnamon40oz$10.99
High Intensity – Veggie Mango20oz$6.49
High Intensity – Veggie Mango32oz$8.99
High Intensity – Veggie Mango40oz$10.99
The Hulk Chocolate20oz$6.59
The Hulk Chocolate32oz$9.09
The Hulk Chocolate40oz$11.09
The Hulk Strawberry20oz$6.59
The Hulk Strawberry32oz$9.09
The Hulk Strawberry40oz$11.09
The Hulk Vanilla20oz$6.59
The Hulk Vanilla32oz$9.09
The Hulk Vanilla40oz$11.09
Original High Protein Banana20oz$6.29
Original High Protein Banana32oz$8.69
Original High Protein Banana40oz$10.79
Original High Protein Chocolate20oz$6.29
Original High Protein Chocolate32oz$8.69
Original High Protein Chocolate40oz$10.79
Original High Protein Lemon20oz$6.29
Original High Protein Lemon32oz$8.69
Original High Protein Lemon40oz$10.79
Original High Protein Pineapple20oz$6.29
Original High Protein Pineapple32oz$8.69
Original High Protein Pineapple40oz$10.79
Power Punch Plus20oz$6.49
Power Punch Plus32oz$8.99
Power Punch Plus40oz$10.99
Peanut Power Plus20oz$6.39
Peanut Power Plus32oz$8.79
Peanut Power Plus40oz$10.89
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate20oz$6.39
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate32oz$8.79
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate40oz$10.89
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry20oz$6.39
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry32oz$8.79
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry40oz$10.89

Manage Weight Menu

Keto Champ Berry20oz$6.49
Keto Champ Berry32oz$8.99
Keto Champ Berry40oz$10.99
Keto Champ Chocolate20oz$6.49
Keto Champ Chocolate32oz$8.99
Keto Champ Chocolate40oz$10.99
Keto Champ Pumpkin20oz$6.49
Keto Champ Pumpkin32oz$8.99
Keto Champ Pumpkin40oz$10.99
Lean1 Chocolate20oz$6.49
Lean1 Chocolate32oz$8.99
Lean1 Chocolate40oz$10.99
Lean1 Pineapple Mango20oz$6.49
Lean1 Pineapple Mango32oz$8.99
Lean1 Pineapple Mango40oz$10.99
Lean1 Strawberry20oz$6.49
Lean1 Strawberry32oz$8.99
Lean1 Strawberry40oz$10.99
Lean1 Vanilla20oz$6.49
Lean1 Vanilla32oz$8.99
Lean1 Vanilla40oz$10.99
Metabolism Boost Banana Passionfruit20oz$6.29
Metabolism Boost Banana Passionfruit32oz$8.69
Metabolism Boost Banana Passionfruit40oz$10.79
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger20oz$6.29
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger32oz$8.69
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger40oz$10.79
Metabolism Boost Strawberry Pineapple20oz$6.29
Metabolism Boost Strawberry Pineapple32oz$8.69
Metabolism Boost Strawberry Pineapple40oz$10.79
The Shredder Chocolate20oz$6.39
The Shredder Chocolate32oz$8.79
The Shredder Chocolate40oz$10.89
The Shredder Strawberry20oz$6.39
The Shredder Strawberry32oz$8.79
The Shredder Strawberry40oz$10.89
The Shredder Vanilla20oz$6.39
The Shredder Vanilla32oz$8.79
The Shredder Vanilla40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Veggie20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Veggie32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Veggie40oz$10.89
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin20oz$6.39
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin32oz$8.79
Slim-N-Trim Pumpkin40oz$10.89

Be Well Menu

Blueberry Heaven20oz$6.39
Blueberry Heaven32oz$8.79
Blueberry Heaven40oz$10.89
Collagen Power Pineapple Kale20oz$6.09
Collagen Power Pineapple Kale32oz$8.49
Collagen Power Pineapple Kale40oz$10.29
Collagen Power Tart Cherry20oz$6.09
Collagen Power Tart Cherry32oz$8.49
Collagen Power Tart Cherry40oz$10.29
Daily Warrior20oz$6.49
Daily Warrior32oz$8.99
Daily Warrior40oz$10.99
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger20oz$6.39
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger32oz$8.79
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger40oz$10.89
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango20oz$6.39
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango32oz$8.79
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango40oz$10.89
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry20oz$6.39
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry32oz$8.79
Gut Health Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry40oz$10.89
Immune Builder Mixed Berry20oz$6.39
Immune Builder Mixed Berry32oz$8.79
Immune Builder Mixed Berry40oz$10.89
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood20oz$6.39
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood32oz$8.79
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood40oz$10.89
Power Meal Blueberry Raspberry20oz$6.49
Power Meal Blueberry Raspberry32oz$8.99
Power Meal Blueberry Raspberry40oz$10.99
Power Meal Cinnamon Banana20oz$6.49
Power Meal Cinnamon Banana32oz$8.99
Power Meal Cinnamon Banana40oz$10.99
Power Meal Pumpkin20oz$6.30
Power Meal Pumpkin32oz$8.58
Power Meal Pumpkin40oz$10.27
Power Meal Spinach Pineapple20oz$6.49
Power Meal Spinach Pineapple32oz$8.99
Power Meal Spinach Pineapple40oz$10.99
Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale20oz$6.49
Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale32oz$8.99
Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale40oz$10.99
Veggie Carrot Kale Dream20oz$6.49
Veggie Carrot Kale Dream32oz$8.99
Veggie Carrot Kale Dream40oz$10.99
Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach20oz$6.49
Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach32oz$8.99
Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach40oz$10.99
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana20oz$6.49
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana32oz$8.99
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana40oz$10.99
Vegan Mango Kale20oz$6.49
Vegan Mango Kale32oz$8.99
Vegan Mango Kale40oz$10.99
Vegan Mixed Berry20oz$6.49
Vegan Mixed Berry32oz$8.99
Vegan Mixed Berry40oz$10.99
Vegan Nutty Super Grain20oz$6.49
Vegan Nutty Super Grain32oz$8.99
Vegan Nutty Super Grain40oz$10.99
Vegan Pineapple Spinach20oz$6.49
Vegan Pineapple Spinach32oz$8.99
Vegan Pineapple Spinach40oz$10.99
Vegan Pumpkin20oz$6.49
Vegan Pumpkin32oz$8.99
Vegan Pumpkin40oz$9.69

Enjoy A Treat Menu

Angel Food20oz$5.69
Angel Food32oz$8.09
Angel Food40oz$10.19
Angel Food Slim20oz$6.39
Angel Food Slim32oz$8.79
Angel Food Slim40oz$10.89
Banana Berry Treat20oz$5.89
Banana Berry Treat32oz$8.29
Banana Berry Treat40oz$10.39
Banana Boat20oz$5.89
Banana Boat32oz$8.29
Banana Boat40oz$10.39
Berry Punch20oz$5.89
Berry Punch32oz$8.29
Berry Punch40oz$10.39
Caribbean Way20oz$5.79
Caribbean Way32oz$8.19
Caribbean Way40oz$10.29
Island Impact20oz$5.89
Island Impact32oz$8.29
Island Impact40oz$10.39
Kindness In A Cup20oz$6.39
Kindness In A Cup32oz$8.79
Kindness In A Cup40oz$10.89
Lemon Twist Banana20oz$5.79
Lemon Twist Banana32oz$8.19
Lemon Twist Banana40oz$10.29
Lemon Twist Strawberry20oz$5.79
Lemon Twist Strawberry32oz$8.19
Lemon Twist Strawberry40oz$10.29
Muscle Punch20oz$6.39
Muscle Punch32oz$8.79
Muscle Punch40oz$10.89
Passion Passport20oz$5.79
Passion Passport32oz$8.19
Passion Passport40oz$10.29
Pineapple Surf20oz$5.89
Pineapple Surf32oz$8.29
Pineapple Surf40oz$10.39
Pumpkin D-Lite20oz$6.29
Pumpkin D-Lite32oz$8.69
Pumpkin D-Lite40oz$10.79
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze20oz$5.79
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze32oz$8.19
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze40oz$10.29
Strawberry X-Treme20oz$5.79
Strawberry X-Treme32oz$8.19
Strawberry X-Treme40oz$10.29
Tart Cherry X-treme20oz$5.79
Tart Cherry X-treme32oz$8.19
Tart Cherry X-treme40oz$10.29
Yogurt D-Lite20oz$6.09
Yogurt D-Lite32oz$8.49
Yogurt D-Lite40oz$10.59
X-Treme Watermelon20oz$6.39
X-Treme Watermelon32oz$8.79
X-Treme Watermelon40oz$10.89
X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade20oz$6.39
X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade32oz$8.79
X-Treme Watermelon Lemonade40oz$10.89
Pelicans Berry Bounce20oz$5.69
Pelicans Berry Bounce32oz$8.09
Pelicans Berry Bounce40oz$9.89

Kids Menu

Apple Kiwi Bunga12oz$4.19
Berry Interesting12oz$4.19
CW, Jr.12oz$4.19
Lil’ Angel12oz$4.19
Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz12oz$4.19

Snacks Menu

Banana Chips$1.99
Dark Chocolate Cashews$2.99
Greek Yogurt Pretzels$2.99
Greek Yogurt Trail Mix$2.99
Milk Chocolate Almonds$3.49
Natures Blend$2.99
Good Health Peanut Butter Pretzels$3.49
Smoothie King Bottled Water16.9oz$0.99
Bottled Water1L$1.99
Gladiator Tub, Chocolate2Lbs$39.99
Gladiator Tub, Strawberry2Lbs$39.99
Gladiator Tub, Vanilla2Lbs$39.99
Celsius Sparkling Energy DrinkPeach Vibe 12oz$2.59
Celsius Sparkling Energy DrinkOrange 12oz$2.59
Celsius Sparkling Energy DrinkBerry 12oz$2.59
Celsius Sparkling Energy DrinkPeach Mango 12oz$2.59
Celsius Sparkling Energy DrinkRaspberry Acai 12oz$2.59
Ostrim Meat SticksNatural
Elk Habanero
Lenny & Larry Vegan CookiesChocolate Chip
White Chocolate Macadamia
Birthday Cake
Double Chocolate
Quest Protein BarsCookies & Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Birthday Cake
Blueberry Muffin

New! Smoothie Bowls Menu

Acai Cocoa Haze$10.99
Coco Pitaya-Yah$10.99
Go-Go-Goji Crunch$11.99
Berry Goji Getaway$11.99
PB Swizzle$11.99
Bee Berry Sting$12.99
Hive Five$12.99
PB Delight$12.99

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Smoothie King History

Smoothie King Inside usamenuprices
Image Credit:-

Steve Kuhnau founded Smoothie King in 1973. His initial location was in New Orleans, and it’s been over 50 years at this point.

But how did he come up with this idea? Well, he always liked Smoothie but felt like something was lacking.

Maybe due to his weak health, he was screaming for necessary vitamins and minerals in the form of liquid, which is again easily consumable and requires little to no effort.

This was perfect for a guy like Steve, who had limited energy at the time. So he decided to put fruits in his favorite smoothie and try it out.

At first, the flavors were out of place. He tried again and again and eventually landed on his first original recipe.

To his surprise, this was exactly what his body needed at the moment. It was a big moment for him, and after a few months, he decided to share the same experience with the entire world.

He and his wife, Cindy, opened their first general fruit juice store in New Orleans. Their fruit and protein-blended smoothies were an instant hit.

But remember that the Smoothie King wasn’t a thing at the time. It was later trademarked in 1989, and it was named Smoothie King Franchise Inc.

Its main goal was to teach the entire world how a good smoothie is made and how it can drastically affect your health with just a little bit of tinkering.

The international journey began when Wan Kim, a South Korean student, tried their smoothie for the first time.

He fell in love with it instantly and then decided to invest everything and share it with his homeland.

Between 2001 and 2005, he went back to Seoul, opened his first Smoothie King, and eventually bought the entire franchise later in 2012.

Smoothie King Review

Smoothie King Menu usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Smoothie King’s Facebook

Smoothie King’s menu is filled with flavorful goodies. Every student—not just Americans, but the entire world—knows how good it is.

Well, as of now, there should be no confusion about the Smoothie King menu and prices. So without further ado, let’s head to one of their stores.

Our first encounter was with a new menu item called a smoothie bowl. It has eight flavors available for now, and more will be coming soon.

PB Delight Bowl was the best pick out of all. Chocolate flavor, on the other hand, is quite famous among couples.

Anyway, it had Pitaya base, Turbinado, Strawberries*, Bananas, Papaya Juice Blend, Purely Elizabeth® Granola, Whole Blueberries, Peanut Butter, and Goji Berries.

Yup, all this in a compact, bowl-sized container. It’s a fruity delight filled with a lot of different kinds of proteins and berries.

Who knew that a simple blend of fruits and berries could change a dish so much? It was sweet, and the butter gave it a minor salty flavor, which was the best.

Chocolate was one of the listed items on our review page. So now it’s time to try some classic smoothies.

Original High Protein Chocolate was the go-to pick in this situation. It came with nonfat milk, a dairy whey blend, dates, 100% cocoa, whey protein, and almonds.

Whey protein and cocoa are the perfect blend for an everyday grind. It gives you the necessary things that your body needs daily.

Meanwhile, it isn’t overloaded with other things, which makes it rather light but a worthy one to have. Well, the taste was good too; there was no doubt about it.

Well, most of our staff prefers this blend over others, and yeah, it’s pretty noticeable the first time you try it.

How to Order Online From Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Order Online usamenuprices
Image Credit:-

You can also order online from Smoothie King by following the same steps below.

  1. First, go to Doordash or Grubhub and select your location from the list of given locations.
  2. After selecting the location, the menu prices of Smoothie King will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Smoothie King based on your selected location).
  3. Now, select all the food items that you want to order from Smoothie King and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, you have to sign in to your account if you have one on Doordash or you can also create a new one.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your details like name, phone number, and email address, make the payment, and confirm your order.

Depending on the distance of your address, it will reach out to you and you can enjoy their yummy food items.

In this way, you can order online and check the menu prices of Smoothie King for different locations.

Finally Thoughts

Smoothie King never fails to surprise with their new menus that arrive around the new year or right before Christmas.

It’s a heaven for lovers, and you probably know what we mean by that. Anyway, the two straws in one cup are an inseparable event for Valentine’s Day, so there’s much to say.

It’s a smoothie, so most of what you’ll see here is 100% compatible with vegans. There are a few exceptions, but that’s not a big deal.

The sheer number of items on the Smoothie King menu is enough to give you plentiful choices, whether you are a vegan or a meat lover like us.

It goes well with fast foods too, like nachos, tacos, and even noodles. The combination can be infinite, and it’s only limited by you and your imagination alone.

To know more about Smoothie King, visit their official website.

Check More Menus Below:

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