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Rafele Rye Menu With Prices usamenuprices

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Rafele Rye is one of the most famous restaurants in the United States. The restaurant is a sister body of the iconic Rafelle Ristorante that is managed by the one and only Raffaella Ronca. If you are looking for the Rafele Rye menu with prices, then keep reading.

It is one of the most loved restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies to foodies.

Be it locals or travellers, Rafele Rye is home to foodies who travel for hours just to enjoy their delicious food.

Rafele Rye is one of the busiest restaurants having a huge customer fan base.

The restaurant is best known for being a subsidiary body of the original Rafelle Ristorante in New York.

Rafele Rye serves the best quality Italian recipes that appeal to all customers. If you are a true enthusiast of Italian food, Rafele Rye is your perfect catch to dine at.

The restaurant continues to use supreme quality ingredients in making each of its recipes.

The restaurant is an exceptional one that has received humongous love from food critics and magazines. Locals love to indulge in the delicious recipes of Rafele Rye.

This article has information regarding the real Rafele Rye menu and prices.

Along with that, this article will also inform you about all the other details like history, location, hours, and my review of Rafele Rye.

Rafele Rye Menu With Prices

Chicken Milanese
Image Credit:- Christina S. on yelp.com

Lunch, Brunch & Dinner Menu


Gnocco Fritto$18.00
Fritto Misto$26.00
$27.00 (for brunch)
Octopus Alla Griglia$19.00
House-made Sausage$18.00
Prosciutto Mozzarella$23.00
$18.00 (for dinner)
Frittata Di Spinaci$16.00
Gamberoni (in dinner)$24.00
Piatto Di Formaggio E Salumi (in dinner)$23.00


Insalata Di Gamberoni$24.00
Insalata Del Mercato$16.00
Rughetta Salad$16.00
Classic Caesar Salad$17.00
Insalata Di Carcofi$18.00
Pear Salad (in dinner)$17.00


Pizza Rafele$20.00
Pepperoni Pizza$19.00
Pizza Salsiccia E Broccoli Rabe$19.00
Pizza Fritta (in brunch)$16.00
Marinara (in dinner)$17.00
Guest’s Favorite (in dinner)$19.00
Funghi E Gorgonzola (in dinner)$18.00
Salsicca E Broccoli Rabe Pizza (in dinner)$198.00
Zucchini (in dinner)$17.00
Montanara (in dinner)$16.00

House-Made Pasta

Chitarra Pomodoro$20.00
Ravioli Di Spinaci$20.00
$22.00 (for dinner)
Cacio E Pepe$19.00
$20.00 (for dinner)
$22.00 (for dinner)
Rye Mom’s Gnocchi$19.00
$21.00 (for dinner)
Tagliolini Con Funghi (in dinner)$22.00
Paccheri Alla Amatriciana (in dinner)$21.00
Pappardelle Lamb Ragù (in dinner)$21.00


Chicken Paillard$22.00
$22.00 (for brunch)
Pollo Alla Parmigiana$24.00
Pollo Alla Milanese$25.00
Tagliata Di Manzo$34.00
Branzino Alla Griglia$34.00
Galletto Arrosto (in dinner)$32.00
Zuppa Di Pesce (in dinner)$34.00
Costoletta (in dinner)$33.00
Ann`s Milanese (in dinner)$27.00
Bistecca Per Due (in dinner)22 Oz – $105.00


Broccoli Rabe$10.00
Brussel Sprouts$10.00


Frittata Di Spinaci$16.00
French Toast$18.00
Veal And Beef Hamburger$23.00

Dessert Menu

Torta Ricotta$9.00
Caramel Panna Cotta$9.00
Chocolate Tortino A La Mode$11.00
Cantucci & Dessert Wine$17.00
GelatiDark Chocolate – $9.00
Vanilla – $9.00
Lemon Sorbet$9.00

Check the Wine-Spirits menu here.

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our menu prices up-to-date, but they may not always reflect the latest changes or vary between different locations of the eatery. For the most current pricing info, we recommend reaching out directly to the eatery location you’re planning to visit.

Rafele Rye History

Rafele Rye Inside usamenuprices
Image Credit:- Andrea P. on yelp.com

The makers of Rafele Rye were huge fans of Rafelle Ristorante established in New York.

After six years of successfully operating the Rafelle Ristorante, the owners decided to expand the delicious food of the restaurant to the West Village of New York.

The story of Rafele Rye began in 2018. Many foodies have visited Rafelle Ristorante through the years and fell in love with the amazing cuisine they offer.

However, travelling to New York was a tussle they wanted to get rid of.

It was then the locals of West Village proposed the idea of opening a sister body of Rafelle Ristorante in West Village.

They decided that there would be nothing better than bringing in the magic of the Raffaella Ronca to curate yet another masterpiece in West Village. 

Chef Rafaella grew up in Naples, Italy along with his siblings.

He was born to a family of butchers and fishermen who were in great ways indulged in the food business. In a way, the food business was in the very blood of Chef Rafaella.

He migrated to America at 21 and the rest is history. He has experience working at some of the most authentic Italian restaurants in America.

At present, he has collaborated with the James Beard Foundation.

Rafele Rye hosts the house specialities of Chef Rafaella.

Starting from homemade pasta to his iconic cheesecake, Rafele Rye has everything that you dream of in an Italian setting.

The Rafele Rye menu and prices have all evolved through the years. The restaurant has received several accolades for its amazing service and great food.

Rafele Rye has also been featured in several magazines that celebrate the outstanding performance of the Italian restaurant based in New York.

Rafele Rye Review

Meatballs and mushroom farro
Image Credit:- Kristi D. on yelp.com

Rafele Rye stands at 26 Purchase Street, Rye. The location is easily accessible and you can sense the amazing vibe of Rafele Rye from the very outdoors.

Rafele Rye operates between 12 PM and 3 PM for lunch and then from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM for dinner.

The Rafele Rye hours of operation vary at the weekends and in the holiday season.

Rafele Rye is one of the most popular restaurants that has a beautiful setting. The restaurant offers an incredible Italian menu that appeals to all types of customers.

They have an outstanding setting with beautifully adorned interiors. The décor of Rafele Rye makes you feel at home in a classy environment.

Talking about the food of Rafele Rye, the restaurant hosts the house specialities of the head chef Raffaella Ronca. They host lunch and dinner along with weekend brunch.

The restaurant caters to the growing demand of customers as it serves vegan products for those with Vegan food choices.

The Rafele Rye dessert options are killer and truly elevate the rating of the restaurant.

The authentic Raffaella Ronca cheesecake has been a game changer. Rafele Rye also has a wine collection that complements the amazing food of the restaurant.

The staff at Rafele Rye are quite helpful. The impeccable customer service of Rafele Rye makes it one of the most visited restaurants.

The great ambience of Rafele Rye makes you feel at home in no time.

The prices of Rafele Rye are also affordable thus making the restaurant accessible for everyone.

The Rafele Rye catering services are a perfect partner for your small and big celebrations. 

Final Thoughts

Rafele Rye has a tremendous history primarily for its chef. He is an institution in himself and Rafele Rye is one of his babies.

The food at Rafele Rye is true to Italian cuisine and never fails to leave a lasting impact on the customers.

For more information about Rafele Rye, visit their official website.

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